Arsenal can still end this season on a high!

I know that the likelihood is that the Gunners will be playing Europa League football next season unless Liverpool or Man City slip up, but the fact is that if Arsenal win their last two relatively easy games this season we will end up with 75 points, which is actually four MORE than last season when we came second!

If you add that to the fact that we have also reached the FA Cup Final, which we failed to do last season, then this makes this campaign relatively much more successful than the last one. As Wenger explained yesterday when asked about our chances of still making the Top Four. “Our chances depend on winning our games. We have 69 points, we can get to 75. That will be four points more than last year, so let’s focus on finishing as well as we can. We have created a momentum again. We had a difficult period and we recovered from it. The only chance we have to be in the top four is to win our games.”

And on current form, their is no reason to think that we will be steamrolled by Chelsea in the FA Cup Final either, as since our change of formation and our semi-final win over Man City we have been on a roll. Wenger is feeling positive about the end of the season. “I’m very positive because it looks like we’ve got stronger in every single game. Against us, the other teams fight and we have to dig deep every time to win the games. We’ve won six of our last seven games and we have created the momentum again after having a period where we were not stable away from home. We look strong again now and we’ve won our last three away games, so it’s positive.”

I know it’s out of our hands at the moment, but if we DO end the season in 4th place and win the FA Cup, would you consider this season a success?

Sam P


  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    If we win the FA cup, then that’s gonna be OK.

    But coming 5th of 6th this season with more points than last season where we came second isn’t improvement for me.

  2. Gavana says:

    No, we will consider this season success if Wenger leaves.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Winning the FA Cup is always something to be proud of. I will be so happy if we win
    At the end of the day I want us to win trophies
    Success is measured by trophies

    Finishing in the top 4 is success to Wenger but not to me. What is the point of playing CL when we dont have enough quality to make it to the later stages
    In the Premier League finishing 1st is success

    That said its going to be tough to beat Chelsea but if we win the FA Cup then it will be cause to celebrate

    ALSO Even if we stay in top 4 and win the FA Cup, i still want WENGER OUT

    Wenger has no clue how to win the Premier League or even do well in Champions League

    1. John0711 says:

      Spot on

  4. Janssen says:

    Hi Sam, hope all is well with you. I understand your view that this season can still be successful. I guess success is a subjective measure here.

    Personally, I rate CL football higher in importance than an FA Cup. So if we finish in the top 4 the final outcome of the season would not have been as bad as it had looked since December but that does not make it a successful season IMO.

    I was happy with 2nd last season although I recognized we only obtained 2nd after Spurs collapsed once they could not win the PL title anymore. It didn’t feel as much that we “won” 2nd place but more that Spurs dropped it.

    It would be the same for 4th this season if Liverpool fails to win their last game and we somehow sneak in 4th that would be great but it would not feel like a show of force.

    For me a successful season this past season would have been if we had pushed on from the year before and actually became more competitive after our big investment in the summer. My personal experience was that we we were once again out of the PL race before the new year and that we were less competitive both in the CL and the PL. In addition we played a lower quality of football to the previous season. So for me there is no way I can see this as a successful season after all our embarrassments this past year.

    With respect to winning the FA cup, I personally don’t care about that trophy. It would be nice to win against the PL champions but this one game would not make up for the past season and the lack of progress or the continued slide down the hill.

    For me this is the season in which we said goodbye to any hope for the future. (unless Wenger leaves).

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    If Wenger leaves, this will be the most successful season for the club; like doing the treble. Because if he goes, there is the chance for change (which could even be a change for the worse in the short term). However there will be a new beginning and the hope of a better and more competitive AFC even if we have to abide for longer than we would like SK and his goonies.

  6. ASol says:

    For me this season has been disaster! At Arsenal we score goals that is not a problem most of the time.
    This season we tried to add defense Xhaka, Mustafi, Holding. None of them properly utilized.
    And Wenger tactics are good for one half of the season, the other half when teams adapt we do not know what to do, and for Wenger to realize that we lose 3-4 games/Dram 4-5 games. That’s it we are out of the race! If only Wenger could react quicker (which he will not!!) we keep bottling it!!
    Wenger is a reactive manger experimented with that BS 4-1-4-1 only cuz Pep used it in Bayern and failed. Used 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 only after everything is lost. There is no point, we keep doing the same thing. Wenger can easily get top 4. Even now I have hopes, but he cant win Title any more. And I’m not willing to give him anymore time to prove me wrong!

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