Opinion – Arsenal cannot rely on youngsters like William Saliba next season

Youngsters will not propel Arsenal to success, experienced proven talent does that.

If Mikel Arteta had underestimated the job at Arsenal when he was first made Arsenal’s manager, I guess he would have gotten a glimpse of the task ahead by now.

This Arsenal squad is not the best we have seen in many a year and I commend Arteta for the job he has done so far, but I don’t expect Arsenal to start competing with the top teams overnight.

The Gunners will no doubt make giant strides this season and I even believe that champions league qualification is still very achievable, albeit through the Europa League and not the Premier League.

However, Arsenal can undo all the hard work they put in this season if they recruit badly in the summer transfer window.

With the number of youngsters out on-loan right now, it is expected that the Gunners will want to play some of them next season.

I am not sure that is the way to go. Youngsters can start the season well, but over time it is the seasoned professionals who will have the legs to help the team achieve their goals.

The board has to invest in top professionals in every weak position next summer and still send the likes of Nketiah and Emile Smith Rowe out on-loan to continue their development.

Obviously, some of the youngsters may do well, Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka being classic examples but to think that you can scrimp and scrape in the transfer market because you have an abundance of young talent is simply misguided.

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  1. I would argue it’s the exact opposite! Arsenal cannot rely on their experienced players, especially when one considers the financial outlay on them. Ozil, Laca, Luiz, Mustafi, Xhaka, Pepe are all a complete waste of money! They do nothing that any of our youngsters cannot do.

    1. Youngsters still lack experience regardless which is a nega

      we have poor to average experienced players

      Sell them and get better quality experienced players

  2. I think you must not put a ceiling on the youngsters. If they deserve to play on merit they should be selected. Young players tend to be more hungry and i’d rather have a player that shows desire than a Mesut Ozil who just floats around.

    Bellerin Salilba XXX Tierney
    Torreira Xhaka
    Pepe XXX Saka

    This is assuming Auba leaves.

    I would have no issue with Nketiah, Willock, ESR etc becoming starters. Look at RB Lezpig, Salsburg, Ajax – they trust their youth and it works.

    1. Roshan, I am sort of happy with the team that you put in.

      But my team will be little different next seaosn

      I would just put all my money to bring in NDIDI is possible..This will make us very solid unit.
      Bellerin Salilba XXX Tierney
      Torreira Ndidi
      Pepe XXX Saka

      1. You want to play two DMs? Ndidi and Torreira? We will be back to square one with sideways and backpasses. If you play Ndidi, you must bench Torreira and get a creative CM to drive the ball foward.

        1. I agree we need to get someone to replace Xhaka who is athletic, can pass the call and also can defend. Thomas Partey would be a good option or Soumare.

          One of my most important targets is Dominic Szobsozlai from RB Salzburg. He can replace Ozil and we can get him for around $20m next summer he will be $60m

          1. Leno
            Bellerin Saliba Diop Tierney
            Torreira Szoboszlai
            Pepe Grealish Rashica

            Diop 20-25m if West Ham goes down, Szoboszlai 15-20m, Rashica 20-25m, Grealish..?

        2. Ndid is not just a DM, he is good in carrying the ball forward. If we have him, then the creative spark will be from a good no 10 plus the wing backs ..Ndid and Toirra will sit back and protect a counter attack, this will be a good team if we can get it done.

        3. That is one of the main problems i see in arsenal midfield,ceballos can do that but MA starts guendouzi because ceballos wont be here next season.

          Like in city when KDB is marked,gundogan and even rodri gets the ball to superb positions,drive them through the lines but the arsenal side rely on ozil,so whenever ozil is marked with 2-3 players,they dont know what to do….

      2. It’s all about performance rather than age. What have experienced players like Ozil offered? Let’s not judge the guy before he shows his trade

  3. I would be happier with the youngsters
    I’m not saying it would happen but if Arteta had played the youngsters since he came we could forgive the results
    However, some things havnt changed and that’s frustrating

  4. If West Ham goes down, they will have to sell some players.

    Issa Diop, Declan Rice both look like what we need.

