Arsenal cannot afford to lose our only hope of a trophy

Tonight’s game against BATE is probably the most important game this season for the Gunners, as a draw or a defeat will destroy our very last chance of a possible trophy this season. It may be the poor man’s version of the Champions League, but we have never won it before and it is becoming tougher to win every year.

As Laurent Koscielny said yesterday: “No, no, the Europa League is still a big competition, it is still a European cup, but of course when you are in the Champions League you want to be in there every year and next season we want to be in the Champions League. But the Europa League this season still has a lot of big teams, it is a top-level tournament, there is Chelsea, Napoli, Valencia so I think it is a big competition, more than last year, and every year it is more intense. Last year Atletico Madrid won the cup, so for us it is big opportunity to go in the Champions League. Now we have a game in front of us like tomorrow to get to the next rounds and try to get to the final and be in the Champions League next season.”

That of course is our ultimate aim; To return to the elite competition, and if we have to win the Europa League to get there then so be it. We just need to regain the fighting spirit from the earlier games in the season, and hopefully we can overcome the mighty minnows from Belarus!



  1. John Wick says:

    More than any other trophy apart from the premier League.. I would love to see the club win some European honours! Only the 1970 fairs cup, and the 1994 cup winners cup have the club won and even now they don’t even exist anymore… Only a Uefa cup final and Champions League final in 2000 and 2006 respectively under Wenger have we come close to lifting a trophy in Europe! Liverpool, Man utd, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Nottingham forest have all won the European cup and Celtic too! Man utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and even Ipswich have won the Uefa cup/ Europa League.. for a club as big as Arsenal we’ve been very poor in European competitions and if we don’t win the Europa League that’ll be 2 seasons running we can’t even win Europe’s 2nd rate competition, some who consider it a Mickey mouse cup! Fingers crossed this is the year we break that European jinx, of course we need to get past the mighty bate borisov first ?

    1. Sue says:

      Yes John let’s put the handbrake on their tractors!!
      We can’t lose this game – we’ll NEVER hear the end of it & it’ll be embarrassing (to say the least) one of the worst losses in our history!

      1. John Wick says:

        I remember Arsenal losing to Paok Salonika in the Uefa cup, losing to bate will be even worse ? haha handbrake on the tractor ? very good Sue ? I heard a few of them are postmen so if you’ve ever ordered something off eBay from Belarus chances are one of the bate players sent your item on its way ?

        1. Sue says:

          So I read an article about us losing in 1981 (i was only little & wasn’t a gooner then ? you weren’t even born!!) against a team called Winterslag (yes really!) We were 1-0 down after the first leg, won the 2nd leg 2-1.. but went out because of the away goal… we’re 1-0 down…. omg it’s not going to happen again is it??? Jeez I’m really nervous!!!
          Haha wonder if they’ll write anything on the parcels… We’re Bate & we beat Arsenal!! Oh sod off!! ??
          ‘Life’ is on Netflix.. have you watched it?

          1. Phil says:

            Sue I was there that night.Winterslag (now known as Genk) were an AMATEUR TEAM.It was an EMBARRASSMENT like you would never believe.Still it won’t ever happen again.Will it?…………………………………

          2. Sue says:

            I bet that was devastating Phil… you really have seen some ups & downs!
            I really hope not…. the thought of losing tonight is really making me cringe right now!!

        2. Sue says:

          That team we had out against Paok ? I hate to say it, but we’ve always had a howler in us ?

          1. John Wick says:

            Winterslag haha glad I wasn’t born to see it ???? yeah we never were a dominant European team ? imagine the majority of Arsenal fans are nervous about Bate Borisov, never thought I’d see the day ? no Sue just Googled it, is it an Asian medical drama ?

