Arsenal CAN finish above Spurs….but Leicester?

Can Arsenal do it? by Dboy

Taking into consideration the current log standings as well as form I’m not convinced whether Arsenal can beat Leicester to the title race. Looking at Spurs upcoming fixtures, we can agree that they will have a much tougher run in, than both Arsenal and Leicester. Spurs have to face Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea. I think they will drop some points and we might catch them. However it is the form of Leicester that we are worried about, and got us questioning- who can stop them?

Leicester has 7 games left to play with a potential 21 points up for grabs. They are currently on 66 pts. Their remaining fixtures include: Southampton (H); Sunderland (A); West Ham (H); Swansea (H); Man Utd (A); Everton (H) and Chelsea (A). I personally think based on their form they could drop 8 pts “given the worst case scenario”. If that be the case they will end on 79 pts.

Arsenal on the other hand may have an easier run. With fixtures like: Watford (H); West Ham (A); Crystal Palace (H); West Brom (H); Sunderland (A); Norwich (H); Man City (A); Aston Villa (H). Based on our current form, inconsistency, and some shocking home results, I predict we will drop at least 4 pts. Man City I believe pose a threat, because they will want to hold on to their top four spot. Based on our history, we tend to choke when it matters most. So a loss and a draw. Our defence off late is also not convincing. So I think we will come off with 20 pts from a potential 24 pts. We are on 55 pts currently, so we should end on 75 pts, a little short of Leicester City.

I think the Manager and some players should take the blame for another poor season if we don’t win the league. I personally don’t see us doing it. I don’t see any improvement in this team. What we should realize is that our rivals have weakened, and this is the season we should have taken advantage. So once again poor management and players who do not respect the jersey, has caused us another less-than-convincing season.

What do you think Gooners can we make it?

By Dboy

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  1. “Finishing below Spurs” If it leads to change in the club management system, then let it be …
    I don’t really care about Spurs, I don’t even consider them as rival …
    More chants and more banners please, we demand change …

    1. Finishing below Spurs will not lead to any change in management so you better be careful what you wish.

      1. I didn’t wish to finish below Spurs, I said conditionally “If it leads” … what I wish for is to change the one you put as your avatar and the top management …

        1. Why would I change my avatar? It will stay right there to annoy people like you judging a book by the cover. Get used with it, you will see it for a while.

  2. We can finish above tott, definitely we can. I don’t think it will be enough to catch Lei as I don’t see them dropping more than six points. It would be great if we got to see them drop three pts, at least, before they go away to utd. They would probably play for a draw. If they drop six before the last game it will be very interesting but for now we have to stop thinking that far ahead. We have to look to one game at a time, we watch our next game then we tune in to watch either lei or tott game and hope our support and wishes interrupt them somehow.

  3. I dreamt Leicester Lost Four and we won 8, Spods Lost 3 and we are League Camps again.. With the teams inconsistency I still believe we can Fly… I hope my dream come true.

    1. We don’t deserve top or second,Leicester deserve it and hope we finish second. There are no easy run ins Leicester has done better than us against the so called big names just accept that Wenger at least through Ramsey injured and Ox that Awobie came through just like Coquelin to get game time and Ellerny as they would have been bench warmers. Wenger now should play with the same team bringing Campbell in for Sanchez and make subs 70th with Girioud,Sanches, or Wallcott, and only if required a defensive player to kill out the game Chambers over Gibbs. Then in summer we will have Wilshire back Who lets be fair is a very good asset and gets injury free for a few months and Gazola too. So what happens then as he should be bringing in hopefully a defender,a striker getting rid of Giroud,Wallcott, Per Flamani, Rosicky who we have so so missed his brilliance and pace and to wish him the best for his next venture. How we finish will decide what Wenger does. CB

