Arsenal CAN use Monaco win to ensure Champions League football

It might take a few days for Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players to be able to look back on last night’s win in Monaco with anything approaching positivity, because no matter what the result or how well we played, the harsh truth is that Arsenal are out of the Champions League at exactly the same stage that has been our downfall in every one of the last five seasons.

In the cold light of day, however, the Gunners should be able to take a lot from the game. Not only did we dominate an away game in Europe and score two goals against a notoriously strong defence, we managed the game well and had the strength to keep a clean sheet as well.

And the win keeps up our recent momentum. Five wins on the spin in three different competitions has got the belief flowing through the team and we need to keep that up to ensure Champions League football again for next season. Perhaps the painful memory of going out to an inferior side may even galvanise the Gunners to do better next time around.

For now though, Arsenal have a tough fight for the top four of the Premier League to think about, not to mention a certain FA cup trophy to defend, so even though our 2-0 win in Monaco was not quite enough to see us progress, it could be an important result for the rest of the season. Does anyone think Arsenal will fail to finish in the top four?

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    1. F@cking joke that’s what it is.

      Hooray we are yet again out of the UCL! Aren’t we fortunate we now don’t have a distraction from our aim to secure top 4.

      Yes, we have learnt we aren’t good enough again by pissing away our best chance to get into the further stages of the UCL for years.

      High fives to Wenger. You da man.

      1. You can’t say any of that on here it would seem. Either you back the current regime blindly or you’re not really a fan. Funny bunch.

        A decade of the same results and people are actually opposed to change in order to progress. Strange thing is Wenger is as much a custodian of the club as any player, but look at the abuse some get for not being up to scratch. The irony is palpable.

        Would love to know how it’s different to say “get a new CB, Per ain’t good enough”, than “get a new manager Wenger ain’t working anymore”. Both simply want the best for Arsenal. Yet one is taboo. Ridiculous

    2. Meh, can we for once call a spade by its name??? We were f**king knocked out for the umpteenth time. What’s good about getting knocked out??? Is this not supposed to be the year when such thing was never to be repeated???

        1. havent watched it since barry died.
          tupac an now barry!! my heart couldnt take the pain

          gone but not forgotten big man

          1. @muffdiver
            I haven’t watched it since the axed my man Robbie(Dean Gaffney)Jackson…LOL

  1. They still can’t get it,…wenger can’t offer more than dis, a new manager wud ve given us 6th position, 2nd position and premierleague in the past 5yrs.

    Can’t remember the last tym we were ready wen the season begins, its always hole here and there

  2. I am really worried about Alexis’s performance. He lost ball too often. the good thing is he fight back straightaway and wins it back sometimes. otherwise it will be another Arshavin.
    Clearly he is not a happy man if he doesn’t score. Since Giroud and Ozil back, Alexis’s performance is fading. Hope it is just bcoz of the first season. otherwise AW need to find a solution for that.

  3. i find biggie smalls classic ‘party an bullshit helpful’ in these downbeaten moments…

    weve been a terror since the andre santos era.
    one touch passes, risky tactics, losing matches.

    injuries were a daily routine
    since 13 arsene wenger on the scene

    1. I like the can’t it be all so simple free style Wenger did:

      It started off on the island
      aka England
      Manc wilding
      Pizza slices been thrown
      Phone dialling

    2. @muffdiver
      A lil bud and anything from “The Wu” helps dull the pain of a loss for me…

    3. It Was All a Dream
      I used to read the UCL magazine (Arsenal dumped out of UCL)
      Wenger and Bould heavy in the limosuine
      Hangin pictures on my wall
      Every Saturday Ozil, Alexis, all of arsenal

  4. So let me get this, we glad to be out of UCL just so that we can make top 4 to participate in the same competition we have been eliminated from.

    That’s how I perceive the article.

    Maybe we should not pass first round so we can have chance at Europa

  5. Want ManC to win today. I had forgetten exactly how much i hated Barcelona. From them trying to poach our players to conning referees to give important decisions to them when playing against us.
    If Man C wins they will take their eyes of the league even if momentarily and give us a chance to finish second. We haven’t finished second in a decade now.

    I believe next year we will go from title pretenders to title contenders with a few additions ofcourse. If we finish second this year, it will give us a better impetus.

    1. Yeh, like Arsenal they want to win and like Arsenal they won’t.

      Things are getting messi for them!
      Another masterclass.

  6. Well done to wenger and all the players, they did their best, is just always fall short for us and please make this commitment week in week out.

    Ospina – not much to do at his end.
    Mert – did his job but any decent player can out run or out jump him.
    Monreal – the most improve arsenal player.
    Bellerin – A future star in making.
    Cox – Hard working impressive defensive player but don’t know why he was a forgotten son when we really need a DM in the beginning.
    Carzola – slow start but eventually did a good job.
    Ozil – Can see him really want to do good for arsenal, at the end of game still run down to defend.
    Sanchez – Start to down form lately but still very energetic.
    Welback – Still a bit low in confidence, start to show more on the game, should do more run with the ball using the wing.
    Giroud – not much holding and flicking in this game but did impressed me lately.
    Ramsey – more confident with the ball, hope he can stay composure from now on, need both his defensive and offensive running.
    Gibb – improvement of monreal, make him look worsen.
    Walcott – seen like he is not wenger 1st 11 any more, not enough game time to run in.

    Feel a bit down that we are out after a good game, got a feeling that if we can out turn this leg, we may go far this time.

  7. We should beat a team like Monaco over two legs. I agree they are a solid team, but some of the “underestimated Monaco” comments I saw on here after the first leg were ridiculous. The players blew the first leg and snatched their chances. As you all saw in the second leg we dominated a very good defensive side. I’m tired of leaving the UCL on away goals, especially to teams beneath us like Monaco.

    I agree though we can try and ride the momentum from the solid away win to try to make the title race interesting. That doesn’t mean I’m still not pissed about the pathetic UCL result.

  8. The Champions League could well be a thing on the past being as there are few competitors, it`s just a money spinner not a football contest. A European Premier League would be far more attractive, football wise and money wise.

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