Arsenal can say goodbye to Theo Walcott as BBC reveal Everton deal close

The Everton manager Sam Allardyce has been totally honest in revealing his desire to take the Arsenal winger Theo Walcott to Goodison Park (which makes a refreshing change in itself) and after two weeks of negotiations the BBC have now reported that the talks are now close to completion and Theo has played his last game for Arsenal. The Mirror is also reporting that Walcott is having his medical today.

The ex-England international has a great record for the Gunners, scoring 108 goals in 397 appearances, including 20 last season, but he fallen out of favour with boss Arsene Wenger and is hoping that regular football up in the North-West may give him a springboard to impress Gareth Southgate and regain his place in the Three Lions team that will be going to Russia in the summer.

Just yesterday Big Sam didn’t sound very confident of landing his man, but he did promise that Theo could play anywhere in the forward line at Everton if he came. “I see him playing anywhere across the front three.” Allardyce said. “but I’m presuming if he’s not comfortable with that, then he will tell us and it won’t happen. That’s if we can get that far.

“I hope we can do it in the next week or two because I think we are still waiting for catch-up on Yannick Bolasie and James McCarthy.”

I don’t think it wwould be a good idea for Walcott to try again to be a centre-forward, as that experiment failed miserably at Arsenal, and of course England already have a nailed-on Number 9 in Harry Kane. Get back on the wing, Theo, and show England what you can do!

Good luck and thanks for the years of loyal service to Arsenal.



  1. McLovin says:

    Good luck if true. Our longest serving player, he scored 102 goals and assisted another 78 in almost 400 appearances, which is more than I can hope for a winger. We are getting a good transfer fee outta him.

    Never fulfilled “the promise” which was bestowed upon him By the media, which IMO, is not his fault.

    I reckon he will score at least 10-15 goals a season for Everton.

    1. muffdiver says:

      thats a nice msg of goodbye .
      sweet considerate …a nice gesture
      now a few words from muff

      you came here raw and needed the right coach to nurture that…didnt work out and since then you been milking us to the point our nipples have fallen off. made a load of coin where it wasnt warranted -12 years – 12 damn years!! ivan had hair !!

  2. muffdiver says:

    Sky Sources: Deal involving Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkitharyan would be a straight swap with no fee


    take the money -TAKE THE MONEY !!!

    1. Ray says:


      Dayum, I shiver when Jose Mourinho himself says “Arsenal are the only time I would let Henrikh Mkitharyan join”. I mean, like seriously? That to me says we are getting the Man U “hand me downs” again because even Jose Mourinho will never give Arsene anything other than abuse or s**t!!

      1. McLov says:

        Mourinho is bum fudging Wenger, AGAIN.

        1. Sue says:

          Why the hell are we doing Maureen & United any favours???!!! Jesus Christ!!!

  3. Tatgooner says:

    decent player last season but its high time we started disposing off deadwoods and rebuild a concrete team especially after the resurgence of liverpool and tottenham.
    Many more still have to go but early signs encouraging.Players now have to start playing with passion

  4. bran911 says:

    Good luck to him, just like Rooney his days were long gone

  5. jon fox says:

    Some of these Good luck Theo and thanks for trying comments, make me puke and spit with rage. This fraudulent weed and frail weakling , who hardly ever gave his all, in twelve long and tedious years and who, mercifully, seems at long last on his massively overdue departure, is the prime example of all that is unambitious, cosy , overpaid and underworked for at least the last disastrous decade under Wenger. No one ever REALLY called to account for laziness, WHICH HE WAS, IN SPADES, in case some have forgotten (or chosen to forget). I detest this man because he represented all that was wrong with Wengers Arsenal, holding back progress and cannot wait til his final departure is announced on Sky. I AT LEAST will NOT be a hypocrite. The champagne is on ice as I WRITE. Please make it soon Sky News.

    1. jon fox says:

      Thumbs down = hypocrites! Afraid of plain and fan language, eh snowflakes?

      1. GB says:

        No Jon, whilst I have respect for your similar age to me and our history regarding Arsenal and having both supported them for 60+ years, your total character assassination of a very good footballer and person will not be missed when Theo has gone.
        I sometimes wonder whether there is another reason for your hatred of him or if you will find some other poor sap to vent your vitriolic spleen on. Who knows, it could be me you’re hating on next but I’m not afraid of keyboard bullies. By the way, the thumb downs were never from me, I don’t believe in the childish system.

