Arsenal capitulation to Bayern Munich secures Wenger exit

I am pretty sure that Arsene Wenger did not enjoy that any more than we Arsenal fansd did. But while some Gooners may be able to take some positive things from this complete capitulation by the Gunners, I fail to see how the boss can even think about another season in charge.

The way that the whole team collapsed and gave up the ghost was so bad, so embarrassing that even the Arsenal fans who have backed the Frenchman must surely realise that it is just not working anymore. Perhaps Wenger will want to fight but I doubt it, as a team reflects their coach and there was no fight whatsoever on show tonight.

Bayern were so much better it was ridiculous. THe thing is, I do think we have players just as good and better than some of theirs, but a ateam is a collective thing and Arsenal players seem to get worse rather than better over time.

Some fans say that Arsene is not going to quit while being paid so much money but I do not buy that. He has plenty and I think has believed that he could get us back to the top, but this must surely convince him that he is wrong. Will this be the last straw?



  1. Wayne Barker says:

    Wenger has to leave but so do most of the players. I was very disappointed with mustafi, the moment kos went injured I expected him to stand up but he looked so toothless.

    Ozil doesn’t care about this club and Sanchez will leave and rest i don’t care. This club needs major overhauling.

    1. Twig says:

      Mertesacker is better in my opinion

    2. frank says:

      I wanted Wenger to leave the day he gifted Man U the Premier League by selling RVP to them. That for me was when I realised money was worth more than success for the players and fans.

    3. Luko Bratzi says:

      I missed the game , how did Ozil play as it is Cup next game will the younger stars play then win 5-0 then Wenger will pick the same crapy stars of his. For once in his life drop his so called Stars that only smile on training day and give a shake up. How was Gibbs that every one wanted to play did he contain Robbin with his great defensive play. Love to know the player ratings. CB

  2. planner says:

    I have never seen a worst champions league match as this. Arsenal are an embarrassment to the English football. They don’t have zeal, no charisma, they are always naive against a big team. Let them learn from PSG. STOPBLAMINGWENGERALONE…

  3. sam-afc says:

    Poor team selection once again, players not doing enough on the pitch. Absolutely toothless. Intact it’s hard to see where any leadership is in this team?? I love Kosielny but he is not a leader of men. Veterans like Alonso and Lahm
    Outclassing the supposedly best team Wenger’s had…..?

    The sad truth is, we’ve already achieved what the club wanted in this competition and that’s just qualifying to be in the champions league.

    As long as we qualify and get that money. Wenger is seen to be doing a brilliant job. We have business minded people upstairs that only care about the £££££££

    Wenger looked like a broken man after that game.
    His legacy is being tarnished more and more after torrid results like this.

    1. arsenali says:

      we should blame the fans, they keeps attending home matches week after week (providing $$$$$ for the board)
      the question is when the boycott will start.
      what a shame
      they tought us how to accept qualifying to CL and finishing above tottenham as a trophies (what a brainwash)

  4. frank says:

    Wenger has to go and it’s got to the point where the fans have to put the pressure on. The club is toxic for top to bottom. We have an owner that just wants a profit. A board that has no interest in moving forward. A manager that is happy to finish top four, a medical team that can’t even get our best players back on the pitch and players like Ozil that don’t give a damn about the club. I don’t even feel like there is a true club man within the club that can lead by example anymore. Sanchez can see the signs, he will leave in the summer and good luck to him, I hope he finds some success elsewhere.
    I will admit that I was wrong at the start of the season in saying we only needed 3-4 more quality players to win the league (Kante, Payet, Lukaku and a CB). We need major changes starting with Wenger and about 5-7 players in the first team squad to leave before we have a crack at any trophies.

    1. Payne says:

      We have become a bunch of jokers my friends that support Manure and Pool knew as soon as we drew bayern that we would be out only us deluded fans believed we were going to beat bayern … change is needed and positive change too

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Arsenal seem to have nothing left in the tank under Wenger. The players are clearly are not responding to him anymore, and Wenger himself looks like he’ll go at the end of the season.

