Arsenal captain on why Chelsea should be very worried

Mikel Arteta has just endured a very difficult year, in personal terms at least, but it did end well for the Arsenal captain as he came on as a sub against Chelsea at Wembley last Sunday to help his team mates keep up the brilliant recent run of trophy success.

Just as we did last season, Arsenal added the Community Shield to the FA cup and although the Spaniard is well aware that this pre-season game does not mean a lot when the serious business of the Premier League begins, Arteta believes that the end of our wait for a win over a Jose Mourinho side could prove to be very significant.

He admits that this had been making our games against Chelsea more difficult that they might otherwise have been, but now that we have removed this mental obstacle from the players´ minds there should be nothing to stop Arsenal from having a fantastic season and finishing on top of the table next May.

He told Arsenal Player, “To come to Wembley again and get another title under the belt, I think it’s magnificent. I think you need to have consideration for the opponents as well.

“It made the day a little bit bigger than usual but we’re delighted for the fans, they gave us unbelievable support here, and for the boys as well, because they worked really hard.

“It’s very important to win the first title when we had the first chance. We want to be ruthless. I think we have built some momentum and some encouraging expectations. We have to maintain that now and the best way to do that is to keep winning.

“To get those defeats and draws against Chelsea over our heads is going to be really important for the future.”

And just as this result will have helped the self-belief and team spirit in the Arsenal camp, I think it will have had the opposite effect across town at Stamford Bridge. Those Chelsea players and their manager may well jst have a few more doubts in their minds now and with football matches and leagues often decided by small margins, will this prove to be a key change to the fortunes of both clubs?

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  1. Chelsea and Arsenal will
    both be better after the
    result on Sunday.
    Arsenal will feel more confident
    and Chelsea will be forewarned
    so have a chance to be forearmed
    next time.

    1. Chelsea is a tougher outfit than what they looked like on Sunday. However, if we get lucky on the injury front, I believe that we should be able to contend with them & the very best all the way to the end. Though optimism is high after a decent preseason, we might want to wait for the first 10 or so games to better assess our chances of winning the whole thing. What will be most intriguing for me is how we will fare against in-form big teams , especially away from home after all these past years of beatings & lack of mental toughness. I just want us to give them back a little taste of their own medicine… finally!

  2. Whoops I thought I was on
    Must’ve accidentally typed in

    Oh… Wait no I didn’t.

    1. I would be more worried if Sanchez was out for 6-8 weeks. We have got cover for him in Ramsey and Cazorla.

      1. I m worried for Jack. This season may have been his last chance for him to cement a spot in the lineup. Looks like he may leave next season if this keeps happening.

          1. What? Literally no idea what parallels you’ve drawn there…

            Bale is as fit and robust as they come, 30+ apps each year the last 7 years, 40+ the last 5. He started out as a LB, Redknapp kept moving him up the pitch and he developed into a genuine world star. Jack played Barcelona off the park one time and has watched football as much as any fan since. Ridiculous stretch to suggest he could ‘do a Bale’.

            As I said earlier this window, 45mil that City would love to chuck our way is something to seriously consider. We swatted it away this year but signs are Jack is going to be the same Jack of the last 6 years….Jack Wheelchair. Players aren’t loyal to clubs so why Arsenal should be immeasurably loyal to Jack is anyone’s guess, pure poetry in hoping an academy talent becomes the talisman of the club. A ruthless manager would’ve moved him on and bought Gotze from the money generated. We all hope Jack fulfills his potential here but ffs groundhog day is upon us once again with him.

            1. Did you not see what Jack did for England. I see something special in him that might have not been picked up by others.

              1. For England? Lol against who, Slovenia?

                Well if that’s your basis I guess I can’t argue with that ay..

              1. Unless we’re talking about you who moans for new signings every article I don’t see one…

  3. Just focus on yourself and be the best you can be.It is not about anyone.Listen there are problems in the team which need to be fixed.Ignorance is the mother of failure.When you ignore you fail.But when you listen and try to improve you succeed.If you fool me once shame on you but if you fool me twice shame on me.Honestly if arsenal use this current team into the new season and they dont win anything i wont complain because if i complain it is like they fooled me to believe they can win the title but if they win the title then they have defied the odds and that will be massive.We need a dmf and a cf this i a need.Although to me there are still several problems in this team.However this we need not want.

    1. Ignorance mother of failure?
      But to others tis bliss smiling
      as they descend the abyss.
      Because if necessity is the
      mother of invention then
      Father time waits for no manager.
      Jack was nimble Jack was quick
      but now his ankle made him sit
      The crowd called out for another
      DM as the season flew away
      My Kingdom for a striker
      as the Gaffer told his tale
      I can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear
      by casting pearls before wines
      and her face at first just ghostly
      turned a whiter shade of blue.

  4. We are attracting some of the best young talents in the game. The reason why is players look at Arsenal and can see our young players breaking through into the first team. Long may it continue GOYG

  5. Serge Gnabry could replace Jack Wilshere until Wilshere comes back. I completely forgot about Gnabry. Although Gnabry plays at wide areas he can easily slot at CAM. Also Rene-Adelaide or few others could get chance there.

    1. You don’t win the league with Gnabry or RA. Put the Emirates cup party poppers away, the Premier league is different gravy. Gnabry needs a loan, and RA will need one after spending some time at the club.

    1. I think Wenger should strongly consider getting another cm either a DM or b2b who is decent in defense

      Wilshere could have more injuries during the season

    2. I think he is out for two months but it’s usually more because Wenger doesn’t like to rush players out after injury. Also actual recovery time is usually longer than predicted recovery time

      So I would go for 3 months to be safe. I hope he recovers sooner. Wilshere is awesome when at his best.

  6. @ Admin
    Why don’t you write an article on what mourinhio has for his breakfast , what he eats for lunch / dinner.
    It would be interesting to know.

    I’m sure you can find something on that too.
    Thank you admin for your nice article on mourinhio and Chelsea , if you can write an article on abromavich and our Stan .Keep it up admin good work

    1. If the next article title has either the words “Mourinho”, “Jose” or “Chelsea” then someone is intentionally trying to take the pish lol

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