          2. Sue says:

            Asian medical drama ? wth!! No it’s set in space… Ryan Reynolds is in it.. they bring this little creature to life & it turns nasty…. very nasty!! It’s really good.. reckon you’ll like it!!
            Well if the game is as crap as last week, Arsenal may drive me to drink.. to drown those sorrows.. but then I can cheer up turning over to PL darts!! ?

          3. John Wick says:

            Oh yeah I seen that ages ago, in the shuttle at the end it’s grown massive like some sort of fungi ? it can’t be Sue, I still maintain it’ll be 4 or 5 nil ? so you’ll be watching Arsenal highlights rather than the darts ? haha they must do ?

          4. Sue says:

            It’s good ain’t it? Sorry to disappoint you about it not being an Asian medical drama with Son in it (taking a break from the spuds) ??
            Well I hope you’re right (& I really wish I shared your enthusiasm ?) but if it does end up that score, at least you can come on here & say I told you so!! ?? at about 5.50 I’ll be on my hands & knees praying ?? (slight exaggeration) ?

          5. John Wick says:

            Well I’ll have to live with the disappointment Sue ? yeah it was ok Apollo 13 is still the best space film but it had Tom hanks in it and he’s one of my favourite actors he can act any role ? no I won’t even brag Sue if it was Valencia or Napoli then maybe ? id start Ozil and Ramsey tonight in fact they should just go all out attack if they do we could be out of sight by halftime and won’t have to worry about an away goal ?

          6. Sue says:

            Yes there’ll be no excuse not to play them.. unless of course Ozil is jet lagged from Turkey ?
            I don’t like 3 at the back, so hope we go back to 4… yes all out gung ho attack – nothing else will do… yes in theory that’s good, but this is Arsenal we’re talking about!!!
            My fav film of his is Splash ??

          7. John Wick says:

            Haha jetlag from Turkey ? surely even Emery couldn’t use that one ? yeah neither do I Sue but we got no wingers so maybe it’s the only way we get some width ? splash ? Not even Big, the terminal, captain Phillips, catch me if you can, forest gump, road to perdition, cast away, saving private Ryan ? have you ever seen the money pit Sue ? Tom hanks and Shelley long from cheers buy a house and literally falls to pieces it’s hilarious especially the stair scene ?

          8. Sue says:

            You never know with UE…all I know is if Ozil isn’t in the starting 11, I will be raging!!
            I love Big & Forrest Gump (whenever I see someone running, I just have to shout run Forrest run ?!!) Castaway was good although not the plane crash!! Ok then Toy Story 3 ?? Splash it is I’m afraid, ever since watching that I always wanted to go to NYC… ? yes i saw the money pit, it was funny!!

          9. John Wick says:

            I love toy Story all of them and the 4th is coming out in June ? you must shout that in every football game then ? I’ve been to New York Sue even saw the Dakota building in Manhattan where John Lennon was shot, if you ever go head to Ellis Island it’s amazing ? haha the kitchen scene was hilarious too the turkey flying through the window and into the bathroom was classic ???? he should be with Lacazette suspended and speaking of suspension how long is he out for ?

          10. Sue says:

            The mortgage is paid off in 3 years… debating whether to go to NY b4 that or wait then go and spend loads & do everything!! I want to go the hospital where Nurse Jackie was filmed! And to the top of SOL!!! I’ll be so happy there, I won’t want to come back!! I’ll bear that in mind about Ellis Island – thank you!
            I can’t wait for Toy Story 4 ? I’m such a child!!
            I bet you know that film (money pit) word perfect!! You need to get out more ?? just kidding, I’m as bad when it comes to films
            I thought he just missed one game… but I saw something that said it could be extended to 3?? Not sure about that though. Pity he misses out tonight, could have done with him…

          11. John Wick says:

            Haha you’ll feel like your in Ghostbusters Sue ? you’ll have to get selfies from Brooklyn bridge that’s just a must ? I’d love to go back but not before I’ve been to Cali ? well you’ll enjoy it more if you can go and do all the things you plan to do ? I know I was excited when it was announced lol, haha no I’ve only seen it twice years apart Sue ? damn so he’s gonna miss the next round ?

