Arsenal CAN beat Man United and we can still make Top Four

Arsenal’s devastating defeat to Tottenham yesterday may have made the cancellation of St Totteringham’s Day official, but the two draws by the Manchester sides mean that we are far from out of the race for the Champions League places.

We are now a maximum of six points behind Liverpool, Man City and Man United with a game in hand, so a win against Jose Mourinho’s side next Sunday will put us right back in the chase. Danny Welbeck is adamant that Arsenal can bounce back from yesterday’s disappointment. “We’re professional and we need to fight right until the end,” he said.

“As a team, get together, analyse the game and then move on from this.

“It’s very difficult to take for the club, for all the players, the fans.

“It’s not a nice one to lose and we want to make it right next week.”

It may look like a tough call to take all three points against a Man United team that is unbeaten in 25 League fixtures, but as we know with Arsenal, anything is possible.

Mourinho has already said he is going to prioritise the Europa League, and with the Arsenal game sandwiched between the two semi-finals against Celta Vigo, we could have a very good chance of facing a weakened United side.

Never give up!

Sam P


  1. stubill says:

    How dare you post this on here!

    Being positive and optimistic breaks all the forum rules, and is extremely poor etiquette, if you don’t have something negative and/or depressing to say, don’t bother.

  2. Uzi Ozil says:

    Arsenal won’t defeat Manchester United…

    The best result Arsenal will get is a draw. We have been here before. It’s now like a cycle..

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      It is the cycle of mediocrity…

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        It’s called GiroudHog season ?

    2. AFC says:

      Lol mourinho has that loser Wenger in his back pocket.

  3. Twig says:

    I’m not even sure I want us to win. The season can’t be anymore rotten than it is now

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Wow, you and others actually want Europa league next season?
      If we don’t win our remaining games ,we will heading for Spursday night football, even if we finish below 7th… Does the FA cup final against Chelsea ring any bells? ??

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Enough is enough….the Ibrahims demand the dismissal of the manager, the board and the release of all the players

    Time for a clean sweep and full overhaul

  5. gmv8 says:

    Looking at it in the cold light of day, the poor team selection really didn’t help – defence has been an issue all year, we find a back three that click (in the semi final), and then keep on chopping and changing, WHY???? when it’s well known it’s all to do with the guys playing together and building a decent relationship, the better it gets. The plan looks like to play on the break, then choose our slowest CF in OG, WHY???? when the prime factor is speed to play on the break. Ox has consistently played his best in a central position, so put him on the wing WHY????. The passing was abysmal – I don’t know if this has to do with people playing in the wrong position. I could see at one point in the second half AS threw up his arms and seem to give up, although he lost the ball on countless occasions as well. The last thing was Walcott – how lacklustre he was – this was the man who scored against the Spuds, and was carried off with a serious injury yet still stuck two fingers up (2-0 up) at their awful fans. This is a man who KNOWS what this game means, so WHY no spine, effort and passion. It looks to me like there are serious divisions in the team, which would account for the poor communication and passing.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      How can a manager keep playing the same set of non performing players season after season

  6. shegz says:

    even if we beat United and win the outstanding match against Southampton; even if we win all out remaining 5games… what are the chances that City or Liverpool would lose on of their remaining 4games.
    we are on 60pt with 5game left
    City n Liverpool are on 66pt with 4games left
    ….if we go on a winning streak, we finish with 75pts, even if Liverpool/City draw a game n win 3, they are in top4.
    in fact, if they lose a game n win3 they still have a chance of beating Arsenal to d top4 on GD.
    …meanwhile of our 5 games left we have to play United,Everton n Stoke.

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    The most delusional line ever – “but as we know with Arsenal, anything is possible.” Wow! Should have been “but as we know with Arsenal, almost anything is not possible.” Only mediocrity or failure is possible under Wenger. As a great manager once said about Wenger,”He’s a specialist in failure.”

    1. Darthballs says:

      How’s that great manager doing now

      1. Red Dawn says:

        Alright since he has won more in the time when he said that than Wenger has done.
        But Mourinho gets fired if he under performs. Wenger just gets a bumper new deal and is allowed to continue. Reward for failure…

      2. ThirdManJW says:


        He’s not doing too bad. He’s recently won a league title, the league cup twice, got to a Champions League semi-final, is now in the Europa league semi-final, and is ahead of Wenger in the table, in he’s first season at United, with a squad that is mostly not his signings.

  8. rkw says:

    if walcott learnt to dribble if barcelona offered 60m for ramsey if xhaka learnt to tackle if giroud learnt positional play if iwobi acquired a football brain if perez played more … if donald trump became president of the united states…oh hang on a minute… yes its mathematically possible … so 4th place junkies can still knock on the french pushers door hoping for next year`s fix … pathetic

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I want us to win the FA Cup (which is unlikely)

    But this season will still be the worst season of my lifetime even if we win
    1. Out of top 4
    2. Spurs finish ahead of us
    3. Spurs finish 2nd or 1st
    4. Alexis may leave
    5. Need to rebuild
    6. Wenger stays for two more seasons

  10. Janssen says:

    Hi Sam, I was waiting for your post. I am looking forward to reading your post once we have mathematically been eliminated from the top 4. I am really curious what you message is gong to be then. Start drafting it, you will need it soon.

    I expect you will write about how good things are at the club and that making it to the FA cup final was a great success and that we were unlucky with injuries and that we have many good things to look forward to and should just get behind our awesome manager and that we almost had as many points as last season but were just unlucky with our competitors have better seasons.

    Just our of curiosity Sam, is there any set of circumstances or conditions that would make you doubt if Wenger is the right man for the job? Or do you believe that as long as Wenger is in charge things will change for the better?

    PS: Don’t get me wrong, I respect the fact that you post your optimistic yet contrarian views on here despite all the evidence that keep stacking up as an argument against optimism.

    PPS: And yes we can beat Man U, just as we could have beaten Spurs. With Wenger never having beaten Mourinho in the PL (I think), what do you think the odds are we beat them after all they are devestated with injuires? Better than 50/50?

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Optimism as you say is a good thing.

      Blind faith on the other hand does not analyse facts and what has happened in the past and how that might project into the future (forecasting), nor does it criticise obvious failings.

      It is devout and mindless following if a regime or person for those who cannot see the bigger picture.

  11. John0711 says:

    FFS Sam P take off your school uniform guys bed and give it a rest

  12. Martin says:

    We will not beat MU even with all their injury problems. Mourinho will park the bus and we won’t have a clue how to break them down. 0-0 or 1-1 for me. Can’t understand why Holding didn’t play last weekend. Yes, I know he’s played a few games recently but he is young and fit andlooks more than capable of playing 2 games a week.

  13. ger burke says:

    in jose we trust !.

  14. Ack7 says:

    Really thats the best thing you could think. Of course every fan know we can get 4th place and deep down even the most hateful fan of wenger want us to come at least 4th. Premier league is freaking tough u be challenging for the title one season and scrap for 4th the next, even the BIG clubs like united, chelsea or city do it. on the other hand we are just stuck with either being comfortably in top4 or scraping for 4th place. lol last time we actually challenged was 2007/08 season.

  15. KaTs says:

    Beating MU is not good for us. That would mean we might finish number 5 and qualify to the European League. This is a tough tournament. I hope we finish below 5. Hopefully this will open a way for changes at Arsenal.
    By thanking and substituting Mr Wenger and almost half of the players we could re-build Arsenal only play home games (like Chelsea 16/17) in pace to come back for trophy.

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