Arsenal Debate – We can still win every single game and make the Top Four?

Arsenal may not have looked too impressive last night against Middlesbrough, but the only important thing right now is to get three points out of every single game, so this win will go some way to boosting our confidence ahead of our daunting run-in. Arsene Wenger has been taking a lot of stick in the last few weeks, but he finally tried some new tactics and they surprisingly worked! It is a start, even if it was against a team that hasn’t won since December, and Wenger clearly still hopes we can reach the Champions League next season, but he also knows that it will only be possible if we win every match.

Wenger said last night when asked about whether the Top Four was still on, and he replied: “I don’t know. For us the clarity is there. We have to win every game to have a chance to get into the top four and, starting tonight, I think we give a bit more, made it seem a bit more serene, you could see that in some occasions we were a bit overcautious tonight and played with a situation we are not used to, and hopefully that will give us a bit more confidence.”

Other than a brand new formation, another big change Wenger did last night was to restore Aaron Ramsey to the central midfield, ahead of Coquelin, Elneny and the Ox (who was used as a wing-back instead) and the Welshman believes that the team can still go on a winning run. Ramsey said: “Of course it’s going to be a difficult run but we’re up for the challenge. We had to start by getting the three points. I think we have seven games left now, so it’s important for us to take it a game at a time. I think we’re going to have to win them all – we’re capable of doing that but it’s going to take an enormous amount of concentration in every game.”

We now have the small matter of our FA Cup semi-final next weekend, and another good performance could set us up well for our glut of Premier League games that follow, all of which are now must-wins for the Gunners. Wenger has a week to prepare the team for the big game. “Let’s focus on that.” he said. “You have a little break from the Premier League now and after the end of the season will come very quickly. Sunday, let’s prepare well for the game. We played City two weeks ago, we play them again on Sunday so it will be completely different because we are at Wembley and it will be interesting.”

Interesting times indeed. Every game from now is like a Cup Final. Can Wenger get the team ready to surprise us all?

Sam P.


  1. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    We were whack. We beat a team that didn’t win since forever.

    Let’s not get carried away

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Shawty we are carried away…….that’s what one win does to us after a sequencial run of mediocre outing!
      We let it get to/into our head too easily (soft head of wooL & of plastic)
      Suddenly, we’ve bounced back!…..bring it on baby LoL

  2. Arsene Gonner says:

    Win them all lol. What have you been smoking? Have you learned nothing from this tactical idiot? He’s incompetent and the next few games will prove that yet again.

  3. Red Dawn says:

    Win a game against a team thats actually worse than Arsenal and suddenly there’s talk of winning every game and breaking into the top four.
    Arsenal are pants – they don’t deserve CL football.
    Every opportunity they have been given in the CL has amounted to miserable failure.
    I don’t want them to quality – I want them to struggle until the end because only then will there be change.
    If we play well then the failure will be given another contract and we are back to square one..

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    You haven’t been Looking at our fixtures….have you?
    Again you haven’t noticed our Form Lately…

    Barca-prototype you presume

  5. Ddog says:

    I understand everyone’s negativity atm, but jesus, we should be able to string a decent winning streak together, there is no logical reason why we cant replicate what we did at the start of season other than confidence issues. it’s not an awful team, it’s playing awfully. hashtag wengerout hashtag stan’s a douche yadda yadda yes yes i agree. But this team isn’t as bad as it looks right now, they’ve got more in them, i just hope they can find it !

  6. tweety says:

    i wonder if we are capable of winning the remaining matches. the confidence is gone and it seems that the players are not concentrating. unless mr stubborn announces whether he is staying or not. gooner = forever

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Why can’t people just accept it for what it is. A very low on confidence Arsenal team trying to get back to basics and trying to gain the points in the process. I see nothing wrong with what they say here, if we are to get CL football we will most likely have to win the remaining games. Nothing wrong in looking forward to a semi final against a good side, they had a very bad week and are now trying to get over it.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    The previous 31 league games, including European humiliation, suggest we won’t be winning ALL of our remaining games. Our only hope realistically of top four, is that Eve, L’pool, Utd, and City, end the season badly, and we manage to scrape together enough points to overtake them.

    But if any Arsenal fan truly wants change, then they wouldn’t want a top four finish. Despite how horrendous we’ve been this season, a top four finish means mission accomplished for Wenger and co.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Awaiting moderation?

  9. Midkemma says:

    If you are supporters then get behind your team and SUPPORT them!
    End of season then protest, encourage season ticket holders to not renew, do what-ever…

    I want change, I want us to compete at the very top and I would like the be proud of Arsenal from the very top down… I also want them to win!

    We can encourage our players to do well and to help give them another reason to fight on the field or we can chant stuff like they are not good enough to wear the shirt and in general make it hell for the players while they are on the pitch.

    I may be naive but I do believe that players will want to try harder for people who believe in them compared to going on the pitch for 90 mins of abuse…

    Silent Stan cares about profit, if anyone has the intelligence of a flea then they would know it is best to protest by not spending on Arsenal stuff. Buying the ticket to go and protest is giving Stan the money still and his accounts look goooooood. His shares has near doubled in price so all is good… well was until CL football was in question, now listen to the PR about a rebuild and not happy with performances.

    Loss of CL football = loss of profit. Actions must be taken.
    this can also mean; loss of profit = actions must be taken.

    Lets cause the loss of profit by refusing to spend a penny on them!

    Let’s make the share prices drop because the stadium is always empty and merchandise isn’t being bought.

    Let us then see how long before Silent Stan sells to someone who wants to invest in the club for the passion.

    1. Muffdiver says:

      I can tell u don’t go to games.

      Idealistic view.
      Do u realise how many day trippers go to the game?
      Do u realise the core arsenal fans was priced out of season tickets.
      We’re not called the prawn sandwich brigade for nothing.

      These bunch can afford to not even go to games half the time. They can afford to.not give a damn.
      Protest ha!

      This club has lost its identity
      To become a day at the races

      You won’t get it.
      Some never will

      1. Tas says:

        Muff I have been saying this for a while now we are a tourist club and they will pay anything to see a EPL team play and what better then central London Emirates Arsenal, your never going to get the same atmosphere like other teams stadium,

        1. Tas says:

          But we do have a hard core away supporters

  10. Krotons says:

    We are getting carried away again.

  11. zubi says:

    we are still going to play spurs at their own stadium where they seems not to loose

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