        1. jon fox says:

          GB Why anyway respect someone simply because of their age, which makes no sense, since none of us have any control over that? I totally disagree with your view that Walcott is “a very good footballer”. To my mind, being a good footballer very much includes fighting for the shirt of the club that employs you and I suggest to you that on that score, alone, Walcott has failed miserably over a very long time now. Further, though you and others clearly disagree , to my mind if someone hurts or harms the one you love, as I say Walcott has consistently done to Arsenal by his epic laziness, hiding in games and timidity on the field, then one is entitled – I might almost say, duty bound – to attack that cause and do all one can to remove that threat. Like it or not GB, that is how I see it. I would also point out that fan forums are not vicars tea parties and plain speaking , though non filthy, language is to be welcomed if we are to REALLY debate. I well know how to behave when at a vicars tea party -or the metaphorical equivalent – and believe in horses for courses. Personally, I welcome – this being a debate site- real people with real fan opinions and have no intention of saying less than I mean, since to me that is hypocritical at worst or sitting on the fence at best, in true Alan Smith style(as opposed to fine proper and honest, as they see it, pundits like NEVILLE , CARRAGHER AND SOUNESS, who are above all honest and earn their corn -unlike Walcott- by doing the job they are paid to do.) In hours at most, hopefully , this argument will in any case be academic as Walcott seems certain to soon be Evertons problem and out of our lives. AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH SAY I, AND IF THAT OFFENDS YOU , THEN TOUGH, AS I will still sleep soundly tonight. I will never be a hypocrite. Can certain others say the same, I truly wonder!

          1. GB says:

            So many words to just say, I hate Walcott.
            Anyway, my view is, the culprit in all this is Wenger.
            If Walcott is so crap, how did he score a hatrick for England against Croatia? How did he score so many goals and make so many assists last season?
            He has been unlucky with injuries and unlucky that Wenger didn’t carry on proper coaching after TH left, sold his best partners up front, RVP, to Man U and TH to Barca. You will no doubt say the they carried him but no, it was a team effort. I take no offence but as you say I cannot be a hypocrit and read what you write without commenting.

        2. Nomad says:

          I honestly think that there is more to the hatred of Theo. I don’t understand why so many Arsenal Fans hate him. I also believe that Theo had the bad luck of having Wenger as a coach. With a proper coach, I believe Theo could have realized his potential.

          Now, let us wait and see how he performs at Everton. Personally, I believe alot of Arsenal Fans will eat a humble pie!

      2. Ddog says:

        “Snowflakes” the word stupid old men use to make them feel a little better about there dead generation. respect your younguns! 😉

        1. Ddog says:

          balls, I made a spelling mistake….well there goes that then…. :/

    2. Sue says:

      Thought you’d be happy about that Jon!

      1. jon fox says:

        Happy does not cut it, Sue. NOT REMOTELY. Ecstatic more like, but only WHEN he has finally gone. What are your thoughts about idle footballers who do not work hard BTW? I know there will be big protests at the Palace game this Saturday, which very much includes demos against lazy footballers like Xhaka, Iwobi and others who are deemed , unlike Walcott, still worthy of a place, rightly or wrongly by this oddball manager.

        1. Sue says:

          I hope there will be protests! Things have got to change!!!

    3. Winnie says:

      Such hate …you are probably about to come up with a cure for cancer yourself … all the best Theo! You did well and keep your head up .. give your best as always

    4. Rkw says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth …

    5. Lance says:

      Jon Fox. What more do you want? You always wanted Walcott gone and now you are getting your wish. Please let it go.

  6. TH14-TW14 says:

    For all who are making different transfer recommendations, you have to put this into consideration:

    “The new rules mean that teams can only increase their wage bill by £7m above what it was last season. Arsenal’s struggle to add to the signings of Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac last summer was partly because of their failure to offload fringe players on high salaries. Wenger’s side had a wage bill of £191m two seasons ago, according to the most recent club accounts available via Companies House.” (Source:

    1. jon fox says:

      A moments thought will tell you this is nonsense in practice, irrespective of rules, which in todays corrupt way that top level football is run, world wide, is an irrelevance.

  7. Ray says:

    I have to be honest, I think feel bad for Theo Walcott. I did too for Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. These guys could have been great “English” players under the Arsenal club banner?!

    Thing is, I don’t think any player should go to Arsenal if they do want to develop. Arsene Wenger is just not able to apply his magic any more. He’s lost his mojo! Look at Alex Oxlade Chamberlain at Liverpool now. He’s already looking stronger and sharper. Yes, time will tell. But I bet he makes a big impact at Liverpool.

    I see many players at Arsenal who I honestly believed would be massive hits. Great additions and players for the future. Theo was just one of them. One of many who never quite got a regular place. Arsene has always had his favourites though!

    1. jon fox says:

      I hate to use facts to combat “interesting” theories. But the facts say that neither Ox nor Walcott were remotely great players at Arsenal and under Wenger. Though to be fair to you, your last two paragraphs say much the same as I think. Perhaps you are just much nicer a person than I am. Personally, I never feel much sympathy for our failures when they have left. Esp those, who like both the ones you mention, are bone idle. In major part this is directly because we have a manager who tolerates lack of work and failure. Which is just one of many reasons why he is unfit for purpose.

  8. Maks says:

    He was great with rvp. When rvp left he woke up one day and decide he want to be a CF.
    Jesus, maybe he watched Barcelona too much. After that, with Wenger help, he fell into averegness.
    Not good enough to play in Arsenal we all want.
    Good luck, I hope he ll get into England team for WC.