          12. John Wick says:

            Sue just googled Winterslag, it appears they’re Genk from the Belgian league! No big deal Totts were dumped out by Gent from Belgium a few years ago ?

          13. Sue says:

            ?? bet they love playing those North London teams!!!

          14. jon fox says:

            Sorry John and Sue too , I have nothing specific to say but I was just dying to interrupt at least ONE your many and long running Sue and John double acts. I AM only teasing and mean no harm but it has been on my bucket list for some time, if I am being honest. Accomplished now and I will not do it again. Feel free to carry on your discussions with Sue. I DO read them and only posted out of jealousy, as it is a lonely life being President of the old Git club!

          15. John Wick says:

            Haha very good Jon! At least you can mark that off your bucket list ? open conversation, feel free to join in anytime Jon ?

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    its very unlikely we will lose at home…

    its about how many goals we will win by

  3. Agin says:

    This is just interesting thing about what Pep said just after they won vs Schalke. Pep is happy of course because City won over Schalke even they play with 10 men and it was a fought back to win, but see what he said below… He looks still hungry for much better performance he wants from the team even they could fight back to win and play with 10 men.. I think to not satisfied if just won or even draw, should look at the real performance, because sometime we can win but the performance actually is not good or just lucky.

    “””Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City are still not ready to compete for the Champions League despite taking a big step towards the quarterfinals with a 3-2 away win over Schalke.
    City gave away two penalties and were down to 10 men after Nicolas Otamendi’s second yellow card when they fought back to win in the final five minutes with a Leroy Sane free kick and Raheem Sterling winner.
    But Guardiola was frustrated to concede two goals, insisting they have to make fewer mistakes if they are to compete in Europe.
    “It was a great result but we gave away the first penalty, we gave away the second penalty, we gave away the red card, in this competition that is not good, too many things,” he told BT Sport.”””

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I love Pep’s attitude. He never seems satisfied, and I think he has got that message through to his players as well. We should always look at improving. Although it does help when you get 50 million to spend on each player.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal can only win the EL if most fans support them

    Emery’s team might look pragmatic/ boring and he excludes some fans’ favourite stars, but his actions are for winning the EL and achieving the top four in EPL

    He cannot always use 4-2-3-1 with a no 10 at away games due to its vulnerability to counter-attacks and Wenger had used it for many years without any major trophy. Better support the team tonight and we could criticize them if they lose

    1. Mobella says:

      Guy please think about your post before you share them. Have fans not being supportive of the team. Because few of us criticize Emery selection and decision here he will not win the el. I wonder if you gave the same thoughts to Wenger and his team. Our former manager was on constant attack and criticism for the same performance and results for the past two years here from the so called realists from few of us that shared some of their sentiments but we should not do the same to Emery. Emery is messing things up big time and just using his issues with Ozil as a cover up. Without Ozil his team should be challenging for top 4 and el because we have a good enough squad. You can call me crazy for that statement. Is wolves team better than ours but they are reeling out performance we are envious off. Some times It is not about the result but performance. Every failure in that team is his fault, not the players and not because of injuries. He kept reshuffling and reshaping the teams before injuries started piling up. He insisted on our defenders playing from the back, having more balls than the attackers and running around a lot. No wonder we have had more injuries to them than the attackers. His team is disorganized. No player with specific role. All they do is running around and encroaching one another’s positions. And are asking us to support the team nobody here is against the team. 99…% of the posters here were happy when we hired Emery and wanted him. No Emery placards with Emery out or drones flying over with the same message and you are here question our support, my support. It is not up to me or my support if the team fail or succeed because I’m bloody nobody justarsenalian it is up to Emery because the squad is capable.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    We’ll be fine. A lot was made of the first leg defeat, and rightly so, but it’s only halftime in the tie. I can us thrashing Bate at home.

