Arsenal can have NO excuses against a weak Man United team

No Excuses! A must-win game against a weak Man United side by KM

Four years ago I made my only trip to London so far, with a promise that when I return it’ll be to see the mighty Arsenal play, and so it comes this Saturday I will be at the Emirates to see Arsenal play Manchester United in what used to be the Premier Leagues best match.

Now things have changed and Arsenal and United struggle to find their former selves, but as it stands Arsenal is in a better position than United. The pressure is on LVG to deliver after that whooping spending he did in the summer.

On the other hand Arsene sits in decline once again, reluctant to adapt to the modern game feeling no pressure from the board at all. Still though he must realize that this is an opportunity we cannot miss. United already have one of the worst defenses in the league (not that Arsenals is much better really), but they have also added a few more injures.

With Blind likely to miss the game and De Gea and Di Maria sweating on their fitness, Arsene has nowhere to hide. He must prepare the squad for the only chance United have in this game – which is us screwing it up for the 10th time this season.

If we don’t attack with 10 people when we are ahead in the score, if we put Chambers in the middle and give Bellerin a try, or just put Monreal on the right and actually have the Ox giving him some help we should be cruising. I mean this is the WORST united team i have seen in a long time.

Although Arsene cannot motivate a player to chase a ball on the pitch when he has to defend, beating United should be enough motivation for a certain Danny Welbeck. He’ll be eager to show LVG he was wrong to throw him out.

United arrive in a situation similar to when we went there and got beaten 8-2. If we were as ruthless as Ferguson was, we could actually spank them hard. Instead it will be a tough one. I hardly see us beating them hard, because they need the result as much as we do and they know all too well that Wenger is a dead manager. Even David Moyes managed 4 points from 2 games with Arsenal, when United were beaten by teams like West Brom.

Come on Arsene, Don’t ruin this for me. They are sitting on a plate, we just have to finish them.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. So true! Lets beat man united at the emirates and secure all 3 points, sending them back to old trafford licking their wounds! Coyg! We arsenal lets dig deep and get the job done!

      1. Gunnersaurus watching our matches is cheery on the outside, but prob has a bottle of gin in the inside.

  2. Win,loose or draw we still want Wenger out a win only papers over the cracks time for action bring Wenger out bangers and make ourselves vocal say we want Wenger out say we want Wenger out…….

  3. Rumour has it that arsenal are interested in porto duo jackson martinez and juan quintero! Dont know how true it is, but wouldnt mind having either one of them which will be a blessing! Coyg!

  4. Excuses for the manure game:

    The coach broke down

    There was traffic on the M6 *no explanation received from Wenger for this one as the game was at the Emirates*

    The aerobics teacher has a flu

    Ozil *Wenger breaks down in tears*

    The international break

    They decided to use tactics

    Their goalkeeper made a save

    Their defenders tackle

    Where am I?

    I was a referee for the pope

    The ball fell over

    The goal was in the wrong place for Giroud. Why is it not in row Z?

  5. Yes United are at their lowest point
    for 20 years. Arsenal have the best
    team for 7 years except at CB.
    So yes this is the best chance for
    an Arsenal win for many a year.
    But it’s on the day and on the day
    either team could win. RVP and Rooney
    could singe footedly or headedly win the game.
    If we keep those two locked out
    we should win.

  6. “Arsenal can and MUST heap misery on crisis hit Man United”
    “Arsenal can have NO excuses against a weak Man United team”

    Man United is really having gooners scared stiff!

  7. *OT
    Just watched Kieran Gibbs brother Jaydon playing LB for Aldershot. He’s decent at defending, has good pace as well as good at crosses. We should get him as Gibbs back up since we’re playin Monreal as a CB…Lol

      1. Mongolian Messi has just issued a statement – ‘while i am flattered by the interest shown by Arsenal I feel that at this point I do not wish to embark on a career on the left wing of a team that has no wingers. While Arsenal have some top players, i am not sure why they are played out of position and why they are all out of form. As a result, Mongolia doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Peace out’

  8. A van pussy hatrick would do the trick this would surely make every supporter angry enough to protest if this is what’s required hope it happens want this to be wengers last game in charge. Wenger out now!

