Arsenal can beat Bayern and go top of the League next Saturday!

Time to Shine Arsenal FC! by SOH

I am usually one of the many Arsenal supporters that moans, gurns and complains about Wenger, the board, transfers, defeats, bad records etc… sometimes right, sometimes wrong but all of that doesn’t matter as we have bigger things to worry about on the pitch regardless of what happens behind the scenes, and things are not looking too bad I may add!

More recently we have started to show exactly what we can do with wins over Man Utd, Leicester and a very well organised Watford team, so credit where credit is due to them. The team are in a moment where we are playing really well in the EPL and look like real contenders, at the moment, to challenge for the title along with Man City and Man Utd. City still look good but it was a struggling injury hit Bournemouth who could have been leading, and should have had a penalty at 0-0. Who they were playing on Saturday? Not United who are up next, who are like us in a way and will be there come the end of the season. So it is a good game for us to take advantage of and beat Everton at the weekend to possibly go top – if United can beat City! I don’t think its unfair for Arsenal fans to maybe start believing that a 1st League title could end up at the Emirates this year to show alongside the 2 FA Cups and 2 Community Shields. Fans don’t count the Community Shield as a cup but it is, its exactly the same as Spains/Germanys Supercups, winner of league vs winner of domestic cup.

Next up… Champions League Game3 at Home vs BAYERN MUNICH. We have a huge uphill task in front of us this evening as we have no points, bottom of the group, and face one of the big contenders to go on and win the competition. Munich have been on fire goals wise and keeping a lot of clean sheets, breaking records etc… though on that topic of records, I think we broke a record vs Bayern in Munich last time did we not? First English team to Win in Munich, Allianz Arena! Now that gives us great belief that we can beat these guys and that was the treble winning Munich, regardless of the teams selection that night a win is a win in my book and in the record books!

Arsenal have stepped up a gear in the League and bang right on time for the vist of Bayern. I think our Gooners are going to come out firing on all cylinders to really have a go and try make these big games count. Wenger said it, 0-0 isn’t good enough and we have to attack… 100% Agreed! I’m quietly confident if we can win this game tomorrow night then history could well be about to repeat itself in Munich. The confidence a home win tonight will give our boys will be huge, and maybe give us an extra boost to crack on and have a great season.

We are not out of the Champions League just yet… Miracles are made and seen in football, Its now Arsenal Football Clubs time to shine!

Wish I was going to the game, but for the Gooners going to the Emirates… make that place Rock!!


Sean O’Hara

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  1. We win 3 games and suddenly we are title contenders. When we lose our next game, not if, we are ready to call for Wengers head. Honestly, we need to get 4 points at least from Bayern imo, and that’s a stretch so let’s cut the optimism and bring on the realism!

    1. Actually we don’t need 4 points against bayern, we can actually qualify by getting 2 draws or 1 win. As long as we then take 6 points against Zagreb and olympiakos. The big thing is that Zagreb and olympiakos take points off each other preferably 2 draws, rather than one of them taking all 6.

      As for winning community Shields, these wins are taken too lightly because of the name of the competition. I am all for supporting charity/communities but in the UK we should have a Super Cup just like the rest of europe and uefa.
      The community shield should be played out by the England football team as a curtain raiser to their upcoming international season. But for me the super cup would be contested between the league winners and fa cup winners (or if a team wins the double the the league cup winners or league runners up) and given some importance, like a bye in the league cup or fa cup.

  2. Impressed with the conduct of Bayern towards Arsenal, Pep and his players have showed class in the way they have handled the press, there funs too in fact (goes to show that Pep is a classy man himself and probably the best coach around at the moment). Even with there dominance he has enough respect for us and dropped praises on Wenger which is also refreshing to see for a charge.

    Its 11 men vs 11 men and not 11 men vs 11 “German” machines. We can beat Bayern, no one gave us a chance when we beat thee Barca, Dortmund or Bayern. Just pray the officials don’t spoil this one by making stup!d calls for either teams.

    This will be a cracker and the first team to score may win it. A good start is crucial and I want non of that slow passing game or losing the ball needlessly. Lets shut the whole world up with a win but more importantly a good performance.

  3. We are rival teams record breaker this season. Lecester City’s unbeaten record was broken by us. The first club to put more than 2 goals past Watford in their stadium this season. Need I mention Man United destroyer in just 20 min. Hmmm. Bayern? We have done it before and we can as well do it again. We are Arsenal, we do our job when others write us off.

  4. If Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla are on form then I find it hard to see how any team could cope with that.

  5. The thing with the CL is that the teams who normally win it, have the strength in squad depth. If you look at teams like Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid and Chelsea the four teams who have won it most recently, all have superior squads to ours. Yes, our first 11 is excellent, and toe to toe on a given day can win. But when you compare benches and reserves, we fall horribly short and this is why Arsenal will not win the CL anytime soon because winning such a prestigious tournament on top off doing well/winning your domestic cups requires squad rotation whilst maintaining the squad strength. There is no way we could field players like Arteta, Flamini, Chambers to name a few and expect us to win massive games.

    The only thing we can hope and pray for is that our best players stay fit and avoid injury if possible, then I’d say we have a chance of winning it right now. History unfortunately proves otherwise…but there is probably no better time than tonight to beat Bayern. All our players are fit and in form, there is no reason why we cannot beat them, unless of course the Ref is Mike Dean in disguise.

    1. Chelsea? Are you talking from position of fact or you are just using conjuncture? That was Chelsea’s worst team in the Abramovich era in terms of depth and quality. That squad could not finish in the top four that season, and it lost at home to a very weak Arsenal 5-3. While you have a point regarding other squads the same cannot be said of Chelsea, or Atiletico Madrid who were some injury time minutes away from lifting the trophy in 2014.

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