Arsenal can regret but REALLY the Refs cost top spot

I know that I am a one for banging on about the referees and the way their bad decisions often seem to go against Arsenal. With all our injury problems and the way we always seem to get a tough draw in cup competitions, it just seems to add to the the struggle that Arsene Wenger and the Gunners have to go through.

Of course I am biased towards Arsenal, it comes with the territory, but I do try to see things from all points of view and I know that i have a tendency to ignore the things that go in our favour, like the terrible offsuide decision against Berahino when we played against West Brom the other day.

Bit here goes my latest theory and as I see it, more proof that if Wenger fell into a swimming pool full of nipples he would come up sucking his thumb:

Not only is it incredible that for two seasons in a row the Gunners have finished second in the Champions League group to Dortmund, but we also have the same points just like last year, and the top spot was decided on the final day with nothing we could do about it.

Last season it was a bizarre last minute flap from the Marseille keeper that handed the German’s top spot. This year Anderlecht had a nailed on penalty claim turned down when it was 0-0. Have a look at the highlights if you don’t believe me.

On its own this would not be too bad. These things happen after all, but when you consider that the draw at home to Anderlecht was a huge factor in Arsenal not winning the group and then you look back and see how blatantly offside their first goal was in that game, you have to wonder whether there is someone up there who does not like us.

Or do you think that one year Arsenal will suddenly become the luckiest team in the world and get every decision in our favour?

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      1. Eh, guys, dunno about u but I think Wesley Sneijder will make a good addition to the squad. That’s if Rosicky leaves in January.

          1. Yeh, Sneijder is already 30.. and besides his thunderous shot he doesn’t offer that much. He’s a shadow what he used to be 4-5 years ago at Inter.

        1. @Brianu …. Guess he’s been sitting 4 way too long…. Can have an effect on the hips or perhaps he’s been playing street soccer to pass the time

    1. why bother fear or blame the ref if you wanna win the champions league your gonna have to face the best if not first round the second round this is not league cup or fa cup this is the champions league

  1. Newcastle on Saturday is no joke and wenger knew this which is why he rested his stars. Finally the boss is thinking reasonably and not proudly. It should be a cracking game and I hope we can win or else it will be wengerout again 🙁

    1. if onLy beating Newcastle means Lifting the EPL trophy…… But nah…. Beating em would perhaps put a lil smile on the face of a record-shattered maureen ….who really was hurt last week ….L()L

      1. @Soopa, Newcastle seem very dangerous at the moment. What do u think will be the score line at the end of the day?

  2. When you think about it… refs must have grown up supporting a certain club and growing to hate certain clubs. Im talking about the premier league refs. The profession they chose and i presume like most kids would have played in a youth team, suggest they would have feelings towards certain clubs.

    I believe it would be better if a European league of refs where made and with a points system. No refs can officiate in there home country or in a match where an outcome effects a team from there native land.

    1. REFS ain’t perfect…..they are bound to make terrible/fantastic decisions sometimes……but likewise they are aware the world is watching…….thus weighing a team’s loss/win and perfomances constantly by d behaviour of the ref is unprofessional and inexcusable……. The outcome of their decisions may/may not go in your favour……. Doesn’t mean a team should not put up a fight on its own and succeed indecisively……Beep

  3. Referees are the reason
    Accrington have missed out
    on winning the final of the
    Champions league trophy
    these past 63 years 🙂

  4. Yeah the ref sold TV5 and didn’t replace him. Yeah the ref persisted in playing Wilshere in Ozil/Cazorla’s position. Yeah the ref refused to acknowledge that DM and LW are real positions and not places for his least favourite attacking midfielder to play.

  5. The missed offside in Anderlecht’s goal was absolutely brutal my gut feeling is that Dortmund would have won last night if they needed to. Second place in the group is what we deserve and might not be too disastrous if some results go our way tonight. As an aside, does anyone else shake their head in disbelief when you read things like “win or lose, Wenger must go”? Nose, face, knife.

  6. @Kickassfan……alot of AKBs are eavesdropping to hear my predictions……. Come closer bro *whispers scoreline into ear*

  7. You must be a real hero in Dortmound, never mind the cookies they will “shower” you with German sausages,

  8. Where did the article blame the ref for a loss? He’s discussing the Champions League placing, and was actually quite balanced by citing one that went in our favour.

    But don’t fret – I’m sure you will find something to piss and moan about in the coming weeks.

  9. This record never stops being played! We’re starting to sound like Liverpool fans. They have this incredible tendency to blame everyone but their own team! I’m sure Gerrard’s slip at the end of last season was Adidas’ fault for making a faulty boot or something!

    Every team every season could easily pinpoint a number of refereeing decisions that have gone against them and blamed that for all sorts of short comings. The simple truth is we screwed up at home to Anderlecht! We should not have conceded a 3 goal lead, simple! No ref is to blame for that. And don’t bleat on about how their first goal was offside either, because the other two were perfectly good goals and should not have been conceded in the first place.

    Injuries are down to Wenger’s reluctance to reinforce and add to the squad. As a result of this we have to over play the same key players until they get injured. They recover, get rushed back and then injuries reoccur.

    But going back to the whole referee issue i’m afraid it’s some fans reluctance to see the real picture and make a scapegoat of the wrong people/issue.

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