Arsenal captain Odegaard named as shining example by Bayern youngster

Bayern Munich loanee Gabriel Vidovic has named both Chelsea’s Mason Mount and Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard as two players he looks up to as he looks to make his name in the game.

The Dutch side have seen a large number of young players blooded in their team, with Chelsea amongst others regularly sending their youngsters there to gain experience.

Having brought in Vidovic from Bayern this summer on loan, he is already looking like he could be a star for the future, and he has admitted that he looks up to the likes of Mount and Odegaard, who also spent time on loan with the same club.

The midfielder claimed that whilst they are examples for him however, he doesn’t wish to be compared to them.

“Those are shining examples for me,” Vidovic told De Gerderlander (via InsideFutbol).

“You know I admire them but I absolutely do not want to compare myself with them.

“They play at the highest level – in the Champions League and the Premier League.

“They are international stars.”

Odegaard was a rare breakthrough at a really young age, and his time with Real Madrid could certainly have been undermined, but he continued to work hard and that is really paying off now. The Norwegian is now captain for both club and country, and has proven to be one of the most consistent players in the Premier League in this calendar year.

He definitely should be a role model for young players, and will appear as a mature head on young shoulders within our team.


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  1. Personally still
    Not sold on him as our main attacking outlet or as a captain ,but ….this season
    He as started to turn me the other way in my thinking ,some matches he can look magical but and it’s a big but I’ve still not seen him grab a game by the scruff of the neck when the chips are down and that’s still why I’m cautious of him,I’ve always said he looks
    Fantastic with the ball(that’s not up for debate )the big problem I’ve always had with him is his pace and the lack of physical presence.
    But this season out of the 6 games we have played 4 of them he’s been in my top 3 players and I’ve given him his due,but Man Utd when he should have stepped
    Up he didn’t and that is where my opinion above comes into play .
    His first season was awful on loan ,last season personally wasn’t impressed ,this season he’s started to change my mind ,i
    hope he continues

    1. Hey Dan, I agree that he looks better than ever this season.But I don’t think he’s yet reeched his peek.

      About the physicality and pace issue you mentioned you’re absolutely wrong. He covered the most area in the pitch on the palace game. He’s a key player in our pressing. He has a special awareness of where to be and when which is so necessary. And physically he wins most of his duels. He’s stronger than you think mate.

      There’s a reason that the boss made him the captain. For me he’s the only one that does his defensive and offensive job exceptionally well. I’ve seen him dropping back in Villa game many times to receive the ball and progress forward to help Sambi Lokonga out. This is a very rare thing to see from an attacking midfielder( ofcourse it might be the manager’s instructions, but it shows how hard working he is).

      Yea he doesn’t shoot a lot but rather tries to find another pass but this is due to his high centre of gravity. So don’t be harsh on him.

      1. Agree Dan, im not sold on him, he is bit like a broach, costs a lot of money, looks nice but ultimately doesn’t do an awful lot. I think he is physically weak and doesn’t ever take control of the game for us. Still has to improve a lot for me.

  2. I agree on general, but it’s not his pace or strength, it’s his ability to impose himself on the game (take it by the scruff of the neck, as you said). I haven’t always felt like he’s been as cutting or forward thinking with his passes as I think he’s capable of, although he’s definitely improving and I think he has it in him to be a top class player. There was an interview last year where he/arteta said this was an area he was looking to improve, and I do think it’s going in the right direction.

  3. He’s a very intelligent player but he need to add some grits into his game. He should also improve on his shooting because he should have had a goal or two in the ManU game.
    Overall,he’s a fantastic player and I see his game improving as he gets used to the premiership.

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