Arsenal can prove Thierry Henry wrong tonight with a win at Old Trafford

Thierry Henry’s criticism again should give Arteta a point to prove By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello fellow Gooners In just a few hours time, Arsenal would be playing Manchester United. While we wait for another exciting game tonight, let’s reflect on what Thierry Henry had to say again, concerning Arsenal’s season so far.

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, has once again shown how unimpressed he is by Arsenal, despite their new found form. Apart from the few games against the top three clubs, and Brentford in the early stages of this season, that Arsenal lost, they have done well generally. However, Henry, who had questioned Arsenal’s mental strength in the past, has once again shared his blunt opinion about Arsenal.

Henry, sharing his thoughts on the manner Arsenal loses to the big teams, told Prime Video : “It showed we can beat Newcastle at home. We can beat Burnley, we can beat Aston Villa before Steven Gerrard arrived. We can beat Leicester with 27% possession.

“I think personally winning against those teams – and I’m not having a go – but I expect it from Arsenal when they play one game a week.

“Now the improvement is; can you beat the teams at the top? That’s the improvement I want to see and am waiting to see tomorrow at Old Trafford.

Now, this is a challenge to Arsenal once again. In recent games against the big teams, Arsenal have lost by heavy goal margins and this trend can’t continue. A lot has been said by football lovers and Arsenal fans on why Arsenal needs to start dominating and beating the big teams. Yes, Arsenal is doing fine at the moment, but if they keep on losing scandalously to the big teams in the league, then how prepared are they going to be, when they start mixing it up with the big teams in Europe, when they hopefully qualify for next season’s UEFA Champions league?

I hope that Arteta will use this game to prove Thierry wrong and that he can actually beat the ‘big teams’.

We are Arsenal and proud.


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  1. Sorry but don’t see it as Henry “having a go” at anything. Rather stating a fact as we currently have been outplayed badly by the top 3 clubs.

    Perhaps he is saying the game is a measuring stick to see for progress, and many did for the Liverpool match.

  2. Criticism? Henry is rather truthful to himself, it is a statement of fact said out of concern for a team he loves with a passion.
    Honestly, the trend of being taken to the cleaner whenever we face the top teams has to stop 🛑.

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