Arsenal CAN still beat Juventus to Higuain transfer if Wenger does this…

We do not know exactly how much the Italian champions have offered for the Arsenal transfer target but according to all the Arsenal transfer rumours it is not enough to persuade their Serie A rivals Napoli to sell. It is being reported, however, by The Sun among other football websites, that Juventus have already agreed the personal terms on a four year contract with Gonzalo Higuain.

So either Napoli will continue to hold out and keep their star striker, or Juventus will go back with an offer big enough to persuade Napoli to cash in while there are still two years left on the contract of the in form Argentina international. It seems clear that Higuain is ready to leave and will not sign an extension so I think that Juve will get their man, unless Arsene Wenger steps in with a better offer of course.

I would not expect the Frenchman to go in hard and offer the full £79 million that is the value of his release clause, but I would think that he could at least try a big money bid. Why not? It is not his money and even the major shareholder at Arsenal Stan Kroenke suggested last week that winning a major trophy is really what it’s all about.

Higuain has been so good for Napoli in recent years that he is now in front of Sergio Aguero, who only started one of five games at the Copa America, in the Argentina pecking order and the Man City striker is widely regarded as one of, if not the very, best forwards in the Premier League. Surely a striker that good is worth £50-60 million don’t you think Arsene?


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  1. That wonderful word that exonerates Arsenal every time…IF
    IF Wenger does this
    IF we find suitable players
    IF this happens
    IF that happens

    Meanwhile, other teams are using WHEN
    As surety

    1. It’s sad to see Arsenal fans sill remaining optimistic for something we know will never happen. Wenger has never spent above 45m, he will NEVER spend 80m on a 29 year old.

      1. this exactly. Even I think spending 80M on higuain is nonsense, so I can only imagine how out of his world it must be for Wenger.

        1. I think it doesn’t make sense in offering Giroud in the deal unless we are planning to get another striker after Higuain. And also i don’t believe he is worth more than £50 mil. So if a bid of that size gets rejected, then we should move on and focus on Lukaku or Lacazette. Not to forget we desperately need to get a new CB also, for me Koulibaly and Manolas are the best options.

  2. oh Noooo reporting Uncle Per will be named the new captain!
    I thought it was meant to be Koscielny.
    now we won’t be getting a CB.
    damn! why is Wenger like this?

    1. Mert Captain
      Kos VC, then
      Theo and Cech

      Wonder what Santi has to do to get recognition in this team.

      My submission would be Kos captain, Carzola VC, Cech, Theo, Mert up for sale.

      1. Kos is too quiet in games, a great CB but not the leader, Per is more of the leader with his communication.

        If Xhaka settles in well then he could be the answer but we can’t just give him the armband without playing a minute for us.

        You would also out Cech up for sale hmmmmm…..

  3. Its nothing really to be worried about
    Wenger usually makes ice captain the captain
    Last season Arteta was captain but hardly played

    But yes persnally I would have made Koscielny, Alexis or Ozil the captain

    1. Ozil a captain? Please elaborate what traits that warrant Ozil being the next Arsenal captain. Don’t get me wrong, Ozil is an excellent WC player but I don’t see him as a captain (well not yet anyway).

      My personal preference is for Koscielny to be the next captain not BFG, then Petr Cech, and then possibly Sanchez…

      1. 1 trait a capt would do well to have is to always look to improve, Ozil has worked on his body language for the fans… If he can work on the communication… Not my pick as a cptn but there could be worse… Theo?

        1. Yes, there is worse but there is also better… That this present time Ozil is not captain material as even yourself as stated, but there is more to being a captain than just communication although that is a critical trait.

    2. I would have gone with Alexis, he is eager to win stuff and not shy to speak out, how could a player argue back at effort to a player like Alexis 😛

  4. I read a rumour that Costa has handed in a transfer request
    I think if thats true Chelsea may go for Higuain

  5. The professor of all people with degree in Economics degree should know and accept the fact that he cannot control the market forces. When there is an imbalance of supply and demand than you will have to pay either inflated or deflated price depending on the situation. Instead of just calculating the real cost of a player, why doesnt he also take into account the opportunity cost too. If Higuain’s goals wins us the League and perhaps gets us into the qtr or semi final of the CL than the club stands to make £25m+ extra from gate receipts, prize money, merchandise sell and increase the commercial value of Brand Arsenal. But no at Arsenal its always 2+2=4 and never 5 under Mr Stubborn.

  6. – Higuain is going to Juventus who have ambitions of dominating Europe.
    – Icardi will go to Athletico, Napoli or remain at Inter
    – Lacazette will go to PSG, Everton or will remain at Lyon
    – 19 year old Ochs from Germany will sign for Arsenal FC

  7. “Mertesacker’s central defensive partner Laurent Koscielny will be given the vice-captaincy, while Petr Cech and Theo Walcott are alternate options if the former two aren’t on the pitch.” ~ Goal

    Petr Cech and Walcott ahead of Cazorla?

  8. Higuain’s release clause is £80 million
    Higuain’s value will depreciate quickly, so his value will be much less if we wanted to sell him
    Giroud is worth around £20 million
    So we would still need to pay £50-60 million

    I think the solution is get both Draxler and Lacazette for £80-90 million
    Mahrez and Lacazette for £55-65 million
    They are both young and good quality
    And we can keep Giroud too

    1. Wenger wont go anywhere near spending anything like this sort of money ….and time is running out, we are going to mis the boar again and we’ll have Giroud the lampost leading the line
      He said it way back in May and its clear now that he meant it its Gioud or Nothing for Wenger and that means nothing

    1. Cant wait for that day ButtFlaps.

      I am tired of Arsene and his ways. Its like the man enjoys pushing the fans (should I sign a WC striker and defender or should I bring in Asano and make Mert captain)

    2. and we still dither in the transfer market…
      ArsenalFC do not have the staff like City or UTD have in getting transfers done.
      We no longer have the hungry staff who will fight anyone for a transfer, this is more than just the manager, this also includes Gazidis and anyone else at Arsenal that work on transfers.

      We need better staff at the club to cover a managers weakness, the next manager will not be perfect and as such we will be better situated if we have the staff that could work with the next manager to get the best out of them.

      Just remember, no human being is perfect, a team is more likely to succeed where an individual may fail.

  9. Its Utterly disgusting that Arsene has again opted to stick with a squad that have not performed or achieved anything spectacular and ignore what Pundits, critics, experts and even my nan are all saying.
    MORE than at any other time its clear that without actually saying it Wenger is telling the fans that the Arsenal Football club is not a competative football club at all but a business run solely for the financial gain and interest of the board members and Stan Kroenke.
    you want silverware guys support another club cos we as the faithful are going to be dissapointed for many many years to come I think.
    It depresses me no end it really does but short of putting a bullet through both Kroneke and Wengers collective heads theres nothing any of us can do.

  10. 11 years and counting after this season. I’m actually beginning to think us finishing second last season wasn’t a good thing. Roll on 2017/18 season to finally get a manager with some balls and get what we need. No more look errrrrrrr, I believe that Sanogo will become a 30 goal a season striker.

  11. Gonzalo  Higuaín is coming 2Arsenal
    Gonzalo Higuaín is Going 2Juve
    Lukaku agreed personal terms with Arsenal..Icardi is in talk with Arsenal.
    Arsenal agreed fee with Madrid on Morata..
    Arsenal to bid 42m for Lacazette…Draxler to Arsenal is done deal Sky sources .
    Soooo frustrating herring all this.
    being Arsenal fun

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