Arsenal can still make Top Four AND win Europa League! Yeah right!

Before (and after) the Europa League game against Ostersund, Arsene Wenger emphasised that Arsenal’s main objective remains to finish in the Top Four to achieve Champions League status next season, as he doesn’t agree with the rule that you can enter the elite competition by the ‘back door’ if you win the lesser Europa League.

There is still a small (but only mathematical) chance of Arsenal overtaking Tottenham and clawing back the 8 point deficit against Chelsea, but one Arsenal player is very hopeful that the Gunners can do this AND win the Europa League as well. Enter the Nigerian international Alex Iwobi. “We have to do our best in both competitions,” Iwobi said. “That’s what we are trying to do: get top four and also win this competition. That’s the aim.”

As I said earlier in the post where Wenger wants Arsenal to win every game until the end of the season, it is all very well having aims like that, but to think it is actually possible is like living in a dreamland where all your wildest wishes can come true.

I can honestly say that if Wenger and this mediocre set of players can actually make that come true then I will never say another bad word about Wenger or whatever team he puts on the pitch, and that is a promise!

Is there any Arsenal fans still believing that we can achieve both those aims?

Darren N


      1. I thought some folks gave every trophy available to Man City…..sorry they will not be getting FA trophy; and they might not also win the League Shield..because Arsenal will win it. Suddenly Man City will be left with two out of four (PL & CL). Dont count your eggs before they are hatched.

  1. Guys can make whatever prediction they want. it may sound reasonable to them and some who think like them. But I think if Arsenal achieve both goals, stranger things have happened to the club.

  2. Arsenal usually fail against quality opposition, and we still have ManC at home, and ManU away. Highly unlikely we’ll win one of those, let alone both, so more points dropped.

    We then have to factor in our appalling away record. Not only are we losing so many games, it’s the manner of those defeats that’s even more telling. Forgot the quality sides, even weak opposition near the bottom of league like Bournemouth, and Swansea, are brushing us aside with consummate ease. Excluding ManU, who I have already mentioned, away from home, we still have: Brighton, Leicester, Newcastle, and Huddersfield. I could see us winning against Huddersfield, but that’s it!

    I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll even make it into 5th, let alone the top four. I said at the beginning of the season we’d be in a battle for 5/6th under Wenger, and it wasn’t hard to predict!

  3. After Sunday Arsenal has
    the PL and the easier Europa league.
    Utd Spurs Liverpool and Chelsea
    are still all hell bent on making top 4
    but have more games to play
    and are in the harder Champions league.
    Arsenal have the easier Europa League but
    should go deeper meaning more games to play.
    City losing to Wigan is actually bad for Arsenal because
    now City will will be really focused on winning a Cup and
    sticking it to the millions who are presently laughing at them.
    Arsenal will no longer be seen as underdog.
    After their red card City will be playing the victim game to
    ‘to curry Favel’ with the match officials.
    All sorts of possibilities lie ahead 🙂

  4. If we win the league cup and/or Europa League will that mean Wenger will stay another year? If so I dont want either. I’d rather we loose 8-2 again and again this year and have Kroenke’s sun stick his boot up Arsene’s arse than win a meaningless Carabao Cup and have that senile old dog stay another year.

    1. you are clearly not a fan …hoping the club get hammered just to get rid of Wenger…

      this is very extreme personal…..

      maybe he owe you some money or stole your lunch or etc..

      please call Wenger and settle your differences privately

      1. People say they love Arsenal not Arsene that is why they wish a bigger slump, so Arsenal can cut ties and try and move on without him. This sounds like it is coming from a place of hate not love, your club doing well with or without the man would be love. Your hate of Wenger sounds roomier than your love for Arsenal. I want him gone too, but right this moment I’d happily take a Europa cup and trying to look like a big destination for the best players. If we spend another season outside CL, that might be enough that shifts the balance giving other teams the little head-starts that we used to have over Spu and Liv. We already lost the seat count we had over them. Next could be how these players growing up right now go on to view us subconsciously or consciously. Refs too, the biggest teams usually get the most favors. Also when a team gels and it’s of a certain age overall, that is not something you want a rival to have when you yourself is in a bit of a transition stage. People should be careful what they hope for, it might come true.

  5. I only have one thing to say:

    if anyone believes that can happen call me right away!!!

    I have a nice property to sell you in the middle of the Atlantic!!!

  6. Although Iwobi’s confidence is appreciated, he should be putting his effort into raising the level of his own performances by practicing ball retention, intelligent passing, judgement in knowing when to pass to a team mate in a better position and when to shoot on goal himself, knowing where the goal is and hitting the target. At the moment, in particular, like Welbeck, he can’t hit the proverbial “barn door”.

  7. Our players lack realism. Elneny said last week or so that Arsenal can still win the league, it was a stupid thing to say esp then when we go on and lose to our top four rival in a must win game. Iwobi uses the old mathematical, sounds like a believer doesn’t he. If we win every game from here to the end it is still mathematically possible that we won’t come close. We’d need to win every game but that’s where the realism of the season kicks in, it won’t happen and no amount of hoping will help. Europa, the players must be feeling that this is their best shot esp with our recent cup exploits, they’d have to be feeling a bit fearful and confident. Pity about Auba, but a great position for Laca to show some courage if he can hurry back to fitness.

  8. @ john this is exactly what am talking about personal hatred for Wenger. If we can recall what English fa did when arsenal fc was under financial crisis in faghonsi time at man u evral will commit FAO in man u eighteen yard box , ref will blow thesame penalty against arsenal in arsenal 18yard box; infact how many dramatic incident like that happened in several occasions right there in premiership. Is as if those issue are not known to occur to Wenger who strongle to sustain us before moren came in to the scene.And that Is one of the Major embargo following English ref up to date , that’s the reason, I somehow want Wenger to succeed in arsenal.In all I mean no harm.

  9. well if the do win the europa league and make top, at least they can say ‘ i bet you never see that coming’ you whining b……

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