Arsenal can make Barcelona pay a huge price for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Barcelona is serious about making a move for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the next transfer window

The fact that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has just one season left on his deal after this campaign makes it advantageous for the Catalans if they manage to convince him to leave.

But Arsenal can also play hardball to a certain extent because there will be more than just Barcelona interested in signing Auba.

If Barcelona really wants Aubameyang then Arsenal should be demanding cash and a player in return, if not, then Inter can make an offer, otherwise, Aubamayeng can just stay and see his contract out, his goals are worth that much.

Arsenal should not just roll over in the face of Barcelona’s destabilising tactics.

If Arsenal decides to let him go, they can ask for any of these players in exchange, as well as some cash.

Philippe Coutinho
The former Liverpool man would come with a lot of creativity and even more importantly, Premier League experience.

He has struggled since he left England but he can become the perfect replacement for Mesut Ozil who should be leaving Arsenal soon.

Ousmane Dembele
Dembele has struggled with injuries this season but the Frenchman no doubt is one of the most talented players of his generation.

I believe that Mikel Arteta can bring the best out of the former Borussia Dortmund man.

Jean-Claire Todibo
Todibo is a centre back whom Barcelona beat lots of competition to sign in 2019. They have, however, loaned him out now as he struggled to break into their first team.

At the age of 20, he could be Arsenal’s other long term centre back alongside William Saliba.

Carles Alena
Carles Alena is already 22 and Barcelona has high hopes of the Spaniard becoming a top-class midfielder.

He has struggled to play for them so far and the Catalans could be about to let him go, he would be an amazing addition to our team.


  1. It amazes me how football’s governing bodies allow ANY club to do this.
    Either adhere to the rules or scrap them.

    Like the idea Martin, not sure if our people are up to the art of negotiating yet.

    If MA does want to let Ozil leave when his contract finishes, Courtinho would certainly tick all the boxes.

  2. Coutinho perfect.staight swap or tell them to go & do one as they have comp from inter & Psg to deal with.sick of those Catalan bandits treating us as a feeder club a different regime now to deal with .ideal replacement for bug eyes & might encourage him to ship out earlier.heres hoping.

  3. Letting him go for free is a terrible idea. Just to stick it to Barcelona? They like to overpay for players now too. If Auba wants to go to Barca, let him go, just get as much money out of that club as possible and re-invest.

  4. Ridiculous. Keep Auba at all cost. He’s a prolific goal scorer and will remain that way for 3+ years. Outrageous to consider otherwise. He doesn’t need pace to be prolific, if he does lose it. Does everyone forget so soon the pathetic strikers we had prior? For a decade.

  5. Auba should not be let to go at any cost. Of all the players mentioned above, Auba is priceless and has given it all for Arsenal. If it were not for Auba and Leno we would have been fighting relegation. Arsenal FC should do everything in their power to keep Auba and convince him of our ambition by investing in other good players.

  6. I do like auba as a striker but if he wants to go there is little we can do, remember we bought him from Dortmund after him refusing to train! Do you believe he will behave any differently if his mind is on Barca?

  7. Kenya001 absolutely correct.

    We have had this problem so many times over the last two decades, always trying to keep players who want to leave. Reportedly, there is a contract on the table that the club has had for months and have negotiated on.

    If he doesn’t like it let’s get the best deal for the club – if fa ns are saying ESR is ready for the first team, we have better proven youngsters who can play up front.

  8. If we do not qualify for CL, he should go and win trophies while he can

    He truly does not deserve less but way more, shouldn’t be here for 2 years really, waist of time he can’t afford anymore…

    Let’s be honest, do we deserve such a player?

    We will of course follow his goals & celebrations every week end.
    I see him more at Real but he will score anywhere.

    Not sure bout couthino or any swap, if we sell player as Auba, has to be for maximum cash, 80M be fare, 70M a minimum.

    We a team in a new phase, trying to build up, young players ready to step, if we sell Auba, we must buy some exciting players where most needed.

    In our case, a top CB is priority, we have many players in middle and upfront. Upon game”s tac tic we have options. Niles is a great midfield we waisting talent.

    He doesn’t to play RB, to be criticized and awfully rated in the end.

    Tierny & Kolas fully fit, Saka will be benched as Niles, if he refuses to play LB as well…

    Once Niles is signed elsewhere, we will regret. Won’t be surprised to see top clubs as Bayern, Barca coming for him.

    He is a great DM, but we play Xhaka, Torreira ahead which is crazy. He would have build into a top player there, Arsene saw it years ago as all these youngsters he all started. We slowing young players devellopmt when they must play games at top level in order to grow.

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