Arsenal can end Anfield curse this week

Arsenal have not always had the best of results against Liverpool at Anfield, but this week can change that!

Trips to Merseyside in recent years especially have not always given us the result in which we either deserve, or have aimed to get beforehand.

Mentally we have to tell ourselves that yes, we are in a transition period, but we are more than capable of beating Liverpool whether it’s at the Emirates, Anfield, or at Wembley. And given that so far, we have beaten them in two out of three of those places in the space of three months, I don’t see why we can’t make it a hat-trick of location wins.

Had we lost against them at the Emirates before the end of the season and again at Wembley in the Community Shield final, I may not have been writing this type of positive article. But positivity has to come from somewhere and we know we have the talent and the squad to be able to beat them on our day.. If anything has changed in those three months, it is that the mentality and team spirit we have has only grown stronger.

Speaking to the Arsenal website our gaffer has acknowledged the tough test we face in the space of three days but has told his players to “embrace” the test that they will face.

There is no reason why we cannot go toe-to-toe with Liverpool and even grind out two positive results in the space of three days!

But no matter what happens we know there will be tough tests and it will be a great learning curve for our boys I’m sure. Let’s hope it’s for a positive reason rather than a negative one though.

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


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  1. We have a good coach, players with potential and fans supporting the club. For anyone, this will be enough to fight for!

    A good thing about our team is that whenever we are facing stronger teams, we play better, wether we win or lose, we still play a good game.

    We should expect something from MA and his players tomorrow but in reality Liverpool are better. This is not an excuse, it’s just for the other fans to be realistic.

    I wish he starts with the right formation and all the included players will be there for the win!

    1. we have the talent …just need to build up the core/spine….add some experience and leadership

      build confidence and teamwork and will be there

      next season we will challenge…

  2. Why not?Liverpool have not been beaten at their fortress for 2 years.Its about time the record goes. With Arteta I am more confident than with Wenger .
    90% possession doesnt guarantee you a win .
    minimum passing and swift upsurge towards goal can win you games.Thats why the former manager always lost to the big teams.
    With a hdl he was always a sucker for the smash and grab .

  3. Can we win, yes. Will we win, I am not so sure. Pool, will likely have more shots on target than us. So it may very well come down to quality of finishing and the keepers performance.

  4. One of the fixtures I dread! It’s been 8 years since we last tasted victory up there… Going to be a tough night! Mane always scores against us and with how many penalties we’ve seen since the league started, I expect to see yet more tonight…
    We will be presented with chances, albeit not many, just hope we take them! (Yes, Auba, I mean you 😉). If we score 1, I don’t see why we can’t score 3!
    Come on fellas, let’s keep our impressive run going..COYG

    1. Sue, it is fun time now, with Arsene gone and the players have been drilled to be lions on the prowl, the little kitten/s have been left at home to chase dragonflies it seems, nothing to fear anymore. We win ugly or we go down fighting, no easy surrender anymore.We walk through the tunnel with self belief, not as losers anymore.
      See how Rodgers shredded Pep, that is self belief and hard work, no great names, but getting the job done. Pep is now with his excuses. I want Mikel to wipe that smile off Klopp’s face one more time. I enjoyed see him his face after the CS final. I enjoy that expression more than Little Mou’s expressions.

      1. Nice one, LC 👌
        The pool fans ‘expect’ to win the league now after City’s spanking yesterday. Oh how sweet it would be to wipe the smirk off of their faces, as well as Jurgen’s… and then wait for the excuses!! You’re right, we are harder to break down now, so they’ll have a job on their hands too. We’ve shown we can match the big boys, so it should be a very pulsating 90 minutes!!
        Yes that look on his face was bleedin’ priceless!! Then watching them sloping off down the tunnel – just like Maureen yesterday – was sweet 👌

  5. Leeds showed how to stop Liverpool playing out from the back by having the bottle to press high against the Red’s much vaunted back four causing VVD to make uncharacteristic errors.Leeds matched the Liverpool system and with their impressive fitness levels(possibly the best in the League) they maintained pressure throughout the match.Arteta is likely to stick with the 3-4-3 set up which has been effective but by lying deep Liverpool will have the lion share of possession and are likely to be up for the game, big-time.I would happily settle for a draw.

  6. It’s going to be a tough game at Anfield as always.
    But the lack of fans in the stadium should help us. It will be like a neutral venue (Wembley).

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