Arsenal can NOT win this title under Wenger

This is what Arsene gives you‏ by KM

Well it’s hard to hide my disappointment. But it’s not something that really surprises me. I could smell trouble. We started poorly and on the nth time Mertesacker was exposed, he did the stupidest thing ever.

He tripped Costa. Take a moment here for a player that won the World Cup to make a tackle that guarantees a red card, when he is not even looking at the ball. He was looking at the ref hoping to get away with an offside.

Later on our three defenders let Costa go between them and score. These 3 tough games and 2 points highlight why we will never win another title with Wenger.

This Chelsea side had to be beaten but we didn’t cope with the pressure, because we are not prepared to win the title. We are mentally weak, despite the words Wenger continually says.

Even worse, his substitution of Giroud was terrible. We lost our chance to convert a set piece. I do not see a chance of us winning it. We are going away to all the other top teams and we will hardly get results.

We are not playing well and Southampton next will be smelling blood. The moment we win against a bad team people will be back on the ‘Arsene’s the best’ train.

We will not change, because change starts with him. Then the old faces in the staff. But this will not happen. I’ve said what I had to say numerous times.

The truth is that our level has not gone up, but others have dropped to it. Even so, we’re unable to do it at our own game. Slaughter me all you want, but I’m talking from endless hurt here, and I’m speaking the truth that a lot of fans want to ignore.

That’s it from me. I’m sick of Arsene, but it’s what we’re getting and as I’m hearing he will sign an extension til 2019. Fun times.


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    1. We need a Soccer Manager not a football coach . If dat makes enuf sense to the deluded wenger supporters..

    2. We lost the match cos of two people (WENGER & FLAMINI)
      We couldn’t equalise cos of two people (WALCOTT & RAMSEY)

      1. Let’s be real here if we don’t win the league this year we haven’t got a chance for the next few years it’s now or never. Our rivals will add and improve we will stay the same. With wengers stupid belief in some of our current squad he will not spend money and our injured players returning will be like new sighnings it’s a never ending cycle of wengers stubborn deluded reign

        1. It’s actually sad when youve got fans from there clubs coming up and telling you how much they respect arsenal and the way we are doing but our own fans are behaving like spoiled lil brats. We could be where man U, Chelsea and Liverpool are but no we are there and about. Quit whining and appreciate the team we have, we might not win it this year but we are an improving team and don’t even dare say ‘if we dnt win it this year we won’t ever win it’ …. It’s like a broken record cz we hear that every freaking year , ya’ll starting to sound like Owen

  1. OH JUST SHUT UP. Tired of this stupid cycle. *5 win streak* ->”Wenger is the man for the job”, *Couple of losses* -> “We can’t win the title with Wenger”. Make up your damn mind. Of course doubts will develop but it’s just ridiculous now.

    1. We are level with man city..we are still in the soon to judge. We played with ten men and lost yesterday, just bad luck. We need to move on and keep ourselves in the race

    2. That is not an argument of any standing I’m afraid. AW controls one of the largest football teams in the World, yet he hasn’t outperformed or even performed at the same level as the other teams he should be compared with. He is living on the past glory of the invincibles, but many of those especially the defence were pre his appointment. And the fact that he has qualified for ECL for x number of years. When he was appointed to the club, he was revolutionary in terms of fitness, diet, training etc. He is not a great tactician in terms of modern thinking and that is why certain managers seem to always get the better of him. He needs to move upstairs and allow a younger manager to take over to take the team to the next level.

      1. To be honest, I think everyone is just was a dissapointing loss in a crucial game. But to sack Wenger because of that is just stupid, luckily the Arsenal board is not as ignorant as most of us are on this site and would not make such rash decisions.

        Ignorant fans would tell you that “wenger is a poor tactician”, but the board and some smart fans on the other hand, know that arsenal creates more goal-scoring chances than anyone else in the league. Courtesy of the manager’s brilliance.

        Smart people also know that the fact that we lost against chelsea in both cases had nothing to do with Wenger’s football wisdom. it was solely due to rare defensive errors and poor finishing. Even after the red card chelsea could not outplay us, in fact, the goal they scored was because Koscielny was ball-watching, instead of tracking costa’s run.
        So go ahead, ignorant people…sack Wenger

        1. I would hate for him to be sacked, he has done far too much for the club he says he loves. He should, however, also be also fully aware by now that he lacks a certain quality to take the club, he says he loves, to the very next level. That quality is not his management of the club economically etc, but it is as a top class modern coach. He always struggles to identify tactics other top coaches adopt against him, and then aply counter measures to win back an advantage. He continues as always to do the same thing regardless, unless he is forced into change by injury or disqualification.

