Arsenal cancel trip to US after Covid-19 outbreak

Arsenal are no longer expected to travel to the USA this week to take part in the Florida Cup, after a small number of Coronavirus cases were discovered.

The Gunners were set to take on Italian champions Inter Milan on Monday, with the winner set to take on either Everton or Millionarios in the final, but we are no longer making an appearance.

This follows the Arsenal Under-23 side having had to cancel two of their friendly matches over the past week also, but it remains to be seen whether the outbreaks are linked in some way.

The club confirmed their withdrawal from the Florida Cup on their Twitter, with a full explanation on their website, although names of those positive tests have been kept private at this point.

Arsenal’s next scheduled friendly will now be against Chelsea on August 1, before taking on north London rivals Tottenham a week later, with the Premier League campaign starting just seven days on from that match.


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  1. Drayton says:

    There goes my chance to see us live for the first time! 🤦‍♂️ So disappointing. Time to fight for refunds.

    1. SueP says:

      That is really rotten luck

      1. Drayton says:

        Truly rotten, SueP. Ugh!!!

  2. NY_Gunner says:

    Smart move. Because daily COVID cases in Miami alone is upward of 6,000…

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Cases going up loads in UK as well, not to mention the side-effects, which is baffling considering how many have been partially/fully vaccinated. Maybe the sheep are starting to realize that uncertified medication is clearly not the answer.

    Based on global data: given how ineffective the vaccines have been, the really bad side-effects, we’re not dealing with a deadly virus, one has to ask, why has there been such a strong push from governments to take the vaccines? To the point, they’re now trying to force this stuff into us!

    Off course, facts are misinformation, and the thoughts only of wacky conspiracy theorists. There’s a lot wacky Doctors and Nurse then! Hahaha.

    Wait for the abuse from the sheep….
    Instead of getting hysterical, why not debunk what I’ve said with facts…please, just for once!!

    1. Gogo says:

      Oh you mean the plandemic covid 19. I dare not say more. Vaccines hugely forced on humans and yet we still have to wear masks.

      A virus that allows Footballers wear a mask and maintain social distance while sitting on the bench but but permits tackles and contacts on the pitch without transmssion.

      Many side effects that the mainstream media like CNN and BBC are ignoring. People turning into magnets all of a sudden. I will surely not be here when this whole thing boil down.

      1. SueP says:

        Funnily enough I don’t know anybody, who knows anybody who has turned into a magnet.

        1. Gogo says:

          Well I know someone who’s body is magnet after taking the vaccine and I will show you if you would see it.

          1. SueP says:

            Please do, because everything that I have read says the opposite.

    2. SueP says:

      Generally speaking the number of deaths and serious hospitalisation has gone down since vaccinations started. You don’t have to believe in it but people like you who peddle falsehoods are causing so much mistrust that lives are being lost because of it

      How about MMR? The poor unimmunised kids whose parents believewacky doctors and catch and in some cases die of measles? They relied on herd immunity. Selfish s**ts. The lives saved each year from inoculations against polio, tetanus, and more recently meningitis?

      I wouldn’t mind Third Man, but you have an impressive record on Bill Gates and the Twin Towers.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        @ SueP
        RealTalk…Thank you very much Goonerette.
        Every burger flipper and their aunt are all of a sudden keyboard epidemiologists.
        The virus continues to do what viruses do. Find a host to mutate in. We humans are that host. As it mutates, it develops immunity to the vaccine we first hit it with. The ignorant ones refusing to be vaccinated are making the virus job easier…Misinformation is not helping either…

        1. SueP says:

          So right

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