Arsenal can’t even close a CHEAP deal!

We keep hearing about other clubs finalising their transfer deals as soon as the window was open, including Arsenal sending Lukas Podolski to Inter Milan, and probably Yaya Sanogo to Bordeaux. At least the interested clubs came out and made it clear that they wanted the players and Inter closed the deal for Poldi in two days.

Now the only CERTAIN possible transfer we are chasing right now is the Legia Warsaw defensive midfielder Krystian Bielik. He may only be 17 years of age, but he is 6’2″ and extremely talented according to reports, and he plays in a position that we NEED to fill.

But of course Wenger was impressed when the youngster came to the Emirates for a trial last month, and made an initial €1.5m offer for him, which was rejected out of hand. Now it appears that Arsenal have made a new bid of €2m (£1.6m) which has now again been rejected by Legia Warsaw, according to The Guardian. The Polish club are said to be looking for at least a €3m package (including add-ons based on appearances) for the 17-year-old, which will surely be recouped in spades if he carries on his current improvement.

Arsene Wenger did not hold his punches when he received his first bid from Inter Milan for Podolski, calling it a “joke”, but it is beginning to look like Wenger is always trying to get the cheapest deal possible whichever player we target.

Stop dithering Arsene, get the deal done and move on to getting the players we need NOW, not leaving it to the last minute to get a 2% discount!

By the way, if you want to see how good Bielik is, then check out this video…

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  1. Forget 17 year old promising players or injured Swedish legends…

    Teams that are ambitious – Southampton (want the CL) signed a player.. Man City (already very good and title contenders) in for Bony..proven prem player and a beast that will make city even more formidable ..!

    However uncle Arsene dithers around letting more players leave before signing replacements.. If I wasn’t so stupid I’d think he was deluded…….!!

    1. Come down fellow gooners, Wenger’s transfer market is yet to open anyway. And it only last for 24hours mostly.

    2. 2ml for a just turned 17 year old is stupid what a rip off they rejected it?! i Highly doubt any other club after him will pay more than 2ml, must better players than him for a couple ml more.

      1. The kid looks a decent prospect
        Physically impressive.
        3mill for young signing?
        Sounds a lot but we paid
        Walcott 10 mill Chamberlain 10 mill
        Chambers 16 mill Wellbeck 16 mill.
        Go for it.

        1. The difference with those signings you mentioned is they are British and played through English ranks in higher quality competitions including some PL experience this is a Polak kid in a shit league be real.

    3. Man C haven’t done anything yet, nor have Chelski, TH, L’Pool, United, E’ton etc etc. Come on, 25 days to go and with the headline grabbing stellar signings of Elia (to Soton), Matt Grimes & Nelson Oliviera (to Swansea), Donnell Henry (to WH) and Zarate (to QPR) and the panic buttons are being pounded and the “ditherer” thing gets trawled out. Silly, silly, silly.

      1. Arsenal does not need panic purchase, no more deadwood please.
        Elia is very very inconsistent and had failed miserably in recent seasons. Soton got Mane injured so need more body there.
        The rest are highly unknown and absolutely not at Arsenal level.

      2. @Jonestown
        Perhaps your right at the moment mate but we’ve all been here far too many times in the past to sit back with any Confidence you KNOW what’s going to happen even if your hoping it doesn’t.

  2. A 17 year old boy just what we need at the moment young boys to do a mans job.
    I know he may be one for the future but we are in the now Wenger get your head out of your

    1. Everyone sounds suprised we havent signed anyone yet??? If we are to achieve our 4th placed target we wont need to spend much. Remember we are looking for top top quality….distin on deadline day.

  3. Admin, Arsene Wenger has an economics degree and has managed a football club for 18 years. 0.5% of a businesses turnover aint money to throw away. This kid aint even guaranteed to succeed. It’s stupid not to negotiate.

    1. We should dwell in the here and now – not trawl up the past. £80M net spend last window is some bargain basement.

  4. Wenger is don qixote de la pancha on his valiant horse and Bould is Sancho panza.
    Toguether they are trying to plan how to stay coach of a football club with no ambition of winning anything but fooling dunces with sweet dictionary words.
    You can see the spectacle played live on the premier league show.

  5. Chelski wants Messi (okay we can’t afford £177 mil)
    City want £28 mil bony
    Liverpool want Cavani
    Sunderland want Van Dijk
    We want Perrin and this guy.

    We are ambitious!!!!!!

    1. Yes we can afford..we have 2 billionaires

      117m is just the normal market rate for top players

      top players comes with huge price tag and have to pay top dollar….thats normal

      we should target these top players instead of deadwoods

    2. Not true!

      We want Carvalho, Schneirdelin, Perrin, Cech, Mario Suarez, Cissoko, M’vila, and this guy.