          1. He should not, however, be entitled to a further extension to his contract. Especially without question.

          2. What tactics are you people talking about? didn’t Wenger completely outplay the likes of Guadiola, Van Gaal, Pellegrini, and Reneiri this season? As far as I remember we only got outplayed by southampton and bayern (in the second leg). So are you people telling me that because of these 2 occassions, Wenger has to be sacked?

            1. You are mostly naming a bunch of old coaches from the same era as AW. tbh the EPL has been poor from a consistency point of view. Our teams in Europe have all looked week. Arsenal did a good job v Beyern at home and were then shown how to play in Germany somPep really got his own back. The Greek game was our best total performance and that was because injury forced AW to play a quality young player on the right wing along with world class players Alexis, Ozil and yes Giroud. It was balanced, but AW cannot help but put his favourite players in even though they do not merit inclusion.

  2. Konstantin I’m 10000000000% behind your article dude.There is now ay in the world we are gonna WIN it with him on board. I defended him lot but not any more and it is not because of the chelsea defeat because we got 2 points in previous 2 games with teams who are not in their best so is chelsea..the reluctance to buy WC DM and ST for many years is killing us.instead of keeping BRITISH CORE who have not improved all these years..the easiest year to win the EPL and thrown away for lack of ambition and reliant on crocks..and under achiever players..IF WE FIND THAT SPECIAL PLAYER THEN WE WILL SEE..what will you see? IF YOU SPEND 60-80 MILLIONS IN world class players then you will make three times more of it in marketing and fan base..and make our squad even stronger for years to come..SANCHEZ BACK AFTER 2 MONTHS SPRINTED TO REGAIN LOST BALLS SEVERAL TIMES whereas Theo as captain not even bother.we need a change..It hurts 12 years of being around more when it was there for the taken.

    1. I’ve been saying it for a while, Theo is a bench player, hopefully Fatboy Gooney sees why I’ve been on his back more than any other player. Shows no passion or desire unless he wants a new contract, he should remain a no3, Giroud as much as I like him won’t be in his prime for long and and should soon be a no2, Welbeck is just holding valuable space and we should find a striker who will guarantee goals like RVP used to. It’s embarrassing to think that since RVP left we haven’t brought in a CF of his calibre.

  3. We can win the title under Wenger. He just has to be more smarter with his selection choices.

    Per and Flamini should not have started (something a few of us said well before the match).

    with the Fa cup tie against Burnley coming up we need to give Sanchez and Ozil a run around together (do not play them for the whole match) and Eleney should start

    1. When do u plan is the right time for Arsene Wenger to get smarter and win the league ? Another 10 years from now ???

      1. Do you want to compare this years to the last 5 in terms of our position?..We have players back now anyway that will force the deadwood out (even off the bench). The team need to regroup and re focus…

        1. No but we can easily compare it to 2013 where we were doing considerable better. Top of the league for more than half a season then a sudden collapse the minute we had a CL game against Bayern. This time we’re facing Barca who are licking their lips to give us another spanking. Just watch the deluded manager and squad think they’re one of Europe’s best from beating them 1-0 with 20% possession at home then get their behinds spanked when they play at the Camp Nou. That will eventually be a huge psychological blow and we will struggle to challenge for the PL and City or Leicester will take advantage and win. It’s been this way for 10 years now, DIFFERENT TOILET, SAME **** !!

      2. Alright my fellow gunner take the negativity down a notch or two and lets look at things objectively. I don’t think we will have to wait another ten years. We are level with city at 2nd place with 44 points and only behind Leicester by 3 points. Mertesacker is out of the picture for atleast 3 games and we have over 15 games remaining to catch up and win the league and with most of our long term injuries recovering id say we aren’t in such a bad position. We must understand this is a competition that lasts over a period of MONTHS..there were always going to be good and bad times its only Christmas everyday at Leicester FC and that is an exception.

        1. City and CHelsea will completely revamp their squad this summer with no problem, meanwhile we will be penny pinching and relying on inexperienced players to come good. That’s why Arsenal will struggle to win any trophies for the next 5 years at least, because Wenger is too patient and patience doesn’t get you to the top in modern football. Fergie was no1 for so long because he replaced his players as soon as he saw them weakening, even when pundits disagreed he still had the last laugh. For example, he knew Rooney was past it and brought in RVP straight away and also had Welbeck as RVP’s future replacement. Wenger would’ve kept Rooney and refuse to bring in another striker #theDifference

  4. So when fLamini plays at Home, Arsenal never Loses?

    Even Undertaker had his wrestlemania record broken 21:1

  5. So ONCE MORE it’s that time of the year to lower our expectations and pray we see another st. totteringham’s day. Man, this season might become our worst since Wenger took over.
    And this season’s results fall more on the players’ back than on Wenger to be honest.
    He should really rethink who earned the Arsenal shirt and provide appropriate bench times and sacks for some.
    Out of all underperformers I’d really only tolerate Wilshere for maximum two seasons and only because he is still young. All the rest, if you don’t prove you belong in the squad, find another club.

