Arsenal can’t even beat the small teams any more!

When are we going to stop losing games? By SK

Dear Gooners, it is with a heavy heart that I write this piece! I am getting fed up of writing about our problems at Arsenal and I just wish I could see some positives things to talk about Arsenal but when all we keep on doing is losing games scandalously, what are we supposed to do? Keep quiet?

Our game against West Brom is a game I wish we had not played, if we had the chance to. It is highly unacceptable and embarrassing that we lost the game by 3 goals to 1 against a team who lost back to back just before playing us! What business do we even have conceding the first goal to them? This is the type of game whereby we should have started with fire! West Brom should have had the space to coordinate their game, not to talk of scoring against us! Have we gone from worse to worst? Do we even know how to beat the small teams any more? Previous seasons when we lost to the big teams, we were consoled by the fact that we knew how to win against the small teams, but now, what can we boast of? Nothing!

The fans did well by attending the game en masse and the ‘Wenger out’ banner was a good way to remind the Arsenal board of directors once again, that the fans are fed up with their coach! He needs to go before he turns Arsenal to a middle team club that doesn’t play for any other thing than survival. Wenger needs to realize that football has left him and he should leave football for good. Holding on to the coaching job like his life depends on it, may lead to serious complications for him. Does he need a prophet to tell him to take a walk because things are no longer working for him? Wenger please leave my team alone!

The positive thing I can take away from our game against West Brom is the goal Sanchez scored! This keeps on showing the other players how to play like Champions but they seem to be content with being mediocre players. Are the players even motivated to play for Arsenal anymore? What goes on in their head whenever they play so bad? Who gives them the stick whenever they play so badly? Are they really interested in playing for Arsenal or they are just interested in their salary? When are we going to stop playing like children and start playing like men?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Gooneris78 says:

    you really think Sanchez is not part of the problem

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Just my opinion but – this is not really a player issue. Yes some like Giroud are average but that is Wenger’s fault for having them. I look at the squad and it’s hard to see why we are doing so bad. Cech is a too keeper, no way should Kos and Mustafi be so bad as they are, Bellerin might get stuck but he was doing fine until a while ago, Xhaka might get stuck but he was highly regarded and playing well before he joined and Wenger seems very negative on him and has changed his position, Iwobi is a kid and should be used as such, Perez doesn’t get a look in despite positive performances and Walcott has been here since 16 so he should have been trained exactly how he needs to be.

    So my point really is that this seems to be a bigger issue than players. Coquelin used to play much better and now seems to try to be Alonso. May be it’s his fault but this is exactly the same pattern that Song followed so i cant help but wonder if this is management instructions.

    The club have made a big mess. Wenger should not have been allowed to get to the position where he is getting all the abuse. Yes, it is his fault but we knew that 18 months ago. The club make the wrong noises and so does he and the fans are quite frankly embarrassed

  3. Gooneris78 says:

    This question goes out to the true fans of Arsenal football club,
    Will Arsenal ever return to the champions league in the nearest future

  4. davidnz says:

    To be fair Arsenal is no worse
    off than this time last season.
    Last 16 Exit to Barca, a home loss
    to Swansea in the league and exited
    the FA cup quarters at home to Watford.
    We all know how Arsenal went on to
    pip Spurs for 2nd late on in the league.
    Top 4 is still a possibility and the FA cup is a very open contest this season.
    The Man City game next week will be a crucial turning point.
    But tomorrows games are huge too.
    C’mon Boro, C’mon City, C’mon Southampton 🙂

  5. Onochie says:

    Why do some fans want Arsenal back in the top 4? What have we achieved with it in the last 10 years

  6. goonergaz2000 says:

    Personally I cannot see where the next 3 points is coming from

  7. samtz says:

    OT:Sometimes I wonder whether we have squad managament,take a simple look how do we keep Sanogo and let AFOBE??Even a loaned Campbell!!we have a lot of useless players taking salaries for fun from Jenks to Debuchy etc etc…….

  8. Jansen says:

    We are possibly at the ugly side of the life cycle of a manager. We have all seen it before and we have all seen it many times. The phases are predictable. First results start to go down, followed by fan’s unrest and frustration, followed by the manager losing the dressing room, the team no longer play for the manager and starts to wait for the owner to sack him. The manager sometimes tries to blame a player here or there and inserts some young player or bench player and removes the culprits in the hope the bench player or the young players will play for him. Normally this does not work. Finally, the situation becomes untenable and the manager gets the sack. With clubs like Real, Chelsea, Inter this can be a 3-6 months cycle with AFC this cycle is a lot longer.

    We have seen Mourinho lose the Real Madrid squad (he benched Casillas) and get fired, he lost the Chelsea squad (went after hazard) and got fired, even Ranieri lost his squad and got fired.

    Once the manager is sacked and replaced all of a sudden the non-performing players start playing again. It is the ugly side of football but I guess players need to believe in their manager in order to play their guts out and express their creativity. Like it or not it is the reality of the modern game.

    Wenger is possibly in the final phase, it looks like his players are not playing for him anymore. Even his darling Ramsey got skewered for his marking on the first goal against West Brom because he didn’t seem to make much of an effort. Wenger picked a public fight with Sanchez by benching him. If indeed we are in the phase where the players lost faith in Wenger it makes no sense to analyze their performance. They will underperform until there is a new manager. I don’t even think they will play for him if he announces a new contract for 2 years.

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