Arsenal can make a huge statement by winning at Anfield

Arsenal’s chance to turn the league on its head

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal side will travel up to Anfield to face off against Liverpool in what could be a season defining game for the Gunners. In what has been a good season so far with only a few slip ups, Arsenal will face one of their hardest tasks this season yet, beating Liverpool in front of The Kop. Liverpool obviously have a great record at Anfield and have become very hard to beat at home, becoming some what of a place that teams fear to go and has been their fortress for a while now. In fact they have lost one home league game since April 2021.

It was in this fixture last year is when things started to go a bit down hill for Arteta and his Arsenal squad, after sitting at the top of the table for months, we started to drop points, get injuries and Manchester City began to catch up. With a lot of great recruitment this season, hopefully that makes a huge difference and a win is going to be hard, but if we manage to pull it off, it could leave us in a very good position and give us the confidence we need to make a title charge in the second half of the season.

This season there’s a lot more competition than the last and there’s already been some shock results around the Premier League and it feels like anyone could drop points at any time, the quality in the League looks to have risen a lot this season and although it’s great to see, it just makes it that little bit harder for us, with the likes of City, Liverpool, Aston Villa and even Spurs, anyone could win it at this point.

Liverpool haven’t lost at home all season but a few teams have managed to come away sharing the points, but Arsenal will be looking to be the first to win and if we can, I think it changes our whole season. Arsenal will need to beat at least 3 of the ‘top’ sides away from home if we want to be in with a chance of lifting the trophy at the end and beating Liverpool would make a huge statement.

I’m nervous for the game but I have this feeling in my gut that we can do it, if anyone can, I think we can, as I said it’s not an easy task, but with the quality in players we have and have brought in this season, I think we are more than capable of walking away with the 3 points and kickstarting the title chase.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. I’m afraid there is no British referee who is man enough to lead this massive game. I fear a disaster at Anfield tomorrow. Liverpool have lost one game this season they shouldn’t have lost (Spurs), Arsenal have lost two in the same category (Newcastle, Aston Villa). Tomorrow night will be something much more disasterous. The talk for years to come.

  2. We have dropped points when playing against Fulham, Spuds, Chelsea, Newcastle and Aston Villa, so we must win at Anfield

    Liverpool are also our closest EPL title rival, so we could damage their confidence if we defeat them at their own turf

  3. Its remarkable how quick Liverpool has recovered from almost entirely changing its attack and midfield unit from that premier league and champions league winning team. Klopp is fulcrum of this Liverpool team and they wont fall easily as long as he is standing tall. It took Arsenal almost 20yrs to built a strong team. But this time we need to have that confidence that we are superior to them and there is nothing to fear about. Technically we are much better as a team but this game will be the game of mentality and we have to overcome that mental hurdle and show our courage. And there is every possibility that Aston villa might end up top of the league after first half of the season. But they had quite many lucky wins so dont think can sustain. And mancity despite 1 win in 6 game is still only 5 points behind and if Arsenal and Liverpool draw then will be only 3 points behind. Looks like nature wants mancity to win the league even if they themselves not at all interested.

  4. Frankly a draw would be a good result, a win would be the best Christmas present. The last time we won at Anfield was 2012!! Probably the most fearsome away fixture.

  5. Liverpool attacking threat will fissle out, if Saka, Martinelli, Jesus and later, Trossard bring in their offensive to bear; Rice, Odegaard and Harvatz do what is expected of them in the mid-field and if White becomes more alert and face front instead of backward passes, which Sala, Nunez and Gakpo can intercept and overrun them.

  6. “Arsenal’s chance to turn the league on its head”
    You say the funniest things Daisy, as we’re already top, although it may appear the opposite in Oz.
    They say you must not lose to your closest rivals to win championships and having recently lost to Villa this is a game that we must get something out of. A draw would be fine, even though we’d probably be second for a few days, and it’ll certainly be a statement if we pull a win, which is more than possible.
    Keep ’em coming Daisy.😂

  7. Our front 3 can definitely get at their backline they just need to be clinical with any chance they get, we have the better midfield imho. I expect their front 3 to be Salah Gapko and Diaz I think Saliba and Gabriel can deal with Gapko it’s just the wide areas that are a concern White been Shakey lately and Zinchenko is liable to defensive lapses while Raya in goal isn’t entirely convincing.

    On paper overall we have the better, more balanced team however as always at Anfield it’s about handling the occasion and should the players be able to then I believe we will get the 3 points tomorrow.

  8. We can definitely beat them. It will be extremely difficult at Anfield though

    I think we will draw but hoping we win

    It’s not the end of the world if we lose. We can still win the PL. But it will boost us with a result at Anfield

  9. Liverpool at Anfield! Hmmnnn! its not gonna be easy. We just have to be very clinical and efficient in all departments. No room for error!

  10. It’s a huge chance to go and make a statement to win the game but with our record there I be very surprised to get a win def take a draw but fear the kop atmosphere and there players will rise to the occasion and beat us 3-1 hopefully proven wrong and we’re show we are real tittle contenders and pull off a incredible result!

  11. I don’t think it’s a season defining game as the timing of it, meaning there’s there 20 more games to play. If we get a point there tomorrow that would be a good result. I’d prefer a win and if we do, that would be an incredible result but I’m not seeing that clinical precision like attacking football that was flowing last season when we was on a winning streak. We’ve got results this season but the performances have been dogged and forced, not confidence inspiring. We are starting to look a bit slicker lately and I think that coincides with when Odegaard has a good time. Hopefully our captain is on top form at Anfield and dissects them with some perfectly timed through balls for our frontline to get in behind and create some chances. We need to find a way to keep the crowd quiet maybe by keeping possession and also don’t get drawn into arguing with their players and the ref thus unnecessary setting them off, like what Xhaka did last time. I’d like to see an end to end exciting game, that’s fair and not dirty. In my opinion, it will probably be a cagey affair, with either of us not wanting to give up an inch and not high scoring. Hopefully we break their run of home wins tomorrow but a draw wouldn’t be a disaster ❤️🤍

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