  5. The question remains, WILL KROENKE sanction big money deals in the summer,I hope for our and for Mikel’s sake he does,but somehow I doubt it,as much as i liike watching an in form Ozil he does not bring enough to the table on a regular basis and he is draining the club of valuable funds,couple this with badly underperforming experienced players as well as an owner who is only in it for the money and not the love of the club and we have a huge recipe for disaster,we have to support Mikel he has a huge job on his hands and needs us behind him,because sadly I do not think he will get much out of the silent one.

  6. There are promising youngsters in the arsenal side.They need time and experience to show their potential.

    Eventhough i dont like liverpool,i must accept that klopp is a world class manager.The way he has built his team with the money he has spent is superb.Man management at its best.His system has its weaknesses and strengths but they are doing well now so the main lesson we have to take from them is patience.Their fans backed the club.Remember Klopp was not amazing in his 1st season.No matter what decisiin he took the club is qith him,i mean the fans as well.So why question MA for his decisions,let him do his job.

    Now many would say its unfair on UE because we questioned him but remember we questioned him after he was given enough time and money.Give MA time because we all can see a difference.Those are unlucky draws,with UE we got lucky draws and undeserved wins this season and remember UE had experience as well.I dont want to compare the 2 of ’em but i can clearly see MA being a better manager than him.And remember there is more to football than numbers….

    Trust the process

    1. Shakier, that’s the false premise people are working under. Unai Emery was not “given money”. He requested certain players be recruited and these were not only denied, but similar types of players were also not scouted and recruited. The Board bought the players they wanted, who were available and at prices they were prepared to pay and Emery was expected to coach them.
      One can only hope that Arteta is supported by the owner and Board scouting and recruiting players HE WANTS to play his style and system.

  7. To be successful a team needs a blend of youth and experience.Unfortunately in the case of Arsenal most of our experienced players are mediocre and it is they who are letting us down.In the absence of a meaningful injection of cash Arteta will be obliged to give youth a chance and I for one would support this policy in the hope that some day soon the Owner decides to realize his investment.

  8. I argue it’s the exact opposite. The problem is everyone wants instant gratification which is how you get to the point we are at. There’s no problem admitting we are in a rebuilding process but the team much actually own it and give the younger guys time. This team has talent, young talent, let those guys mature playing better talent. Not shipping them off on loan. Have them around your culture. Have them playing daily. This team as is, isn’t close to winning a league or CL. That’s not going to change by bringing in 1-2 players. Let the young kids have their run and give them the experience you ask for. Every player has to start somewhere.

  9. The one area I would say ..has stood out most under Arteta, funnily enough, is the CM area. The cover they’ve been giving, the protection, and they’ve been more tactically involved with attacking under MA. We go with two CM’s and for a two, they’ve been more than fine. Fans keep saying we need a Cazorla, one attacker and one defender, Barca didn’t even have a Cazorla there, he’s a winger come playmaker, Xavi wasn’t like Cazorla. Liv go with three and they don’t even have one, maybe Firmino could slightly compare. All our players have shown some improvement in one form or another, it’s the partnerships that have helped steady us, at CB and at CM, a good base to steady us, youngsters like Saka and Martinelli can have a chance to shine because of it.

    Fans don’t like Ozil and they don’t like Xhaka, we’ve been here before, remember. I only care what Arteta likes, and I know he is no fool. If you see that he’s no fool, look for his reasons why.

  10. Guys open your eyes we are currently missing a midfielder like Ramsey .I read many fans here calling for Ramsey to leave but since he is gone which md have produce runs and goals like he does , his tireless efficient work rate , his attacking threat, midfield balancing and his defensive contribution. Sometimes Let’s try to appreciate wat we gat now else regret losing it later.

  11. Guys, if the idiots stop slagging our youngsters off, we have a great crop coming through or joined us. We have never had so many good young players at one time with so much potential. Yes, the odd one at a time like wilshire, Fabregas, anelka, cole and adams but we have a bunch that actually have talent,strength and ability. Support our young players and give them time to mature instead of stoning them dead and we will reap the rewards.

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