  6. City Leicester and Arsenal
    fans are the same.
    One day “We will win”
    the next day “Not sure now”.
    That’s why I say we must have no fear.
    Believe in only one outcome
    Arsenal wins the league.
    Don’t even consider not winning.
    Our squad is sound and very experienced.
    Our manager the longest serving in the league.
    We are close to being back to full strength.
    Arsenal will win the EPL this season of that I am certain.

  7. Thankfully I’m not a coach, but I do know obvious. Most games I watch and wonder…The curious team selections and and even more disturbing sub choices or lack of subbing altogether… I think there’s enough talent at Arsenal to win the title, but until AW plays the right combination of players and makes smart productive subs, we will struggle. I’m still praying he gets it right!

  8. Looks to me like winner will be one of Arsenal, Tottenham, Man City or Leicester. I keep expecting Leicester to fade but they have not and now are only in the one competition, so I now expect them to be contenders right to the end. Aguero is back and on form for City. Tottenham seem to be showing good consistency.

    The really critical games for us are the ones against these competitors, the so called six pointers. We are away to Tottenham and Man City, home to Leicester.

    Of course we can win it, despondency is due to recent results, draws away to Stoke and Liverpool are not bad results. Losing at home to Chelsea is a bad result.

    Our main problem is injuries to key players. The loss of Le Coq, Cozorla and Sanchez has been a real difficulty and probably lost us a lot of points. Sanchez is back and he looked good yesterday, when he came on the whole atmosphere in the ground and performance of the team changed.

    1. That’s what one wc sighning can do for a team imagine what 3 would do if we had a hungry manager. Why does he still believe in some of these players are good enough when everyone else can see better options out there in the summer other teams will get stronger were as usual we stay the same but of course our injured player coming back will be like new sighnings. This cycle will not change = trophies cabinet will not change

    2. Agreed. If I were a Leicester fan I wouldn’t consider the league to be done and dusted right be worried about Arsenal being so dangerously close..only a game behind which they can recover when they face and beat us or when they win and our unbelievable luck runs out and we lose to some random team. We still have 15 games to see through..and I believe 80-82 points will clinch us the title..which means we will have to win atleast 12 of the remaining matches.

  9. as long as we are in with a shout in april or may then we always can live in hope for the title. as for wenger going that wont happen as he never breaks a contract he is a bit old fashioned like that unfortunately, but lets hope he turns down that new extension, and bows out on a high with a title or two under his belt in 2017. c/l is beyond him winning 2006 was his best and only chance to claim immortality amongst arsenal supporters. a for next manager if pep don’t want to wait for us then it should be either de boer with bergkamp and henry, or tuchel with those two as these are the next up and coming managers, who fit the arsenal profile of good football and giving youth a chance. but both have a better idea tactically than wenger.

  10. For those who blame our problems on lack of spending, see where Man U is? Patience is all we need. I always say no team plays football to lose. If ur club win, bravo. If they don’t, u have to move on. We make too much of our failures. I bet you many premiership fans will pay to find their club in our position. Wenger beat the Manchester clubs and Bayern this season, yet you guys will never show him the respect he deserves. It baffles me when our own fans make reference to those years we didn’t win trophies. We fail to consider the resources available to us then. Only since two years ago we started becoming a club who don’t loose their best plays yearly and see where we are? 2 FA cups and 3rd position. Mind you the EPL title is very much open to about 5 clubs right now. We are very much in it.

    1. Man U’s problem is the manager, not the squad. City spend and look how they never struggle to make it into top 2.

  11. On reflection to the game yesterday I think the incorrect team selection was evident. If Arsenal are to win the title wenger has to buck up and admit he was wrong and sort out the defence which will mean playing Gabrielle, why buy him if you are not going to play him. Taking off Gerioud and Campbell was two poor decisions as Walcott offered nothing and Ramsey couldn’t pass the length of himself. To win the league we cannot afford any more fcuk ups.

