Overpricing the reason Arsenal can’t shift deadwood?

Arsenal’s squad is now massive and there is no way that we can keep all our unwanted players on the payroll and keep within Premier League guidelines, but the fact is that the Gunners are struggling to offload any of them at all, and may be facing the nightmare of paying a selection of players that can’t even get added to the official squad list.

These players include Lucas Perez (who doesn’t want to return from Spain), Mathieu Debuchy (who has been surplus for too long already) and Joel Campbell (who is injured and unsellable), Carl Jenkinson (who turned down a move at Xmas over his wage demands) and perhaps Calum Chambers who spent last season on loan. The one that we would expect to sell for the most money though is Kieran Gibbs, who was reportedly a target for West Brom. They apparently bid £10m for the left-back but have now lost interest as Arsenal are demanding £15m and of course they would have to match his Arsenal wages which are £60,000 a week.

I don’t think any of the players mentioned above would ever earn as much as Arsenal pay them, which is probably just as big a stumbling block for sales as well as the inflated transfer fees. This applies especially in the cases of Perez and Debuchy who are definitely being paid far in excess of what they could get in Spain or France unless they were taken in by a very big team with more money than sense.

As far as I’m concerned, Wenger should have taken the 10m that was offered for Gibbs, and should take whatever is offered for the others or the club will suffer in the future, paying out wages for little or no return….

Who else should be disposed of as soon as possible?


Updated: July 24, 2017 — 2:15 pm


  1. Interesting….cos……some fans complained Arsenal sold their young polish goalie cheaply to juventus….

  2. A lot of problems have been ignored for years, and now we’re paying the price, quite literally!

    Many have been asking for Wenger to go for years, as we all felt sticking with him would only lead to regression, and Arsenal missing out on the CL, and looked what happened! We all knew Arsenal would have huge problems selling players because of the ridiculous wages being paid to average players, and look what’s happening!

    Overpricing is not the problem (look how cheap Szczsney went for), it’s the wages. We can’t even shift Jenkinson because of how much he earns! Give average players big wages, then hardly use many of them, and then only go to sell them with one year left on their contracts, meaning we can’t actually get much from any sale. The mismanagement at Arsenal is almost laughable.

    Hopefully now, more Arsenal fans can see why the majority of us have been pushing for change.

    1. Absolutely right.

      Kolasinac & Lacazette look like very good business, but there are still a lot of things to sort out with the squad this transfer window.

      I really hope they are still working hard to get things right. It surely must be Wenger’s last chance now to do so.

  3. So base on what some of the fans are saying, it is Wenger that set the wages, hmmmmm…. interesting.

    I really do not know our player’s wage structure is the comparison with teams in top six, the range from the lowest to the highest is vast, the last i saw was Beilik is on 5000, and Ozil on 140, 000 per week. I know our English players get higher because they are English.
    What was surprising i think i saw the Kos the boss below 100, 000, which is a shock to me.
    my problem is i do not think our hardly playing players, should have such high selling price especially when they bearly make the bench

    1. He is a defender so naturally his wage is lower

  4. How I wish Arsenal had not sold Wellington Silva.The guy is a quality player and would’ve been a good option from the bench.I just don’t get why he was sold.His stats may not have been impressive but if you watch him he’s really good.The teams he was loaned out to earlier hardly used him and I felt he had a future here.He just needed to step up his game to be world class.He never lost any of his dribbling and skills.He’d have been the best at that if he was in Arsenal.He deserved his chance and is even better than Joel Campbell who had many chances to prove himself.

  5. I sorta rate that guy Gibbo though. Sad to see him leave. Always gives 100 whenever given the chance to but if it is that it’s a must that we move on from him, then I wish him all the best at his future club.

  6. Wonder does wenger think everyone new coming in to the arsenal wants to emulate henry and berkamp, im thinking that it cant be true. People say all that stuff like as a boy i wanted to be this or that arsenal player, but im now puzzled by it all. Because it seem that as soon as some get any recognition playing in arsenal first eleven they appear to develop a sudden need to F*** Off and join our rivals. Maybe because elsewhere they are accustom to be treated in ways similar to julius ceasar, el chapo or don corleone but upon signing they are encouraged to dumb down to appreciate the pics on the wall of team that went all season unbeaten and to aspire to be immortal as our heros represented by busts and statues. Maybe to some players the standard is so high players will simply resort to type by opting to attract more and more money. It could be that in modern times the idea of player loyalty is no longer a reliable measure of the new generstion of footballer rather they have delusions of grandeur and are inclined toward being shamelessly mercenary regardless of any goodwill shown by their managers. Alexis looks round and he sees that some of his members lack the passion he has and he sees they’re happy to accept mediocrity like winning the aussie cup, And where hes from he knows very well you can get results by being arrogant and roofless. After Jan he’l be gone.

  7. Generally speaking I disagree

    I don’t think Gibbs is overpriced. I think the £10 million bid was too low. £15 million seems about right to me.
    Chambers? Maybe. I think he is worth £14-16 million rather than £20 million
    I don’t think Lucas is overpriced. He is a quality player.
    I think Szcesny was slightly underpriced at £11 million. He is a PL golden glove winner and reasonably young for keepers. He is quality in my opinion

    We need to sell Debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Wilshere, Campbell, Akpom, Lucas

    Consider selling and replacing Gabriel and Eleny with a better CB and DM. Gabriel can be replaced with Chambers/Nelson. Eleny can be replaced with Coquelin if we sign a top DM like Carvalho

  8. Too many deadwood players that are highly paid and have never performed for the club:
    Joel Campbell
    Lucas Perez

    The club should cut their losses and lessons need to be learnt! Stop offering high wages to inferior players and if these inferior type players dont accept lower wages, replace them with better players that are worth paying more for!

    1. Lucas Perez – underperformed? Really?

  9. ….yeah imagine 140,000 for Walcott!, the guy tends to perform on the last yr of his contract to get a renewal.!

  10. We have to pay haevy price of keepimng Wenger till now. Arsenal fans are now not hearted of Wengers’s inability to take the club forward. They have accepted it. Do not kkeep the hopes too much, aim for CL spot only , thjat is waht Wenger can do at best.

  11. Seems like none of those guys are on high wages.

  12. Over pricing? Do you know how much Everton is quoting for Ross Barkley? Do you know how much Man City paid for sterling ? Are they better then our OX ? I think you got your answer.

    Arsenal have every right to ask for higher transfer fee in today’s inflated market. In my opinion, we should hold out for 35 million for OX, 18-20 for Gibbs, 25 for Wilshire, 7-8 for Jenkinson. Or else send them on loan instead of selling. Playing more regularly for any other mid- table club would surely increase the transfer value of these players. Remember Carl jenkinson was brilliant in his first season on loan at West Ham

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