Arsenal can expect another high-scoring affair at Newcastle

Most Arsenal fans will be relieved when this boring interlull finally ends and we can get back to proper football again as the Gunners are set to travel to St James Park to take on Rafa Benitez’s relegation candidates.

The Magpies are still winless but have had very tough opening fixtures against Tottenham, Chelsea and Man City, although they did manage a point away at Cardiff. Although they played those three top teams, they did manage to score in all of them registering 2-1 defeats in all three matches, and Rafa Benitez believes his team will have more chances against Arsenal. “I think the positive is the way we were going at the end of these games with chances,” Benitez said after the defeat to City. “That is something that helps in terms of the confidence of the team and they know, when you talk with them, that we were close.

“That is the positive, and that is also the message for the future. We have players now on the international break, but some players will stay there. We will analyse things. We will talk about what we did well and what we can improve on.

“We do that all the time, and you can see that the team is getting better. The performance in defence against Chelsea was really good. Today, against another fantastic team – they won the league by a massive distance – against this team, we were there.”

“Obviously, Arsenal will be tough, because it’s another top side, but maybe we have a little more chance. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s bad, because you take more risks, but you have to do it.”

So it sounds like he fully intends to take the game to Arsenal, and as our defence has continued to be very shaky we can expect many chances at both ends. Let’s just hope that we can end up scoring more than Newcastle, like we did against West Ham and Cardiff City…..



  1. Sue says:

    Better get some valium then

  2. We don’t travel or defend well, this will be a tough fixture.

  3. barryglik says:

    Starting with Westham
    Arsenal has a run of 12 games
    against a lot of garbage teams.
    Time for the “B” listers to strut their stuff
    against the likes of Bentford Carrierbag and Volkz-klutz.
    Leno Lichsteiner Holding Mavro Torreira Elneny Wellbeck Jenko
    will score 1000 goals each and make Volksklutz look like .. err Volksklutz.
    The international break is boring but till we play ‘Pool in
    54 days it’s going to be snoozeville

    1. ozziegunner says:

      barryglik, I hope you are being “tongue in cheek” calling EPL sides like West ham, Cardiff and Newcastle “garbage”, because if Arsenal or any other team in the League does not turn up with their A game they can quite easily lose against any other team.
      Given that Newcastle United have managed to score in every game and have conceded 7 goals in 4 matches and Arsenal 8, there is cause for concern, given Arsenal is playing away. Torreira (if fit) and Lichtsteiner must start. Lichtsteiner has stated that he has never been benched for 4 games in a row in a career at Lazio and Juventus, yet he is not good enough to play in Arsenal’s leaky defense. Also he has no intention of retiring as he has been advised he is in the physical condition of a 28 year old. I can’t understand what Torreira and Lichtsteiner have to do to start?

      1. Relax, Emery will be forced to rotate with the up coming league fixtures sandwiched between europa and EFL matches. We will definitely see the new guys Torreira, Lichtsteiner and Leno start even though Emery seems hell bent on making them rot on the bench. I only hope they take the opportunity especially Lichtsteiner who seems to already have been branded a “has-been” and a “back-up” to Bellerin as if the rightback position is Bellerin’s birthright. It would be a pity if half our summer signings turned into deadwood with only a few weeks on the payroll like Lucas Perez and Park chu Young.

  4. gotanidea says:

    It’s gonna be tough, because Benitez has more experience in EPL

    They also have dangerous attackers, such as Kenedy, Rondon, Perez and the towering Joselu

    But I believe Emery can win this, if he uses a more cautious approach with 4-3-3 and if his players can force Newcastle players to make errors

    1. sol says:

      gotanidea// that’s right. it will not be easier as they play five defenders at the back….what i personally need from this fixture is another narrow WIN….JUST A WIN

  5. mikki says:

    as far arsenal hasn’t keep a clean sheet this season is still a boring team,there’s nothing new,except the appointment of a new manager, teams like man city Liverpool, barca play pressing or attacking yet they concede less goals or keep clean sheet….when Wenger left I was the most excited person here on earth but now the case is different now….we can’t be conceding goals in all matches and be winning I don’t think that’s the best way to win because some days it will back fire….if Cardiff can score two goals against us expect any team to do the same if the problem is not address immediately

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    The match is not expected to be easy for Arsenal to win but hard to win. Because Newcastle who are yet to win a match in the PL this season will fight tooth and nail in the match to collect all points in the match.

    However, the Gunners can overcome the Maggipies in the game by absorbing whatever they have on offer to throw at them in the game. Then hit them with a superior game playing with a good product end to it and take all points in the match.

  7. Newcastle already beat us once this year at St. James’ Park even with Aubameyang and Lacazette both starting. However, we have been making easy work of them on most occassions thus I hope for a likely win but will not be surprised by a draw.

  8. Phil says:

    This is a game where we normally win at St James Park.But although we should be too good a side for them I believe a 0-0 would not be the worst result for us.We have to defend better and not conceding will al least give a bit of confidence to the back four.Still expect us to win though

    1. Sue says:

      We owe them for last season!

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