Arsenal can forget Martinez – but Vidal transfer is still on…

Now it is all over. The rush to sign Porto forward Jackson Martinez can now be put to rest with the news that the Colombian striker has signed a four year contract with Spanish club Atletico Madrid.

For a long while, clubs across the continent were linked with the proven striker. Even this summer there were reports that AC Milan were close to striking a deal with Martinez. Arsenal were long time admirers of the poacher and Wenger always wanted to add quality to his ranks.

But, Atletico wanted to build a side around Martinez and he was swayed by the project. This may mean another loss for Wenger but truth be told, Martinez to Arsenal was never going to be more than a rumour.

However, there is more news and interesting link ups. The most exciting of those is the news in Daily Star that Arturo Vidal was ready to move to Arsenal. The Emirates club reportedly “have been handed a major boost” in their pursuit of this all-action midfielder.

All this stems out of the fact that the Italian Champions Juventus captured Roberto Pereyra from Udinese. The playmaker was signed in a £10 million deal and was announced on the official website of the club. This is being seen as a clear note that the champions are preparing for the departure of Vidal.

Arsenal have been tracking the Chilean for many transfer windows now and are interested; of course they are not alone. Manchester United is also credited with a strong interest which went very close in the last summer. However, Arsenal was also strongly interested from the beginning and their have been many stories linking us with Vidal, and in one case a journalist reported that Vidal would definitely be coming to the Emirates after the Copa America…

The presence of his close friend and national colleague Alexis Sanchez in Arsenal is great incentive for Vidal. The prospect of joining his compatriot in North London should be welcome news for the brilliant midfielder. Will he improve the Arsenal side? Tremendously!

For starters, Arsenal fans are craving for an all-action midfielder who can run the strings from the middle of the park. After Patrick Vieira, not having a strong presence in the midfield has been hurting the Gunners. It is too early to say if Vidal will be a hit in the Premier League. However, on the contrary, there are no reasons why he wouldn’t be able to flourish.

Long story short – if the rumors are true to be believed then it will be an interesting move. Juventus are also preparing for the eventual departure of Vidal and this seems to be a wonderful chance for Arsenal to move in. Who knows, Vidal could be the key to the long awaited EPL crown.


  1. cuz Cech choose Arsenal, guess what all d stamford D*ckheads now call him….. PETR “Judas” SNAKE … cheLshits

    1. Fair enough.
      Arsenal fans called RVP
      Judas for joining Man U.
      Yet they are preparing
      to embrace a 10 year Chelsea
      veteran as one of their own.
      Hypocrisy has no bounds 🙂

      1. How those two situations relate in the manner you’re suggesting is utterly beyond me.

        Arsenal stuck by RVP for years through injury and scandal, he finally made good on his potential (bearing in mind NO top team would’ve shown the level of faith Arsene did) and demanded a move the following season.

        Petr Cech has been a model professional for 10 years at Chelsea, THEY replaced him and he’s now moving because he still has plenty to offer and doesn’t want to uproot his family.

        I mean to draw parallels in those two instances is plain dumb, other than transferring between two premier league clubs there’s nothing at all similar about their moves.

      2. pls dn’t compare RVP to Cech……it’s one thing to be a regular starter and then u just want out of a team halfway for whatever reason…… Another to be a bench warmer playing 2nd fiddle to a kid.. despite being a Legend…. See! Cech Just wanna pLay and in London

      3. ride on bro tell them the truth, nasri, fabrigas ashly cole, clichy the list goes on we called them judas, but now every body is clamouring for cech…….phariseessssss

  2. If we lose Koscielny this summer we might as well not even play for title next season. Real Madrid, please offer Ramos whatever he wants and BACK OFF our players!!! Real Madrid is such a joke club, always giving away their best players. Glad we scored Ozil from their stupidity but Koscielny is simply off limits.

    1. Relax..Koscielny is not going anywhere..did you forget he rejected a move to Bayern two years ago.I doubt he wants to go to Madrid.He is happy here at Arsenal.And we have no reason to sell him.He is the best CB in the EPL right now.

    1. Everyday I read the comments here reacting to rumors from a totally unreliable transfer rumor media circus.

      Here ye, Here ye…….

      NONE OF US know anything about anything. We don’t know if Wenger is or is not interested in ANY of the players mentioned in these articles.

      We don’t know about Vidal. We don’t know about Martinez. NOBODY.

      When Arsenal picked up Monreal he was probably the only player NOT connected with Arsenal that January.

      Of course there is no harm in discussing which players may or may not help Arsenal, but you could just pick any name out of a hat to do that. You don’t need the media or these ridiculous articles pretending that they know something they don’t.

      1. Agreed. It is amazing really when you think about it how these media outlets and journos can just get away with fabrication, guesswork and just plain lying year in year out. Even the most “respected” journos, and the bar is set pretty low, can’t have a hit rate for stories turning out to be true any better than 1 in 20. I think the most depressing thing is when something actually does happen for real they back-track and re-invent the strap-line to save face – “Martinez snubs Arsenal for Atletico” being the latest example. Yeah, really he did – honestly.