    It’s a shame that it could end in this way for our greatest ever manager, but he has become of figure of hate, the club is in a complete shambles, he seems clueless, he’s delusional, and a mercenary. He has definitely damaged his legacy, and I for one will not be waving him off, thanking him for the memories when he does go. For me, it’s good riddance! In fact, it makes me beyond angry, that HE decides when he goes. That should never be the case! Because he’ll never be sacked, it will mean he’ll never be held accountable for Arsenal’s failings. So even when he does go, it’ll be like, he’s having the last laugh, because it’s HIS decision to leave.

  6. HA559 says:

    We needed hungry players for this game, Welbeck and Elneny should’ve both started, they are not technically good but they will run and chase opposition down.

    It seems some players will never learn to defend for the team, especially those that have been at the club for a long time.

  7. Wayne Barker says:

    The problem is for many in the club this loss is normal. Do you think Manchester united would act normal after losing 5-1. Even under Moyes they were more competitive when they faced bayern.

    Truth is we have become a joke club, even if we finish top 4 what good would it do. This club is broken , it’s sad Wenger’s legacy will be remembered like this.

  8. planner says:

    Arsenal became the first English team to concede 200 goals in European football…what a shame. it pains me a lot that Arsenal cannot rub shoulders with Bayern this time around and play to win. look at how Douglas Costa was disgracing our players on the pitch, even Vidal who only knows how to tackle is spreading passes in-and-out, look at Robben, an old man for that matter. see how they play with zeal and confidence and they quickly cover and mark our players whenever they have the ball. why Arsenal can’t do the same? To be honest people are slating Gabriel for nothing, i am yet to see where he went wrong on the pitch that cost us this season. But your beloveth Koscielny, Mustafi, and even Gibbs whom you said he’s now better than Monreal are always caught out of position.

    1. Budd says:

      I highly doubt Arsenal conceded only 200 goals in European competitions. Probably only in UCL. If you concede only one goal per game you already have 120-130 goals in the last 18 years. Reality is that we conceded at least double. Anyway, that’s just statistics and the same statistics will show you that Arsenal won 2 out of 3 games in UCL in the last 18 years. Again, statistics and useless as they don’t come with a tangible fact: a trophy.
      The thing that surfaces now is that players are totally disoriented. Absolutely scared, they absolutely don’t give a fsck. How can you give any fsck when you see every day the same thing : same system, same players picked even if they are not in form. I genuinely believe Giroud can score at least 15 goals in a 442 configuration. Lucas Perez is slowly transformed in what Podolski was. From a goal machine to a wannabe first starter. And in Perez case is even worse because he has more to offer than Podolski. I think decision is already taken, Wenger will leave and I hope the board will not put themselves in the situation of refusing this. One more year with Wenger will see the attendance (already thinning) at the Emirates sinking to Etihad level. And that my friends will be a monumental task to rebuild what was destroyed in the last 5 years. I am saying last 5 years just to give in to th efact that we had constraints. But no one stopped us to properly challenge for the title in the last 5 years. OK, let’s not say 5 but last 3? I hope Wenger does the right thing. I just hope that.

  9. Disgrace……enough said

  10. Payne says:

    I just can’t believe that we have become a joke we always start the season well then have a bumpy December and by the time Feb comes our form has taken a dip and we get kicked out of all competitions except for that valuable top 4 that the board loves so much…ultimately if Arsenal want to compete again we need changes from the bottom up… Kroenke and his board need to go cause clearly for them profits matter more than trophies …Wenger needs to go for his lack of tactical naus guy has been using the same fornation since I was in high school and I’m doing my honours in accounting now … our medical team must all go our players always get injured and they never come back in time(take a look at Santi) players like Coquelin Theo Mesut Gabriel Gibbs Giroud just to name a few need to go they’re just not good enough seriously these players lack fight tactical Discipline and tactical awareness… at the end of the day change needs to happen things can’t keep going like this for us ….