  12. To be fair, the injuries don’t help at all. Losing Coq and Cazorla was huge and the stats prove it.
    Look, Wenger is a legendary manager and to even dispute that is a moot point coz that’s a given. We absolutely can win the title this year but only if Wenger sees what the rest of us see. I’m all for loyalty and trust, but that game yesterday was lost in the midfield. The tactics were all wide of the mark.
    He’s always stated that he’d only buy players who would improve the team. I have a hard time believing this version of Flamini is better than Elneny . Flamini, apart from some interceptions here and there brings nothing to the team. His positional responsibilities are appalling at times, his long passing is almost nonexistent and he’s definitely not going to impose himself against any midfield. With Coq back in the fray for selection, there’s at least some sense of security


    We lost the match cos of two people (WENGER & FLAMINI)
    We couldn’t equalise cos of two people (WALCOTT & RAMSEY)

    Pls post this Admin .. (well stop swearing then! – Admin)

    1. spot o.. been saying this for 3 years now… … on wenger should have added bringing in a decent centre half with real potential and benching him for a player that would not get a run out in most bottom half epl teams…

  14. I have to say that I do agree that it is unlikely we will win the PL with Wenger. He is too old to change his dinosaur ways.

    Having said that he does bring stability to the club and will keep us in the top 4 (although that is not a certainty this year.)

    I would only change him for Pep or Simeone.

    It is hard to understand for me why he still plays Mert against better teams AND plays a high line. If he thinks Mert is so important to the team then force the defense to play sitting back. This way his lack of speed can not be exposed so easily. I like Mert as a human being but I think he doesn’t bring enough to play against top teams. Messi and Suarez will look forward to playing against him.

    I understand taking Giroud out since he is not much faster than Mert and we had to start considering playing on the counter. It made sense moving Theo to the middle. Theo just doesn’t have a lot of game rhythm and is inconsistent, but that doesn’t make Wengers decision to take Giroud of a bad decision IMO.

    What made less sense to me was to not start giving time to Elneny. Can this guy be so much worse than Flamini? I was hoping to see him start. The sooner he gets used to the PL the better. If he was not ready to contribute this season, why did we buy him?

    Once we went down to 10 men we were always going to struggle. We could have taken Flamini of for Elneney to give a more box-to-box presence whilst not losing too much defensive muscle.

    Unless Sanchez reaches last season’s form and stays fit, I don’t see much in our performances and character to make me believe we will rise above the likes of City, Leicester and Spurs. We will have a few good results followed by some frustrating losses blamed on external circumstances. Sure Costa is a piece of shit but an experienced defender should not have given the ref and Costa a chance to give him a red card. It would have been better to let him go and score if he could beat Cech than to be kicked out of the game. It was not like it was the 87th minute.

  15. I’ll keep this short. As anyone got stats on Aresnal going down to then men and conceding or not conceding? I’ve only kept a mental record and what I’m accusing Arsenal of doing is conceding a goal less than 10mins after going down every time. I’ll start with the 2006 CL final

  16. The defeat against Chelsea was a bitter pill to swallow,
    That’s now 9 games without a win against them in the premier league.

    I also believe that wenger messed up with the starting 11 again! … Why he hasn’t got the balls to be more creative and adventurous, beats the xxxxout of me ?

    We all saw that Sanchez was fit enough to start ( Once he came on) so why didn’t wenger start with him?
    We all know that Gabriel is a better option than Mertesacker,
    Especially in these kind of games!
    And we all know that the Flamini, Ramsey pairing is a liability,
    Yet, The deluded one still stuck with it, even when there was over options available to try instead.( Elneny )

    The positive’s:
    Sanchez is back,
    Gabriel will now get a chance to cement his place in the team, thats if the deluded one doesn’t get anyother smart ideas,
    on how to xxxx things up! (Chambers)
    We now, get a weeks break from Premier league action.

    Fa cup next and Burnley must not be taken lightly!

  17. Here we go again… Dude, chill!!! Was it Wenger’s fault that Mert decided to trip Costa? Was it Wenger’s fault that Costa scored? How about players taking responsibility for their own actions for once? Granted, Giroud’s substitution left me scratching my head, but the word is that he was not fully fit and didn’t train a day before. If that’s true, Wenger did the most logical thing he could do, although personally, I’d still take Campbell out, or even Bellerin and put Chambers in to go with 3 in the back. As for our title ambitions/chances, I think we’re still in pretty good shape. City dropped points against West Ham, and Lester, as good as they are, will not last. I’m slightly worried about Spurs, but I think when we have everyone back healthy and fit (Coq, Santi, Welbeck), we’re gonna be fine.

  18. It is ungracious fans like KM and cry babies here that make Arsenal a laughing stock around the globe. People who seem to be eager to see Arsenal under perform so that they can pour out vitriol related more to their miserable life than Arsenal’s performance on the pitch.

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