Arsenal can still have a great season – but we need Aubameyang

A Great Ending to the Season is Still Possible But We Need Aubameyang by AI

Would you believe it? Arsenal are only 6 points behind the top 4 despite one of their worst seasons ever. We are still alive in the Europa League with a very winnable tie next. And we have Crystal Palace, Newcastle and Southampton next. While none of these are by any means easy fixtures, they are still very possible to win as well. If we extend our current form, we can get a realistic 6 or 7 points from those fixtures. It’s not impossible to get all nine points, either. But we will need Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to roar back to life.

The Gabonese’ issues earlier this season stemmed from the fact that he was simply not taking enough shots. Nobody at Arsenal was taking enough shots. With the addition of Emile Smith-Rowe, Bukayo Saka’s shift to the right and a freer Tierney on the left, shots have been easier to come by. In fact, Aubameyang had a huge chance to score against Brighton that he would have ordinarily scored last season. Nowadays it is simply that Aubameyang is shooting amiss.

Knowing how good a finisher the Gabonese is, if he simply keeps on getting shots away, the goals are going to return, and when they do, oh when they do, it will be a magnificent help.

Aubameyang must not finish the season with two goals — he cannot. The team must do everything to get his juices flowing. If we can get Aubameyang back on track, our chances of winning every single match in January goes up dramatically.

A great ending to the season is still possible. If we can keep everyone firing at this rate and get Aubameyang to join the show, a top 4 finish is not out of reach. We haven’t even considered the impact of Thomas Partey’s return on the team as well as an incoming January signing.

May the odds roll in our favour.

Agboola Israel

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  1. Declan says:

    Ha ha Agboola, you’ve changed your tune somewhat!

  2. jon fox says:

    SORRY AL, I cannot possibly agree that “top four is not out of reach”! I am after all a sober minded realist and do not get so easily carried away as some do on here
    And as Declan above says, you HAVE changed your tune . Not that changing ones mind when facts change is wrong but have they changed THAT much? I don’t think as much as you think they have changed. Things do look better but the question is HOW MUCH better and for my sober mind, not enough to make top four, THIS season.

    1. RSH says:

      Agree, jon. Table can be deceiving honestly. You say “just two wins and we are here”, but those wins have to actually be manifested, and Arsenal have NOT been doing that this season. Really, no team has put together any real kind of run. This season has been a struggle and it takes more than a snap of a finger to turn things around. Our squad still has many deficiencies, and 3 games dont make our problems disappear.

      1. Ackshay says:

        If we beat palace we will equal this season longest winning streak, this is enough to suggest how teams are finding it difficult to be consistent. For example liverpool have dropped 16 pts vs the non-big 6 teams while we in our worse season in a while have dropped 19 pts. only man utd have been consistent vs the small teams especially with great help from their VAR friends.

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