Arsenal captain calls for calm from players AND fans

Mikel Arteta may not have had his most productive of seasons in an Arsenal shirt this year, as injury problems as well as form and fitness issues have seen the Arsenal captain’s role on the pitch reduced to a bit part one of just two starts and 11 sub appearances.

Neither of those starts have been in the Premier League of FA cup either, the two competitions that Arsenal still have a chance of winning, unless you believe that we can produce the miracle of miracles against Barcelona at the Nou Camp next week. But the Spaniard still has an important part to play behind the scenes as he is the club captain.

That is why he is trying to keep all those around him from losing their heads and that does not just mean his team mates, but everyone connected with the club. I certainly get the impression that his comments on the Arsenal website this week were directed at us fans just as much as at the players.

It is the Arsenal squad and Arsene Wenger that will ultimately decide whether the fans are able to celebrate a double, a trophy or nothing at all at the end of this season and they all need to have their heads screwed on and approach each game in the right way for the campaign to end well. But Arteta knows all too well the adverse affect that pressure from the fans can have on the team.

He said, “This is something we have deal with very, very carefully because I think we have so much desire and ambition to win trophies like the Premier League at the moment.

“We are going to be there until the end but we need to find the balance between everybody to be helpful but not push too hard where we destroy that. We have to deal with that carefully as I still believe we have the potential to win and have everything required to win it.

“You don’t know how to deal with those emotions because they are our emotions, the staff and the fans’ and you sense that in the stadium. When a disappointment comes, it feels like the end of the world. You are going to have those ups and downs, everybody has had it.

“If we are talking about the start of the season after first few weeks, the league was over. Manchester City were going to win it, they didn’t conceded any goals and they were the best team by far and had the best squad and then we were.”

Arteta makes a good point here and even though it is hard for the fans to control their emotion it might just help the Gunners to pull off a remarkable end to the season and win the trophy that we all want. So can we just hang on to the abuse and the banners until such time as Arsenal are guaranteed not to win it?

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  1. Let fans protest if they want to.

    Let Arteta call for calm, and patience for the ‘potential’ to come to fruition.

    Let Wenger motivate and coach his players
    And let’s see where we end up!

    1. But failed to replicate that form ever since Cazorla got injured. Stats are useless if you can’t remain consistent and the only way we could have was by brining in quality back up players.

    1. ehm a question.. are you maybe stupid? so if for example i work for a company or say magazine and then you like it and subscribe it, so yes hands down the company works cause they have customers but dont be arrogant to subscribe it/fan for it is your choice and for the company the opinion of the customer is indeed important, but no fan/customer could really argue that they are ones keeping the club going.. thats just unreasonable on so many leves, its entertainment that they offer and you pay for it, and when you didnt like it, you can make a complaint but to say that the should tell you to keep calm is just you being arrogant, the club isnt yours even if some clubs/players/managers say some pretty words, that the club is only here for the fans and that they would love their fans… let me tell you a truth here… they are lying.. they have to.. they care about your opinions and thats it.

        1. sorry i know a lot of you guys come with this kind of arguments when you are hating on the club but just because of the thumbs up/down it doesnt really make sense :/ just because a supermarket for example in swiss coop/migros cant make it without the customers, it doesnt really make the store yours..
          but if you guys really wanna believe that… then well keep doing it if it makes you happy being so naive 🙂

  2. Arteta has been paid
    2.8 million quid this
    season for a few
    jog arounds.
    To earn 2.8 mill on the average English
    working man’s wages would take 140 years.
    And you want to take the fans football passion away too!!!!!!
    EPL Pro footballers are living in another universe
    not even a parallel universe but one at an extreme blind tangent.
    And the manager is being paid 200% more and calls for patience.
    Surely when you are living in the luxury you should have guts
    to admit that you stuffing up and have to get your Ar#es into gear.
    You still gonna get paid 80,000 quid on Thursday what ever you say.
    How hard can it be??? Players do speak a lot of drivel.

  3. Which club will Lady Luck pair Arsenal with at Wembely for the FA Cup semi-final match, Crystal Palace?

  4. Arteta says we’ll “be there until the end”. Well, start getting some points then especially when Leicester and Tottenham haven’t been in that great of form. We have time but keep squandering chances. I’m anxious to see who AW is going to field against Watford with Barca coming up.

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