Arsenal can beat Man City if they have the right mentality

There is a lot of debate about what has gone wrong with Arsenal down the years and a lot of disagreement, but there is a good chance that most Arsenal fans will agree that our mentality has been a key component.

There is obviously a gap between Man City and Arsenal, a quick look at the soccer bet odds for the game next Wednesday highlights this, the Citizens are huge favourites.

It is also clear that Pep Guardiola has had an almost unlimited budget to build his team, however, it is never down to just money, any successful team has to have the right mentality. Jurgen Klopp’s philosophy of creating mental monsters has proven that even with a lesser budget the biggest spenders can be beaten.

That has been one of the biggest problems with Arsenal down the years, mentally they have crumbled, the wasted soccer bets on the team from the end of last season are a testament to that, when the lads crumbled over the last seven to eight games. Mentally they just deteriorated with every single setback.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, the soccer betting odds on the Europa League final had Chelsea and Arsenal fairly even but looking back now it really was fairly obvious that Unai Emery’s men were not in the right mental state, not after failing to make the top four when it was basically nailed on.

Mikel Arteta knows this, that is why he has been working on the fragile mentality in the team. Ask yourself this, would a ten-man Arsenal have made a comeback to grab a draw at Stamford Bridge under Emery? Would they have done that in the latter years under Arsene Wenger even?

Man City are obvious favourites for the upcoming game, their squad is brimming with talent, but you have to question their own mentality at this moment in time.

Arsenal is not a team that they have a particular grudge with, they are not really title challengers and the Champions League has to be their priority this season. The point is that the game against Arsenal is not really a game that they will be 100% mentally focused on.

Of course, they will be professional, Pep Guardiola will have them well-drilled but for all the will in the world they will not be up for this game as much as they will be for the second leg of the Champions League game against Real Madrid.

Arsenal, on the other hand, will be well up for the game, they are absolutely desperate for the win, far more than City and that could be the difference come 17th June.


  1. Mogunna says:

    We can’t predict nor expect team to win for a long minute no, it depends on team selection and spirit.

    Bellerin Mustafi Mari Tierny
    Niles Luiz
    Nelson Saka
    Auba Gaby

    This team is solid, all players make effort defending. Attacking from wings or center, a real nightmare for opponent… Martinelli Auba can both go wide or combine in center, play these 2 in center be a scary for any team.

    If we play our attacking speed football, score goals as we used to, we can beat any team…
    Let’s see Arteta team!

    1. Skills1000 says:

      For this game,

      Bellerin. Mari Luiz. Tierney

      Xhaka Torrera

      Aubameyang Pepe Saka


      Martinelli and Lacazette as subs.

      We need Xhaka to break the play from midfield more often. So the man city midfielders dont get there rhytmn.
      We need pace. Long balls from Luiz and Xhaka. Pepe to play the no 10 role.

  2. gunnerforlife says:

    If we have the right mentallity, team spirit, determination and focus for the full game, we can surely beat Man City. As for selection I would prefer Ceballos and AMN to play in the midfield as both are naturally gifted midfielders.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Guy, we’ll need much more than mentality to beat City, though it’s a very big step towards that

  3. Stewart Macintosh says:

    All bets are off with this weird restart. Could be great game, we could win, we could get thumped. City is better but this reset gives us a chance.

    Team should be fighting for its life due to finances and contracts – there is real potential for a long dark road ahead.

    At the end of the day, after the team is set, it is going to come down to the players and how much effort they are going to put into this.

    They can a) see they are in 9th and key players are looking for the exits, meaning they mail in the rest of the season or b) see they are in 9th and decide that Europe isn’t out of question.

    Hopefully they will pick “b”. Sadly I think it will b “a”.

    If the players don’t show up it will not make a difference as to Arteta’s lineup.

  4. ozziegunner says:

    Brentford 3 Arsenal 2 though only a trial, says it all. Doesn’t bode well for the future.

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