Arsenal cannot have any excuses if they do not beat Watford

If Arsenal want to be serious contenders for a top-four spot or dare I say, title challengers, then they have to be beating teams like Watford on their own ground.

There cannot be any ifs or buts or excuses, Arsenal has a better squad of players than Watford and it is unrealistic to suggest otherwise.

That is not being arrogant, it is a statement of fact and while any team can beat any other team in the Premier League, as Norwich City showed against Man City, it has to be a rarity if Arsenal is serious about competing at the top of the league this season.

Watford has been punching above their weight for years, they are now rock bottom and have discarded their manager after just four games, they are there for the taking, it is as simple as that.

If Arsenal plays to their true level then they will emerge the winners, if they do not play to their true level then they only have themselves to blame, no one else, not VAR, not the ref, not even how well Watford play.

The reason it was such a shock City lost to Norwich is that it is so rare, that does not apply to Arsenal, why? Because too often Arsenal does succumb to teams with far less quality than themselves.

This may seem a bit like a sermon or lecture but it is more frustrating that it has to be said in the first place, us fans should not be anxious about playing Watford away.

The time for excuses is now over, now is the time for the Arsenal players to deploy their talent to the fullest and win.


  1. Yup Arsenal should win.
    But there are so many weird results lately.
    Chelsea the Euro Leak winners got smashed by Man U,and have
    had home draws with Leicester and Sheffield Utd.
    Then 2 weeks later Man U themselves got done by Palace at home!
    Palace then got mown down by Spurs this morning.
    Yet Spurs lost at home to Newcastle a fortnight ago.
    The world champs City got beat at newly promoted Norwich.
    What does that mean for the gunners with a 2-1-1 record.
    I can see us winning 5-0 or 3-2 or drawing 2-2 or losing 1-2.
    Therefore I can say with complete certainty
    I haven’t a clue how things might pan out.

    1. the league is not easy…no guarantee win

      but the gap between the big 6 and the rest are still wide….

      its only the start of the season….after 10 to 15 games you will see the differences

      unless big 6 self destruct or there should be no change

    2. Agu,Man U beating Chelsea is not a weird result neither Spurs beating Crystal Pal. If we fail to beat Watford today,I will accept that Emery is not a Coach that can take us forward. This kind of features last season was against Southampton. After losing several matches,they sacked their Coach.The new Coach had us for his first game,alas,we were beating.
      If we loose this game,God forbid,”Emery must go”campaign should start instany. We cant afford to give him 22 years.

      1. I disagree,not until we have all our defenders back and fit and he can play our strongest team i will give Emery the benefit of the doubt and my support,sacking him after just 5 games when he cannot play his team and our current position it wouldn’t make any sense!

    3. Just so you know- City are NOT World Camps as you call them.Where did that come from? They are not even European Champs!!!
      I can say with complete certainty you don’t know what your talking about

  2. Why is it so hard to take a more positive view?
    A win will take us to joint 2’nd.
    We have new players still to blend into the team, and it is actually possible, we could get much stronger as the season gets on.
    If we win, we should be celebrating the players, the team and the manager. We would be in a much better position, than most people realistically had expected.

    1. Thank you!listening to some people you would think we are at the bottom of the table,and your arguments make complete sense!???

  3. The title of the topic just did read my mind.. ARSENAL HAS NO REASON TO EVEN GET A DRAW . anything less than a WIN is unacceptable and Emery should indeed resign if he doesn’t win this game.

  4. I will wait till after the match to criticize or compliment

    I think 4 starters are still injured or not ready yet Holding, Bellerin, Lacazette, Tierney but that isn’t an excuse. We should still win.

    Away PL matches against any teams are always tough. That said I will be very disappointed if we lose or draw to a bottom placed team

    A Win is the only thing that will make me happy. Even 0-1 or 1-2. I will be happy with ANY type of win

    1. Not an excuse. Is Arsenal not a big team? If we can’t put a team that can beat Watford currently, then we should question ourselves. Norwich lost double and more that number of first team players and what was the result against Man City yesterday? No excuse. We must win.

      1. I agree, we should still have enough to beat them. Just pointing out that so far this season Emery hasn’t had a chance to field anywhere near his best XI, yet some fans are already very unhappy with him.

        Would Liverpool have only lost one league game last season, and won the CL if VVD had missed almost 2/3 of the season, Trent missing half the season, not to mention many others missing with medium /long-term injuries? Injuries do make a huge difference.

        1. Cmon mate you cannot start using that same excuse everytime we play a match .every team have injuries and Aresnal are no different .
          Did you use that excuse when Wenger was in charge or is it only Emery whos aloud this ,because no manager had more injuries to deal with than wenger .
          Emery has no hiding place today ,nothing less than 3 points will be a disgrace ,bottom of the league ,sacked manager.
          no more excuses time for him to start earning is wages

          1. @dan kit

            I am not just talking about one game though. Four games played, and so many missing already. As I keep saying, Emery was crippled with injuries last season, yet he gets criticised for not doing better! Injuries have a huge affect!

            In regards to Wenger, I felt sorry for him at the beginning, given he was almost always struggling to field his best XI due to injuries. But then he consistently stuck by players with chronic injuries, who would rarely be available, and even if they were available, then not fully fit. Wenger would ensure they got contract, after contract, after contract! At that point, Wenger became the problem, not the injuries excuse.

