Arsenal cannot understand why they must pay so much for Mudryk

Arsenal has tabled an offer for Mykhailo Mudryk as they bid to add the attacker to their squad before the January transfer window opens.

The winger is one of the finest players in his position in European football now and will desperately want to play in a bigger league.

He has interest from several sides but seems to favour a move to Arsenal as the Gunners remain at the top of the Premier League table.

Mikel Arteta’s side has been in fine form and they must maintain it in the second half of the season if they want to win the title or finish inside the top four.

They are hopeful of striking a deal with Shakhtar Donetsk for Mudryk and will likely return with another offer for the winger.

However, a report on Sportanalytic reveals they remain baffled by why they have to pay as much as 100m euros for his signature.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mudryk has been in fine form and seems to be a player who can deliver for us if we add him to our squad.

However, the winger is still a raw talent and hasn’t played in a top league before now, so it does not make sense to spend too much on him.

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  1. Walk away. I thought £55m was already far too high, with Gakpo at £37m seeming a sensible price.

    We’ve got in ahead of the others, so no issues there – then we’ve found that the club are being silly, so it’s now time to walk away.

    I don’t think he’ll perform as well in the PL as in the places he’s played up to now. Some of the risks he takes in defensive situations will backfire some of the time, more often in the PL than in Ukraine – he still needs guidance, he’s not the finished article. The price is ridiculous.

    Danilo plus a striker needed (or two strikers?). Anything more is icing on the cake.

    1. Short term solution is to bring in the G.O.A.T
      Ronaldo ..6 months contract . Atleast that will cover for Jesus. . Spend the money elsewhere J.Felix .. wingers. Why spend so much on a player thats going to play behind Jesus on the bench . Ronaldo can guide our youngsters in someway on the pitch .

  2. Gakpo would have been a similar option. If he was sold for under £50m then I think we have bid more than enough and should walk away leaving that on the table . I wonder if a cheeky bid would get zaha, that would plug the gap and add to squad depth

  3. Hope we don’t spend the whole of the transfer window pursuing Mudryk with bids going in and being rejected leaving us no time for alternative players. Just bid what we think is our maximum we will pay and if it is rejected then walk away and move on to other players we must have in mind.

  4. Wish I had seen Mudryk plays in the same manner I have seen Danilo, Savic, Anthony, Raphinha, Vlohovic Osimhen and others .
    Then I would be able to make an intelligent assessment, honestly I haven’t but I trust the gaffer base on the players he had try to bring to the club before.

    What am told Mudryk is lightning fast and kick with both legs though weak defensively, but what this tells me he can play on both wings

    Now if he has the skills set of any of our front three he is deadly.

    But the kid needs to put in a transfer request once our second bid arrives, it is reported Everton backed out of the negotiations after bidding £ 30 mil

  5. Having had our fingers badly burned in the acquisition of Pepe, one would hope that lessons have been learned by our negotiators.Off topic, how sad to learn of the passing of the greatest ever Brazilian player namely Pele. Revered throughout the planet by all not only for his prodigious talent but for being a great ambassador of the game at every level.He will never be forgotten.

  6. His value is around 30 mln euros.
    I hope Arsenal wont pay more for
    substitute player.
    I prefer to watch Martinelli or Saka then Mudryk.
    We have Jesus, Nketiach, Nelson, Balounin
    and Pele.

  7. Because Man U paid a ridiculous amount for Anthony, so Shakhtar want a similar stupid amount. We should walk away if they don’t accept a minimal higher offer.

  8. Off topic:

    Some of you rightly mention Pelé. His deserves to be mentioned and honoured. What a great player. I dare say Pelé was the greatest player of his time. In addition, he appeared as a very sympathetic and warm person. A great ambassador for football both on and off the pitch. A player I will never forget. As a boy, I watched with enthusiasm football education films about Pelé, in which he showed various tricks. It was the player we all looked up to and we all wanted to be able to play like him because Pelé was a very complete footballer. RIP.

  9. I’m thinking the same, be ready to walk away and start negotiations with our alternative. Don’t let this drag on like with Vlahovic. Bid what we think is the maximum we’d pay, 55m is more than fair so I don’t think it’ll be much higher than that. He’s a raw player in a really weak league playing v farmers and the like. It’s not our fault he’s Ukraine’s golden boy, he’s had it easy over there, let’s see what he’s like playing proper football

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