Why Arsenal can play with freedom and flair against Everton

In recent years Arsenal have struggled a bit when we have had to play in the early slot on a Saturday after a midweek Champions League of domestic cup game, especially if that game has been on a Wednesday and especially if the midweek match was away from home in another country.

So thanks a lot Premier League guys and TV scheduling folk for making us kick off at 12.45 on Saturday after Arsenal have struggled at the hardest possible away day in Europe at Barcelona. There is no point in crying about it though, so Arsene Wenger and the players just need to give it their best shot and actually I think that the circumstances could well be just what we need.

For one thing, I reckon that the possibility of tired legs should make Wenger try to ensure that we play on the front foot, as it is harder to chase the ball than to knock it around. Easier said than done, of course, and in order to dominate possession you need to be confident and in good form, and to do that it helps if you can play with freedom.

And I think we can, because the two clubs above us in the league are far enough in front for us to think we have nothing to lose. At the same time, though, we could be caught up with concern about the teams below us catching up, so the rest of the weekend fixtures are a big help. Man City host Man United so either one or both of them will drop points and West Ham face Chelsea who are starting to look like their old selves.

All this means that the Gunners should be able to play with the freedom to express ourselves and that normally means a good performance and a win. Could this be the start of a run?

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  1. Yeah but we cannot underestimate Everton and leave ourselves exposed at the back! We must have discipline and be focus for this crucial fixture it would be foolish not to be!

  2. We all know what’s needed against the toffee’s!
    Yup!… Some teeth… But if the toothless Arsenal turn up,
    It will be us, who gets chewed up and shat out!

    Let’s be honest here,
    an early away day kick off,
    For a tired, misfiring Arsenal .. Spells trouble! ?

  3. Our defense cannot afford to be complacent tomorrow with the dangerous lukaku on the ball! Give him half a chance and he can punish you!

    1. Well said Greg ?
      But, I’m more worried about our striker’s,
      For not taking their full chances!

      I can only guess that Lukaku would be scoring a Hat – trick in every game, with Ozil behind him.

  4. You want us to play with more flair and freedom right? Then start the games with our fighters first then bring Ozil on in the second half to finish the job. Do you realize there will be more freedom and creativity from more than 2 players if Ozil didn’t start? And when the other team is tiring Ozil can come in in the second half and pick them apart? Wenger be wise, the games are not easy anymore. Ozil is our best player that’s why all the burden even from the other players is on him to produce and while he does his best the end result is usually the same because he is human afterall. A change in tactics is what is needed at this point in time or just forget it.

    Bell – Mert\Gab – Kos – Mon

    Coquelin – El Neny


    Campbell – Giroud – Welbeck

      1. Ospina
        Bellerin Mert Kos Mon
        Kroos Coquelin
        Sanchez – Aubameyang – Reus

        @Soapy Happy now? 😀

  5. @ Well said fat boy gooney! We both agree on that!
    What a dream that would be with lukaku up front and ozil pulling the strings behind just feeding the goal machine!

  6. So basically, Coquelin, Walcott, Sanchez, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arteta, Rosicky and of course Wilshere have practically been absent this season. Coquelin, Walcott and Sanchez are currently fit of course, but they never recovered their top forms after their injury returns.

  7. Well one thing I am a little more relieved about, we actually passed the ball out from back and through the midfield even though we were being closed down by Barcelona ..who are like flies on shite. I think that little trick was missing for many games, too much loose play, along with players totally switching off even when simple is best. So hopefully it won’t be a case of because it was Barca our players switched on some. Everton is a tough place to go, they will close us down quick, so we need to be taking this one very seriously. Its going to be tough though, and if our strikers are still being wasteful, Everton could punish.

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