      Now, that’s ambition 😉

    3. Stop reading all the newpaper sites and their ridiculous Articles then coming on here posting what everyone else sees and believes with there foolishness, Learn mate use your head these Journalists are getting into your head just the way they like it.

  6. Who care about this Kid when we struggle against the like of Liester city … You gotta wait, it is only the last 3 days we are active, if any …

  7. chill , wengers got something big in the pipeline- some big signings coming

    have faith- has he ever let you down before?

    1. Bol since you ask yes we could of won it last year had we got DM/ATT in summer/winter… I give wenger a break only because, he hasn’t had his best team on the pitch in years always a top player missing. But I feel like a good modern day manger plan for injuries. He’s lacked in that department for years now……

      On topic: If he come I’ll support him but I rather see Young Z-Man (zelalem) get more time.

  8. Off topic:
    Wenger was asked if he was in for Cavani on TV. He gave his little “I’m working on it” smirk. Whether he does it or not I don’t know. However, I would love to see Cavani in an Arsenal shirt. He does the hold up work of Giroud but also has a bit of pace. I’ve thought that he would fit in at Arsenal for a very long time. If we picked up Cavani and a DM in Jan I’d be in heaven.

    1. Alex:
      I’m sorry to disappoint but that is Wengers way of titilation.. A way to get on our side in the hope .. That carrot dangled we never reach.. A wry smile that says under his breath..
      “You idiots, as if I’d sign someone that YOU LOT think I should sign, I’m more interested in signing someone you have never heard of and for more people to think I’ve totally lot it as a competitive manager”!!!

      I’d love cavani, but history States all signings in January are either flops or expensive flops..(Cavani..?) So expect Wenger to go for a loan deal or young player that will never get his game and rot in the reserves until he’s 24..
      See what Arsene has turned us all into.. Negative psychopaths glued to sky sports news or talk sport news now etc etc to see or hear a smidgen of news in the hope of a name a signing and then getting totally pissed off when everyone else signs players and we.. We… Do what we always do..

      1. Good point on January flops. Most managers will tell you that Jan signings rarely make an impact in the season they arrive. Normally emergency cover. Came across a couple of “All-time Top 10 PL Jan Signings” lists the other day. The lists are on the whole quite painful to read; anyone for:

        Given, Dawson, Bentley, Diarra, Dempsey, Young, Dugarry, Adebayor (to MC), Saha…..

        a few good ones though with……..

        Suarez, Ivanovic, Dzeko, Evra, Vidic, Cahill – but not sure if any did much in the last 4 moths of the season, Suarez for instance did jack.

          1. Yep, good one but would have been easier if they kept him in the first place rather than paying 10X the amount to get him back!

          2. h ewa sa good signing but they had to actually shoo themselves in the foot todo it they sold him and bought him back for 50ml? Lol even tho thwey sold David Luiz to fund some the transfers they made it doesnt cover the hole in the foot, i would say maybe if it means winning the league but i still dont think Chelsea will win it.

      2. Cavani will be an Arsenal player in the summer not now Especially with PSG in the CL hed be cup tied and pointless joining Arsenal now, I can totally see Wenger working on a deal for Cavani in the summer with the typical wenger smirk and “im working onit” Remember he doesnt just say things hed rather not saying anything if he can especially when its not a garantee but if he does actually say something its normally because its true.

    2. We are penny pinching for a 17 year old polish kid.
      I very much doubt wenger will splash out for cavani….
      We will be lucky if we sign one player this window.

      1. Why is it you want Arsene to spend as much as possible? The very reason he is trying to get best deal possible and loaning out poldi and yaya is so he can afford the big moves, read between the lines and stop wenger bashing , it helps no one

  9. Maybe he’s penny pinching because he’s making a big move for Cavani. Why else would he loan out Podolski and Sanogo from an already stretched team. I genuinely think that we might be making a move for someone, be it Cavani, Reus or whoever. If you added a player like Cavani to our attack, it would be on the same level as any in the premier league.
    If you added a boss DM to our team, who knows what we could do next season.

  10. Not paying over 2.5mill for an unproven 17 year old is not failing to close a deal. It is good business, he is not the kind of player that will slot straight into the first team so why not take our time and get him for less.

    1. Or pay 3 mil. Turn him into a star and charge 30. Someone wrote on here before about the lack of quality DM in the league. Why do people think clubs are going to sell their best players in January. Schneiderlin is not moving. Reid is not moving. Not Cavani. Maybe get rid of some deadwood and pick up some prospects?

  11. Imagine how good a team and bench this would be next season or in the future:

    Jenkinson Schar Koscielny Gibbs
    Walcott Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Mert, Wilshere, Ox, Welbeck, Giroud.

    Definitely title contenders if we could sort these pathetic injuries out.

    1. I haven’t included Santi and Debuchy, Arteta, Flamini or Rosicky because this is a futuristic team and they’re 30 or over.