        The terrifying thing is there appears to be a significant part of the fan base who actually believe these version of events.

  3. Vidal coming to Arsenal would be excellent.I personally do not think we will sign a DM this summer.If Vidal rumours are true,its possible he is being brought in as a replacement for Cazorla(our current CM) for when he eventually leaves or retires.Also as for the DM, we already have LeCoq,Ramsey,Wilshere,Arteta,Flamini,Beilik,Chambers who would all be fighting for that one spot in the midfield next to Cazorla,add Vidal to that list and I can’t see any reason why we would want a DM.

    1. That doesn’t make sense, He is only 2 years younger than Carzorla.. And Carzorla was one of our best players last season. So i don’t get what you’re trying to say, Do we bench Carzola because you believe that he wont play good next season(Despite the obvious fact he was one of our best players)? Or Wait till Carzorla can no longer play to the standard he is no (which by the way doesnt look like happening anytime soon) Which means he’ll probably be in his 30′?

      1. No..please read again..i said as a replacement for Cazorla when he eventually leaves or retires..i.e. after 2-3 yrs..Vidal should be brought in so when Cazorla leaves or retires we dont need to look for another player.

  4. Funny how when a player
    like Dybala Kondogbia
    Imbula now Martinez
    join another club
    we were suddenly never in for him
    and besides he’s useless 🙂

    1. We were interested in Martinez, Arsenal made an inquiry.. But were rather willing to negotiate than meet the release clause, As i said Portuguese sides with release clauses on their players do not negotiate unless its within the nearest million. They learnt the hard way after loosing stars like Falcao and Di Maria for mere peanuts..

        1. Correction The initial fee paid for Di Maria was 25 million Euros, Which at that time when the value of the Euro was half of the pound (I know this because i was in Portugal, when this news broke) equates to around 12.5 Million, Plus a further 11 Million Euros £6.5 Million If he won a title in his first season which they did, So all in all 19 Million pounds (Wow what a tremendous amount of money to spend, Jesus Andy Caroll cost more than him in the same god damn season)… Falcao’s had a release clause of 45 Million, One which they paid money to him and his agent in order to instill in his contract, This is a sour note for most Porto fans because, he jumped ship having signed a 5 year deal In July and he left in August for less money for his buy out clause. Instead of taking Real to the cleaners the opted to negotiate and settled for less money….. Once again @jonnhirons peanuts……

    2. 30 mil for dybala and martinez is just extortion I would’ve liked arsenal to sign kondogbia but there’s no way he’s worth the money inter paid for him. Look at the previous 2 windows we broke the bank signing alexis and ozil who can easily justify their price.

      1. Kondogbia is worth every money anyway would have paid for him..
        Hez amazing

    3. Please… You’re the most flip-floppy fan on here.
      I’d rather see fans flip-flop on rating potential incoming players than the disrespect you spout about our players which changes daily.
      Wilshere, Walcott, Ox and Ramsey labelled ‘injury wrecks’ on a constant basis.

    4. It is even funnier that every player that is bought by another club suddenly becomes a player we should have gone for, or one we “missed out on”. Which of those players do you KNOW we were in for? You are going to tell us next that we missed out on Firmino.

  5. Vidal would be amazing. He is not a DM but best of both worlds. He is good attacking and good defensively.

    Cech and Vidal would most definitely lift our team to another level

  6. Like I said…. Still all is not lost although the Vidal thing mmmm I dot know if it will happen, Public prosecutors in Chile are looking to force criminal charges on the guy, which means (If it does happen) No Visa. But what i reckon would be a sensible option would be to Sign Bastian Schweinsteiger, firstly because he serves a greater role model for francis coquelin in terms of career growth, secondly he’s good… lastly its no secret him and Pep Guardiola don’t get along and with 1 year left on his current deal, with Bayern(I say Bayern but its Pep) not wanting to renew his contract, he would be likely be available on the cheap. Quite simply everything we need, Cover, Competition and Inspiration for Coquelin we could get a good 4-5 years out of him before Beilik starts knocking on the Door of the first team.

  7. Cach at goal and Vidal in the middle of the park would be game changers.

    Our squad would have one of the best goalies in the world, one of the best defenders in the world in Koscielny, one of the best if not the best midfields in the world with Vidal, Cazorla,Ramsey, Ozil,Wilshire to choose from, One of the best Left Wingers in the world in Sanchez, a super solid and talented duo of Theo and Ox at RW.
    Yes we probably dont need a better striker than Giroud to win the League but wouldn’t it be amazing if we also got one of Cavani, Higuain or Lewandowski?

      1. O excuse me, my bad.
        You said Theo and Ox
        super sold.
        Sell Theo and Ox and buy
        Reus and Obameyang
        Now your talking sense brother 🙂

        1. Cant sell quality home grown players in this day and age. Theo is done with injuries (fingers and toes crossed) and Ox is worth his weight in gold.

      2. Most players who come to Arsenal become injury worries – it is an Arsenal thing.

        What good does it do to get rid of players who have overcome injury just to bring in new players who will start the process all over again?

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