Arsenal CAN break Olympiakos – But then we have the Xmas fixtures…

Nice! We run onto a huge Xmas period of tough games!‏ by Koss

Now that Arsenal have given themselves a good chance of qualifying into the last 16 of the UCL, after a disastrous start by losing our first 2 games in the competition, I think some of us are still nervously assuming that we have been here before (whatever stage) and don’t want to get our hopes up, understandably so! We have had this same scenario a few times over the last few seasons. We mess up the first half (first 3 games, first legs) of the ties. Munich, Barca, Monaco and the Group stage this year – but the 2nd half we play out of our skins just to fall short. BUT in this occasion we have another bad omen. This team… especially away… Olympiacos!

We have travelled there 3 times on Matchday 6 and have picked up absolutely nothing… though in saying that, and rightly so, we had qualified already so have mostly fielded a weakened side. This time feels a bit different as we are actually going there to bang a few goals in to make sure of entry into the last 16. With injuries slowly coming back and quite possibly Ox, Walcott, Rosicky, Rambo and Bellerin (the latter 2 just back) all available for the game in Athens, I believe we will go right at them from the 1st min with the handbrake firmly off for this one.

The task is straightforward: Blueprint of the Man United game! Get at them from the start, get an early goal and by end of first half 3-0 up. But, its Arsenal we are talking about, and understandably, so fans, pundits and players have their doubts over our credentials to pull this off… I do too, but the way our injured players might just be back, and the way Ozil,Giroud and Alexis are playing, I believe we can bang in at least 3 goals in Athens!

Then the League;
Still only two points off the top so I’m not going to go into past failures and let it all go! Our season starts from now and to be honest, all arguing aside, we are in a nice position with the next three games – all must-wins (9points) if we are to challenge, especially with the Xmas season fixtures coming soon!

Norwich Away this weekend – then a weeks rest until next game v Sunderland at Home. So a good rest will be got by our players for the big game in Athens… followed by Villa away. All winnable matches, and a nice run of games, before the big one at home to City – as the next set are looking hard enough after that:

Southampton (A) draw
Bournemouth (H) 3points
Newcastle (H) 3points
Liverpool (A) ??
Stoke (A) 3points
Chelsea (H) ??
Southampton (H) draw

I don’t see us winning all these games (or the City one) but with injuries coming back and our form we can at least not lose any if possible – if you get me. If we can’t win them, get a draw at least!

That brings us to New Year in the hope that we will see a few new faces at the the club to push on in the title race. And if in last 16, give it a right go, as we will finish 2nd in the group and we all know because it is Arsenal and the norm, we will have one of the big boys!! We don’t want Real Madrid or Barca, and we can’t play Munich, so the rest I would be happy enough drawing for the last 16. Lets start this with a big win on Sunday.


Koss the Boss

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    1. yea bro..i don’t think draw against soton is good…but still better than if you ask me? I’ll say we whoop them both legs and show we better than last season by far..its possible, this is Southampton not Madrid or Bayern.
      P.S: I am not underestimating them

      1. I’m guessing that your question marks against Liverpool and Chelsea is your shy way of expecting a defeat?

        As for the Olympiakos game, you can’t compare it to the Utd game, As the Greeks have a double advantage over us, by only needing a draw and also by only losing by one goal,
        There will be no need for them to attack our goal and we all know how we struggle against normal parked buses, yet theirs will be like a mountain.
        I’m expecting a very frustrating game..

        1. u know what i do when im frustrated….eat and shag….at the same time….

          turn over carmen ur crushin the pringles tin

          1. Hahaha
            thank god for that … ( pringles tin)
            I thought that you were frustrated there for a second. ??

        2. No the question marks is i dont have a clue what Arsenal will turn up and liverpool are not the same team we played few weeks back, klopp makes a big difference no doubt! Ill show southampton the respect they deserve as each time we have played them we have lost or just about won so making sure we get at least draws isnt a bad thing is it?

          The Olympiacos game is alot diffferent and they will defend, my point was the same mentallity we had against Utd an right up for the battle in athens.

  1. this season we have a genuine chance of the title.

    the reality is we dont even need to beat olympiakos to have a shot at the champs league…
    we need to beat them to avoid a europa league campaign.

    its amazing how city manure an chelsea with there ridicolous spend are still looking inconsistent.

    this could be our year.
    to be honest it should be…its been too long already…no more excuses

    1. I completely agree with all you said!

      This is another season, another big chance for us (like 12/13 was). No excuses!!!!

      A major contender in defending champions -Chelsea- is faltering terribly in an unprecedented manner.
      United and City are way too inconsistent and are not at their strongest…

      We have brought in a total of 3 world-class players…

      We had more than enough money to bring in atleast one more solid addition in the last window..

      We have enough money to bring in a solid addition or two in January…

      No more excuses for no one; not even for Arsene Wenger!

  2. By the time the Olympiacos game comes around, we should hopefully have Ox and Walcott back, that’ll be a huge boost. Shame about Coquelin though, hopefully flamini can put in another wonderful performance like he did against spurs, that would be great!

    Hope I haven’t jinxed anything here..

  3. Even if We get most of our injured back by January, I hope Wenger signs someone useful in January to give us a lift as I expect both to sign players in January baby please

  4. I seem to have a lot more faith in our players than some of our fans. My only concern is the amount of injuries our players get and the fatigue that some are showing. I know Wenger firmly believes that you must always play your best team, but Im certain that that sometimes has lead to the injury crisis we have year on year. I remember someone saying that Fergy use to make Ronaldo have a holiday, and ensure that he rotated his team to give them time off. I think Wenger needs to do that to Alexis, some matches he almost seems dead on his feet from the effort.

  5. I cant seem to wrap my brain round why we find ourselves in this injury crises around the same time every season and the man who is paid £7 million every year to make the right decisions does nothing to stop this from happening.

    This experience just like a country that experiences a peculiar natural disaster at a particular time every year but sits on their hands and makes no contingency plans to minimize the effects of the disaster. That’s the situation we have found ourselves in with Wenger.

    The answer is simple, since we are prone to injury crises every year, we should have learnt to drastically deepen the depth of our squad with quality players. So we can sustain our trophy charge every season irrespective of the injuries we have. We can’t just keep going through this panic mood we are presently in year after year. Wenger’s stubbornness and penny pinching is seriously limiting our trophy winning potential. Please someone get us Diego Simone!!!

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