  11. eazyarsenal says:

    too much hate on ozil. We were you last season when e single handedly carried us for large parts of the season whilst cazorla and sanchez were injured? First goal coquelin has to better/ Problem is all of our players are washed.Even our two best players sanchez and ozil wouldn’t start in the bayern starting 11 tonight

    1. Budd says:

      I think you haven’t seen the last half of the past season. Ozil was absent just as the year before. He looked better than today based on what he did in the first half, like assists after assists.

  12. luvdaguns says:

    i said all year, this year we finish 5-6th and spurs finally passed us, if that does not catalyze the change we need, nothing will. its over, he should have left after the 2nd FA cup, he simply can not attract the real talent we need across the whole pitch,

  13. hide_TR07 says:

    The match last night was just embarrassing and sad. I feel that we have become totally empty. Whatever we gained under Wenger for the past 20 years, it’s gone. No quality, no tactics, no collective understading among the players, no fighting spirits.

    But at the same time, this was almost predictable after watching the poor display against Watford.

    It’s a sad ending, but he must go for the sake of the club.

    I am very sorry for Ospina, Gabriel and the traveling fans. Ospina was my MOTM. He could not do anything about 5 goals. We conceded 4 after Gabriel came in, but I don’t think he was the only one to be blamed. The fans didn’t deserve to watch such a shambolic game.

    We played like ghosts. No heart, no legs. We have completely fallen apart and we have only Wenger to blame. He didn’t do ANYTING right. He should have done something at 1-1, or at least 3-1.

    Can we ever bounce back from this? The damage is way too much.

  14. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger won’t Leave we all know this, he Always gets a new contract

  15. Persian8oy says:

    You lost me at the 3rd spelling mistake.

    I don’t see how this even qualifies as an article.

    Admin you need to start posting users who provide insight, analysis and some depth. This article barely qualifies as a comment.

  16. ger burke says:

    what say you now wenger fans , lets have your excuses and defend this old fart, i am waiting .

  17. capricorn57 says:

    I think it’s significant that when. Kos went off Arsenal’s defence folded like a pack of cards in a gale force wind.

    However even if Wenger goes will that solve their problems or does their need to be a major clear out of the playing staff?

    Is it all down to Wenger and his coaching methods or is there something amiss with the mentality of all too many of Arsenal’s players?
    Could another manager get much more out of this talented but mentally fragile bunch of players?

    Whilst it may be time for Wenger to go I think it’s also way beyond time for many Arsenal players to do some soul searching

  18. Jansen says:

    I have to agree with Bob. This team has stopped responding to Wenger. I don’t recall that happing so obviously and so consistently in the past. This is a very bad sign for him.

    But there is a reason why great clubs change managers. The same message no matter how it might be useful, coming from the same person to the same group year after year loses its power.

    This is also the reason one should change the group. Two seasons ago we did not buy a single outfield player. The only consistent new face in our line-up is Mustafi this season. We have all spoken about the need to recycle our dead wood, yet we don’t. It all adds to becoming stale and unresponsive.

    Bayern change managers often, Barca don’t really keep the same manager for more than 3 years and Real and Chelsea have had success with a ridiculous revolving door policy.

    We as fans are sick and tired of hearing the Wenger message after a bad loss. We all know it by hard.
    It is some version of “we were naive” and or “we have to respond in the next game”.

    As a player, I can imagine hearing the same thing over and over on the training pitch and seeing it not work, that this would be de-motivating and hardly educational. To learn you need a new message, how can you learn from something you have heard over and over? How can you improve? What has Wenger changed to challenge his players? I can not see it. Same old methods will lead to the same results no matter who the players are.

    Wenger is no SAF and SAF was a one of. It is time to change managers and change them often in Arsenal terms. If we can Simeone for a 3-year contract, do it! We don’t need a manager who will stay for another 10 years. We need one who has to deliver in 3 years. You keep the philosophy of play consistent, like Barca and Bayern, but you select the managers and give them freedom to adjust play within the philosophy of the club.

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