    1. beyond throwing our pot noodle at our pet parrots and swearing at our milkmans- we aint protestin a damn thing- might aswell be honest

  9. IMO MU will win this game past on history. Every time we play a perceived ‘weaker’ team we take the foot off the pedal and we suffer the consequences. That was point, point two, we have an inferiority complex when it comes to (Utd/City and Chelsea). Point three, and final point, our players are all out of form with the exception of Sanchez, our defense is shambolic and to top it off wenger’s tactics are known to even a new born.

    UTD will win this game, then we’ll be here wanting wenger out. come on, let’s not pretend it will end up otherwise.

  10. if we cant a man u team this depleted, defeated and errr shabeated (f*ck you that is a word!!)
    then we might aswell take off our lipstick, remove our wigs an admit we dont belong in europe

  11. I have mixed feelings. I have fear that Wenger going to surprise us again and we will play 1:1 or loose 1:2 and he will come up with some excuses as he always does, but on the other hand, we have Welbeck that has something to prove to MU, we have players that where humiliated 8:2 couple seasons ago, who want to pay back, and now it is perfect time to do that. so I hope we have enough powder to get guns firing. Come on guys let’s stay strong and support Our TEAM!!!!!!

  12. We couldnt beat a Man utd team last season without Di Maria, Rojo, Blind, Falcao and Herrra

    and we are expecting to beat them this season with poor tactics and no game plan?

    1. That’s what I’m saying. We haven’t beaten this squad in years. Prepare for the worst folks and hope for the best.

  13. I dont agree with this article because Man U still have best striker (Van, Rooney and Falcao) than us, best midfield(Fellaini, Mata and Di Maria(they might inject him for him to play the game) than us because all our midfielders were out of form. Same defence(if not beta, with Evans and Silva return, Smalling, Shaw(though doubtful). In the GK position, i dont really know, because with our luck, keepers do perform against us.

    Our only standout is Sanchez.

    1. so we are one chilean miner away from being manures b*tches?

      no sorry i disagree, hope your cat mr jingles catches a bad case of gonorrhea from garfield

  14. Manure will play their Life out……… We all know this……. When was the Last time ArsenaL played Like they had something to Lose? ……Time before remembering

  15. No any excuses against a weak Manchester United team, is a small problem to the big problem that has befallen me some few hours hours ago. My one and the only beloved Super Eagles of Nigeria were denyed a ticket to the 2015 Afcon taking place in Equtorial Guinea by the Bafanabafana of South African at Uyo International Stadium in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. By mercilessly holding the Super Eagles to a 2-2 draw which handed the second qualification ticket to Congo DR. Do you Gooners know the worst thing the Super Eagles did? The Ref gave them a free kick outside the eighten yards at the death. But instead of the Super Eagles to take a direct kick at goal, they decided to be passing the ball and the Ref blew his whistle to end the match. Gooners mourn with me please. As to our dear Gunners binding the RedDevils. The Gunners will certainly bind their 2 or 4 arch RedDevils and lock them up into the Emirates Stadium dungeon for 90 munites plus on Saturday evening. So let us not worry.

  16. This could be the battle to see who has the cra*pest defence! I am never confident when per and nacho line up together, saying that not too delighted by chambers at rb lately either. Would love to see cc at cb and bellerin at rb for this game. Wish hayden was fit chambers and hayden as cbs with per taken care of the half time drinks 🙂 that way at least wed have cover at cb and lb from nacho on the bench.

  17. Just saw the Holland v Latvia game. Holland mauling Latvia by six nothing, with Van Pussy being superb playing in a new role just behind Huntelaar. Watch out Gunners Van Gaal may try something similar. Why oh why can’t Arsenal play like Holland, so fluent, so smooth and so pretty to watch at…why oh why??

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