    1. GunneRay says:

      Let’s remember how bad the pitch was over there. Even Chelsea struggled! Tonight however, we have no excuses. If we lose at home on a perfect pitch we will know why. Because we don’t have a team that is capable of challenging. This is not a top team and at home we should be beating teams like this by 4 goals at least over 2 legs!!!


  6. GB says:

    OT Good article and interview with Callum Chambers on Sky Sports. He’s playing really well for Fulham as a defensive midfielder. Looks like he’s found his best position after playing at RB, CB, RW and CF at various times in his career.

  7. Tom says:

    I been thinking abput the ozil situation and I do not think they club are trying to push him out.
    I feel unai wants more from him in training. More intensity as he has great influence and seen as a captain he cannot be missing training or not giving 100% in training. It’s up to him.

    He is not being dropped because of his salary. That’s just stupid talk.

    Today is the day ozil can change his fate at arsenal.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I wondered about that myself, but hearing Emery talk in his latest press conference, I also came to the same conclusion. If a decision had been to made above Emery’s head to drop Ozil, then surely it would be permanent, which it hasn’t been. Ozil misses 3 or 4 games, then plays, and this process repeats itself. So clearly it looks as if it’s a mixture of Ozil never being fully fit, and he isn’t doing what Emery is asking of him (as Emery keeps pointing out, time and time again). So when Emery says it’s ‘tactical’, he has a point.

      1. jon fox says:

        Despite what some , including Phil, Sue, Ken and others may think, NOTHING would give me greater delight than seeing Ozil at long last taking his huge talent more seriously and FINALLY realising that he owes it mainly to HIMSELF, as well as to us all and his teammates and manager, to start dominating games as he did before, even though most were now some time ago. He has had JUST one game THIS season, at home to Leicester, where his play matched the level of play he once had. Or even , PERHAPS, still has. I live in hope, even though not in expectation. It is STILL not beyond him to resurrect his Arsenal career. It all depends on how MUCH he WANTS it. That he was a true world class player when we signed him can never be in doubt. But it is NOW that matters, not THEN! All the honours he won, including the world cup are now history. We all MUST live in the present; there is no other choice for ANY of us.

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          I agree it would be great to see him play at his best again, but we have to realistic, and say it will not happen. Given his age, he won’t be improving anymore. He has zero motivation to even bother trying, as he’s won the World Cup, retired from international football, and has got that last huge contract. Ozil was finished before Emery’s arrival, but the final nail is well and truly in his coffin, as Emery style is not suited for Ozil.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Interesting interview with UE discussing Ozil’s future.

            The only way to see if Ozil can be the player UE wants and believes he can be though, is surely to play him for 90 minutes starting tonight and game after game in the role he has played all of his career?
            If he fails to perform, then sell him or buy out his contract – if he does perform we have saved a minimum of £70,000,000 in the transfer market.

            If Unai does this and Ozil fails, then UE will have my support, for what it’s worth.

            If he carries on treating him as he has done, then I will support Ozil because we are producing nothing at the moment without him.

          2. Andrew E says:

            Agree with you Ken but he will need more than 90 minutes to prove himself, he just can’t be match fit after being benched or dropped so may times this season.

            A big deal is being made about him missing 100 games in five years at Arsenal 20 of which was under Emery in a few months. Another point to consider Ramsey has played 255 games for us in over 10 years, Ozil has played 201 in over 5 years. Even allowing for Ramsey’s bad injury Ozil has a better fitness record, so why does he get so much stick?

          3. jon fox says:

            My prediction precisely, BUT I still hope Hope and expectations though, as in so very many areas of life , are totally separate matters. To illustrate this point, I suggest that ALL Gooners HOPE we will the Prem every year. I know I do. But how many EXPECT to win it any time soon. I know I DON’T! QED! Though obvious, it is uncanny how many confuse the two. Some do little else than confuse.

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