  4. Leicester are playing teams that are fighting for European spots and a couple battling relegation; they have been playing without any sort of pressure because nobody believed they can actually be where they are right now and without that burden of expectation they have been flying: Now the scenario is different, its their title to lose now and they know it and with that comes a different sort of pressure altogether and I strongly believe they are a loss away from panicking and maybe unravel a bit….all we just need to do is keep winning our own matches to pile on the pressure from behind….whether we can do that is another matter altogether; I believe we have enough quality personel wise to do that, all they need to so is get some confidence, grit and character added to their mindset, plus a winning mentality…..will no doubt help if Giroud and Walcott also remember where the goal post is and start scoring again, the 2 of them have been wretched to say the least, and to think Wenger reposed so much trust and confidence in their abilities to carry us to the title

  5. Its not impossible but very difficult, I watch Leicester matches and they are very very tough to beat!
    They don’t really care about possession and they have players that can score any kind of goal….we just need two losses and a draw and I think they will give us that

  6. the latest BS

    The Sun claim Gunners officials have ordered the Frenchman to splash the cash on the likes of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gonzalo Higuain, Toni Kroos and John Stones.

    The Arsenal board will not consider giving Wenger a new contract unless he competes in the transfer market at the end of the current campaign.

    is it because of renewing season tickets or its because the fans started to attack the board???

      1. i just hope Danny Welback and Ozil will link up well for the rest of the season and not forgetting Alex Iwobi hope he lifts the team spirit like Francis Coquelin did later part of last season

    1. They all need pressure … Let’s give them more …
      More chants and more banners please, we demand change …

  7. As far as i’m concerned because of Arsenal’s intricate attacking football philosophy, i’m always glad that there are only two types of manager that will never manage Arsenal

    1. A mourinho.
    2. A British manager.

  8. like damochy and goonerboy wrote, i think the same, i still havent lost the hope and still think that we have a shot at the title as long as we win our 8 games! cause even the goal difference isnt such a problem, if we want to go top the would have to lose 2 games and if they lose 2 games the difference in gd would sink atleast to just 3 between us and then if we win the games it would sink to atleast 1 so if we score 2 goals more than them in the other 6 games of us we would be top, well as long as spurs give up 4 points and i strongly believe that they will lose points, cause they are beatable cause they wont play like leicester only on the break but would also want to dominate some games and against liverpool/southampton that will be dangerous

  9. For Leicester its a case of the next two games for me. They lose either of the next two and the spuds and us win ours, then they could easily go on a lose, draw, draw, lose.

    As for the spuds, their bottle always goes.

    For us, I actually think chasing is better for this team as it lacks leaders and a winning mentality.
    I only hope we play with the tempo and passion shown in our last two games.

  10. The law of averages says Leicester will probably have a collapse of some kind, whether a mini one or a big one.

    That said, with only 7 games to go we need them to lose 3/4 and draw a few before we can even think about the title.

    Realistically speaking and given our erratic form, we will come 3rd possibly 2nd, but we won’t win the title unless Leicester collapse…if they lose a couple early on the doubts may creep in for them, but it’s a lot if ‘IF’s’.

    Honestly, we should be winning the title on our own merits and not on someone else’s potential collapse.

  11. I think at this time we can only hope. We need to hope to hit form and string a number of results together and we need to hope for Spurs and Leicester to drop points.

    For me Spurs are favorites because they have no pressure (yet) since they are 2nd and all the pressure is on Leicester, they are free of European football and they have a deeper squad. I agree that they have (on paper) a tougher run in but the PL is so changeable this season that games that look difficult on paper are not and vis-a-versa.

    Southampton beat Liverpool this weekend underlining that Liverpool drop points and underlining Southampton are for real. Man U beat City but might drop points against a minow, we lose to Watford and Swansea but beat Everton.

    My gut tells me that my greatest fear could well materialize with Spurs winning the PL. I would love for Leicester to win it for many obvious reasons. I count us out since I believe we could well drop more than the 4 points you have us drop, whilst one loss could see Leicester crumble.

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