Arsenal can definitely win the League!

Two swallows may not make it spring (or something like that!) but two wins and six goals can certainly increase Arsenal’s confidence levels, especially when enhanced by Tottenham dropping two vital points in the title race.

This will be helped even further today if Southampton (a team we can’t beat) can take three points from Leicester (a team that can’t beat us) later on to move us to withing striking distance of the top of the table. Our new defensve rock Gabriel has described the newfound positivity in the squad when he said after yesterday’s demolition of Watford: “It’s not every game that we’ll have an excellent performance like today,” the Brazil said (in perfect English). “We were just much more focused against Watford and that’s why things went much better and we recorded a positive result.

“The team are now very excited with the last two wins in the league, which were two difficult games, but we’re all thinking positively that we can win.

“We’re also hoping for some fault on [Leicester and Tottenham’s] part and if we carry on the way that we have been lately, that we can definitely win the league.

“We’ve regained our confidence once again. Not so long ago we lacked a little in confidence and we weren’t going into the match fully focused, so with a victory, we come back with a better self-esteem. Now, with the second win, it will make us grow more and I’m sure next time we will improve even more.”

Excellent news for the morale of the team and the fans, but i hope they don’t get too overexcited and overconfident. Next weeks visit to Upton Park is never going to be an easy game, but at least we will be going into it knowing we are back to our sublime best…..

Onwards and Upwards!


  1. If we will not win the title (and at this time it looks that way), we can only look at ourselves. But I welcome a gun ho at it until the end. As an Arsenal fan, I deserve that.

    1. Just learnt one of ozil supporters go to phase “highest passing accuracy” has also been taken over by Almighty Elneny and for two games in a row he hasn’t produced his no.1 excuse “assist”.. What are we ozil supporters going to do now?? The future looks really bad for us ozil lovers. Damn elneny & iwobi , dey hve made things difficult. Lets find sumtin to blame dem for in the next game okay guyz?????

      Well with regards to Arsenal winning the league , i think it won’t be helpful for our team in the long run cos den wenger would stay and not buy a WORLDCLASS STRIKER AND DEFENDER , which is all we need for the summer.. So will be nice to win the league but not so sure abt its positivity next season..

      IWOBI though, hez as direct and direct as Real Madrid wer in the second half of yesterdays game..

      1. This season gibbs scored more goals than Cech so by your logic gibbs is a better player than our no 1 goal keeper right?

    2. don’t care wht u think mr CazorlaPogba……………… U can’t compare EL-neny to Ozil and vice versa…. And if u watched critically yesterday, u could have seen how sublime OziL was with the ball at his feet (Not to talk of all the accolades and his WC status)

      Hence….ur point isn’t subjected to deductive reasoning and is thus deemed “invaLid”

  2. Biggest chance we have is

    NO CHANCE !!!!!!!!

    Wenger must take the blame

    we should have had it in the bag by now

    1. Well, he does take the blame after every defeat. Or at least doesn’t point to players. Why should we have it already in the bag? Just because you think you are entitled to it? Take a number, then a seat and see what gives. There are 20 teams in the league and 10 of them at least play for the first 4 places. Football works in cycles. Who would have imagined United after 20 years of sensational results would be a shadow of the former team paying in excess of 300 mils and still sinking? Or Chelsea with the oligarchs money doing a really, really run in. Yet, with our internet fans the results of Chelsea or United, two clubs which are indisputable bigger than Arsenal would be totally unacceptable. When I say you lot think you have a divine right to win the league, take a seat in the stands and wait. Nothing comes free, especially at Arsenal.

      1. Haha @Budd. Can you imagine if this lot supported Chelsea?
        #SACKABRAMOVICH Only spent 1billion should have spent 2 lol

        1. hahaha how funny.

          whats even funnier …chelsea have won
          champs league
          europa league
          pl several times…..

          since we last won a major honour.

          so ‘this lot’ who pay highest tickets in world football and were promised to compete with the best were fed lies….so yeah focus on other teams underperformin this year…cos those same teams have recently won premier league.

      2. “Football works in cycles” except ours have been a straight line for the last 12 years

  3. I have said, have been saying Spuds and LCFC are just a loss away from getting the jitters and maybe,just maybe unravelling…my fear is how mentally ready are we to take advantage, because with them starting to drop points the pressure level will be ratchet up a few notches and we have the habit of wiltering under pressure…we have the quality to do it, the players just need to really really want it and grow some balls

    1. we are bottlers.
      have proved that many times this year

      i love my club but have seen what kinda character they have year in year out.

      supreme quality but thats not enough

      1. There’s no doubt that we could have done it much better. At the end of the season I will tell you exactly where Wenger fscked it up. In fact I think that I already said it but it went unnoticed because of the rues generated by our Watford and Barcelona loss.
        At this time I am just biting nails and see if we come at least on top of the Spuds. I am not making myself dreams over the title. Yes, I would love it but at this point I would be happy should we win all games from now on. And when you think, there’s no real excuse having matches mid week.

    1. He probably could, he could probably do it better than Wilshere, but I don’t see the need or the want to play him there. Himself and Coquelin are after solidifying us, hopefully this will be the case no matter who we play. The no10 role you are thinking about, Iwobi played no10 for the under 21s.

    2. Don’t fLatter urself buddy……… EL-neny is good but is far from being an OziL

      Where he is at the moment(Next to Coq), suits him most

      and neither U, Ramsey nor Flamini L()L needs to take that away from him

  4. @gonner tetra
    Elneney looks like an accomplshed midfielder. Good ball control, long range passing, forward passing, long range shooting, team player, and above all accuracy. Young and still improving.

    1. God help us when Ramsey returns!

      Good to find Iwobi on the Left (where sanchez was wasted these past few months) and Sanchez now on the right (Ramsey’s alternative position to midfield) … Ramsey won’t be able to displace Sanchez on the RW, unless wenger is stupid enough to drop iwobi and move sanchez to the LW or disrupt that fine “Coq-EL” partnership…..

      We shall see


  5. We had the Muhammad Ali of CDM in our Invincible side, and now there’s a new Mohamed in town ..Mohamed El Elneny. Gerrard was talking about spud players earlier, sounds like that lot have a Muhammad Alli of there own ..Badum!! bum!.

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