    1. Jan says:

      Haah he will not..or i hope so!
      If he does than it will be Englands loss.

  9. oba arsenal of lagos says:

    I completely disagree with those saying ox and Walcott could have been more at arsenal coz they’ll never give I repeat never give what they gave at arsenal to any club they go.arsenal under wenger is the most patient and magnanimous club to allow for such substandard players to try to blossom. They did all their blossoming and trying to fulfil their potential at arsenal at the expense of the club.if we’ve had sold them and gone for better quality earlier perhaps we could have won the league at some point.I’m not disputing Wenger’s stupidity and stubbornness at holding on to them and also tactically bereft of ideas on approach to some games but I must clearly state that Walcott, Ramsey,chamberlain,giroud are not arsenals first team quality they are at best west ham, Southampton and Everton’s quality.maybe at their best on our reserve team.I’m quite happy Walcott is going just bring in a right winger that can dribble hold on to the ball and make dangerous crosses and when open score us goals

  10. Perry Ames says:

    Gutted to lose Theo but I will be glad to see the back of Sanchez and ozil. Why has Wenger been playing players who don’t want to be at the club and I know this won’t go down well but things will get a lot worse before they get better
    We need to write this season off and build for next

  11. Gelz says:

    The only things I want to wish Walcott is I hope you pass that medical and just sign that contract. I just hope we get an upgrade soon and are not complaining we still haven’t sign a replacement in 2 weeks times.

  12. COYG_CA says:

    If you really want a player, you go out and get him. Simple. If the player doesn’t want to come, move on to the next on the list. AFC has tried to make all us think that transfers are the most complicated thing in football. They even have a lot of fans now thinking this is a weaving road with more roadblocks than not, it’s AFC dithering, being cheap, and in Wenger’s case, thinking like a cheap old man!

    1. Sue says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll sign anyone at this rate! Stop dithering & pay the damn money!

      1. Ray says:

        I know Sue!

        They must have very long phone numbers?!

        Actually, I think Chelsea may be scuppering the Man U deal now? Sanchez suddenly being offered more WONGA is bound to make him back out of the Man U deal!

        1. Sue says:

          Money speaks volumes I think Ray!!

  13. Sue says:

    Sanchez ‘feels loved’ by Maureen ???

    1. neil says:

      And feels loved by Pep.. but Man Ure offered more money… then Conte will be super lover if Chelski pay more money than Man Ure !! Thats Sanchez true love… MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY! Wait to see in 2 years he will be in China !

      Seeing a pattern… top 3 clubs ‘BUY’ the league every year…. Liverpool spending stupid money as well just to get into top 4… please dont anyone tell me VVD is worth £75 mn !

      Its quite clear Kroenke only wants to make money from Arsenal…. same with all his sporting investments !!

      Wenger got hoodwinked by a snake oil salesman !!..

      10 years ago… “Arsene… help us design a great stadium and academy.. we wont be able to compete but the Stadium will be your legacy and once we have paid it off I will give you all the money you want to win again… lets also develop young players which you really enjoy”

      5 years ago…” Arsene its taking a bit longer to repay plus I need to get paid a huge consultancy fee for the role I am supposed to play.. keep going another year”
      4 years ago .. ” Ok the fans are saying really bad things.. you can buy someone on last day of seaspn if you get a good deal “…” Oi Gazidis lets tell fans every year that we have 200mn to spend a few weeks before the season so they renew their season tickets…will help pay for one big transfer per year ”
      Nov / Dec 2016… “Hey Arsene.. you know those two players Ozil and Sanchez .. theyve just asked to double their salaries.. we cant afford that.. “.. Wenger replies..” But theyre our best players and our title challengers all pay more than us.. we need to keep them and get more like them to win the Title again !”
      Kroenke ..” yeah about that.. I didnt mean what I said all those years ago… I know you could have gone to other clubs and earned more as well as won titles.. But they love you here and you managed the Invincibles blah blah blah…Just renew your contract and maybe next year we can give those 2 guys a pay rise and get some more..”
      Wenger…” but they will be in last year of contract ? ”
      Kroenke just walks away smiling !!

      Anyone want to finish the story ?

  14. Gavana says:

    Arsenal have wasted this lad, I wish he left a little earlier. I love him.

    1. Peterhos says:

      Urban myth has it that AW chose TW over Gareth Bale. I rest my case m’lud.

  15. Peterhos says:

    It is certainly true that many Arsenal players have not progressed as we all hoped, but is it not the job of a coach to bring out the best in a group of players. AW used to be good at maintaining teams at a good level even with limited resources/personnel, but now the opposite is true. We have reasonable, if not world class players who are playing well below par. Every dog has his day and nothing lasts forever. Sadly, Wenger has not gone out with the top level performances his early days deserved and, even worse, he has not been honest with the fans. Le roi est mort, vive un nouveau roi!

  16. BIG RADDY 7 says:


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