            Not for one minute would I be so callous as to suggest that Wenger or/and the club threw these players on the scrapheap straight away, and I commend his loyalty, but he took it to the extremes. Diaby being the biggest joke of all! At some point, you have to draw a line in the sand, and say enough is enough. No more wasting money on someone who never plays, whilst simultaneously blocking the path of many youngsters, or potential signings.

            With Emery, injuries are a valid excuse, because he’s only just started his second season, and he and the board have done pretty much all they can to get of all of these injury prone players, in such a short space of time.

            As I have already said, we should still beat Watford today, but it’s interesting that you have already prejudged Emery, and told us you’re going to blaming him whatever happens during the game. What if the players have a nightmare instead? What if Luiz gifts Watford a couple of goals, or Pepe misses more easy chances?

  5. If we were to lose later.. it would cap off the worst weekend ever, what with the Mancs, Liverpool, Spuds, Chelsea winning & City losing yesterday!
    Come on Arsenal, we’ve waited 2 weeks for this, please don’t let us down! It’s a beautiful day, too nice to have a meltdown ?

      1. If we lose we will be playing catch up the whole season seeing that our games are scheduled for Sundays and Mondays due to that damned Europa League! Also going by Emery’s recent comments, Xhaka is going to be our captain. He said, “He gives us something no other play can.” Whatever that is.. ?

        1. It’s crap, ain’t it? I can’t stand thursday nights.. love 3pm on Saturdays, which are a thing of the past!!
          Oh jeez, we’re screwed then.. nailed on wreckless lunge later??

        2. Well said arsenal have to win but take note Unai wrong selection decision always make the team loose . I wish he can stop about that Shit brainless player Xhaks . I real don’t see any captain brain in him only talking talking but he’s the one who’s costing us . I’m tired of hearing xhaka ‘s name as if there’s better player like him . If we don’t win blame must unai how to play without creative midfield but you want the strivkers to be serve . Unai is next to be sacked to follow his friend

    1. You’re down under now then, TM? How’s it going over there?
      We need a win even more now then! Very long day (& night) for you.. they’d better make it worth your while! What about Thursday? Kick off here is 17.55.. what will it be over there?

      1. 9 hour difference at the moment, but I have still managed to watch all the games. Tough work though! Weather amazing over here, although I feel sorry for the farmers because they’re really struggling through this long drought.

        1. That time difference is really going to play havoc with your body clock! The things we do for AFC, hey?!
          Sounds lush… we’re having a warm spell at the you know, it won’t last!
          Well, i hope all works out for you over there, TM.. and also, that you’ll go to sleep (much later ?) a very happy guy!!

  6. Going back to the City result.. you really have to take your hat off to Norwich, at times they were all over City..
    Sterling was awful…Stones isn’t no Laporte.. I don’t rate Zinchenko or Gundogan. Even Ederson didn’t look his usual self! Why did he wait until 57 minutes to bring KDB on? What a time for practically the whole team to have an off day!!
    I also take my hat off to Guardiola, most managers woukd have just shaken hands, at full time, and stropped off down the tunnel. Not him. He shook Farke’s hand, congratulated him.. then went on the pitch & congratulated every Norwich player ? and right at the end, i found myself singing park (farke) life ??

      1. ?? nice pseudonym hey, Le Coq?!!
        You’re still not allowed? I thought you’d have been back on there by now.. as it’s changed a bit recently.
        How are you feeling? How’s Cornwall? Nice and sunny?

        1. The one`s with a sense of humour were fine, think the moderators thought my humour was too acerbic and adult, weird thing is I met both Peaches and Rasp at games and we were all fine !

  7. We could play Mustafi, Xhaka, Steponovs and Blockley and should still demolish bottom of the table Watford…………………..but we are talking no cajones Arsenal !

    I`m still waiting to see Emery`s Liverpool style pressing game which he promised, it`s been a year and four months now !……………… the time we get it going there will be a new fad, just like when we tried to play Barca style when it was outdated !……….
    We need to find a the new fad/style first and implement it, what that style is I have no idea, but then I`m not paid £6m per year to sort it out……………….must be a f##cking hard life as manager being handsomely rewarded for failure !

  8. Am sure you not aware of what you posting. Who are these missing players apart from Lucazette? When did Bellerin last play? Has Tierney ever kicked the ball for us. Holding partly yes. Who are the other two??
    That said, no matter who is or not available, Arsenal should field a team that gets 3points from teams like Watford without excuses or explanations

  9. We should show the kind of character we showed against Tottenham when we were 2:1 down,we FOUGHT to equalise even trying to win yes that is the kind of mentality we need to exhibit against Watford.

  10. Injuries part of the game, big clubs like arsenal should have depth. Like city? No, but should have 3 top CB’s at least, 3 solid wingers, and enough quality in midfield.

    If Pepe goes down, we have to rely on kids. We’re covered in ST with Auba and Laca, but aside from that it’s poor from the club not to have more quality.

    All said we should get 3 points against Watford, and should expect such result.

    How many clubs do we expect to beat? It should be most; it’s down to club mentality set by management and the coach.

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