      1. how could this team is if we spend big…..


        Debuchy Hummels Varane Gibbs

        Khedira Konbadagia

        Isco Reus Draxler


        Subs: Ospina, Carzola, Sanchez, Kos, Ramsay, Walcott, Cambers

          1. LoL he put Sanchez on the Bench.
            I’m surprised he left Debuchy and Gibbs on the team. why not replace them too?

            The cost of the players would be over £150 mil
            Cavani alone is around £50 mil

            Hafiz is beyond living in fantasy world.

        1. Hafiz – Not sure about Debuchy and Gibbs. And don’t like the subs bench. Have you no ambition?

      1. When did Pogba even become an Arsenal target/Rumour/Available/DM more like can people stop with the Pogba bullshit please i beg you.

        Atleast keep it within realism like Winston Reid.
        I wonder if Javi Martinez is available though he cant break into the Munich squad.

  12. If wenger is being strict as he has other targets in mind to buy within budget great, if this youngster and a cb is it then I’m not impressed or really suprised! Ot physio room are reporting we are down to 7 injured players, (diaby is listed for some pointless reason!). This means at the weekend we could actually see for a small duration at least a front 4 of sanchez, walcott, welbeck and ozil 🙂 dont think ozil be be brought backagaibst the rugby team though after such a long lay off. #wengergetyourwalletout.

    1. Ozil has spent 3 months building on his strength mate hes a tank now, you think hes just sat there doing nothing?

  13. Getting bored of this site layering our speculation on top of crappy red-top speculation. KB is a talented kid who visited London, who may or may not have made contact with AFC, who may or may not have been made and offer, who may or may not have an agent stirring the s**t for him, who may or may not be a useful or very good player for someone in 2 to 3 years time, who may or may not be interested in playing in the PL etc etc. Makes for nonsensical, contrived arguments – especially for the shouters who are quite happy to accept whatever they hear as fact. The REAL JOY of this story however when it is presented in such a way is that the Wenger bashers have a story and a big stick to wield whatever the outcome or truth of the matter. “Wenger looking at wonderkid – typical cheapskate Wenger” or “Wenger can’t close a speculative deal for a top, young prospect who plays in a position we need”. Clever eh?

    1. There is an entire transfer industry made up to keep the gullible all frothy.
      It sells ; it generates millions of hits.

      It is like reading Loch Ness monster sightings.

  14. ____________Giroud
    _____Sanchez Cazorla Walcott
    _________Cavani Ramsey
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

    This lineup is brutal.

  15. Listen guys, news in the US saying Kroenke is moving his team the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles. In order to do this he’s building a state of the art stadium which isn’t cheap at all, so where do you think this money is coming from? His other franchises including The Arsenal! This man is not about winning titles, that is way too small in his mind. This man is about building an empire and when you are building empires every state in that empire is to be used to fund whatever projects you need.

  16. It is two different business entities separated at law. He doesn’t put his personal wealth in to AFC beyond his share-owning stake – nothing changes. He cannot elect to take out more than he is entitled to, what he does with income generated from his AFC investment is entirely up to him.

  17. We have a good chance with the champion league who are the players of quality class that can slot straight away and bring the champion league home that to me would be a very good piece of business

  18. If you want to change what’s happening at the club, change the focus , Kronkie is a buisness man, he is trying to sanction another new stadium, he won’t want bad press , Kronkie out

  19. For everyone bemoaning Arsenes interest in this lad, it’s better to buy him now at 17 years old and 3 million before he turns into a huge prospect. We waited on Hazard, Reus, Pogba, etc and then we got priced out due to their value & demand going up. Sign him and get him into the under 21 squad, loan him and use him when ready. But FFS buy someone experienced and ready to play now NOW!

  20. Wenger protects the club from kroenke…don’t blame Wenger fr costly stadium tickets.we just are a money machine to him

  21. Problem with academy players is that they are better developed at smaller clubs where first team football is easier to come by.

    Also the premier league is insane in terms of money. Every club in Europe knows this and want to hold out for more.

  22. I have not heard any tangible deal or rumor on an incoming ambitious talent. who can give Arsenal fuel to fire for the remaining season. Am only seeing players leaving and those coming are young boys, free transfers and broken players.
    Wenger and Mugabe have various things in common
    1. they are all learned
    2. they developed their club and country respectively during their heydays
    3. they decided to destroy what they had build
    4. they don’t see any capable heir as their replacement
    5. they decided to become dictators and act contrary to their fans expectations
    6. Both are relatively tall and boast about their historical achievements
    7. both have strong believes that can easily be mistaken to be a cult
    8. both are mean -very mean indeed
    9. both have staunch followers -their fans are full of fanaticism
    10. they both like power and no matter how you insult them, they will stick into it.
    the only difference is; they belong to different races but almost biologically similar

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