Arsenal captains roast the Spuds over Welbeck transfer!!

This is priceless for Arsenal fans, while at the same time will have the twerps from Tottenham grinding their teeth in frustration. Because the Arsenal captain and vice-captain have revealed that it was their intervention that caused Arsenal to hijack the transfer of Danny Welbeck from Man United on transfer deadline day.

The story, reported by the Daily Star, is that the Spuds were the only club in the running for the England striker and were poised to secure his services on a year long loan deal, until he bumped into Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker.

It is a lucky coincidence for us that England were using Arsenal training facilities, because a quick chat between the three players there on that Monday made the Arsenal captains aware that there was a chance that Arsene Wenger could still bring Welbeck to the Emirates, so they called the Frenchman in Rome and got the wheels turning. The rest is history.

Welbeck was already in the mind of Wenger and had been recommended by his England team mates at Arsenal as they believed he was perfect for the club. Why the boss had not tried to contact Welbeck and United before is unclear, but maybe he assumed that United would not sanction the transfer to us. I am still surprised they did.

So the poor old Spuds missed out and it was too late for them to get another striker by that time, leaving them with goal shy Soldado and Adebayor, who must be due for a big long sulk any time now. It appears that Arsenal fans have even more reason to cheer Arteta and the BFG, while the spuds must hate them even more. Now we just need Welbeck to score against them when we meet and all be sweet.

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  1. Tyno says:

    Ok! Arteta out! Per is too slow, out! Lol…
    This is what the captain does. Van Persie didn’t do that, and he pushed for a move. Wenger became via villain…

    1. Tyno says:

      And when Arteta got injured, we sorely missed him…

      1. Tyno says:

        The villain…my mistake

  2. arsenalmaniac says:

    Wenger on welbeck…… ‘“If I had not travelled that day, Welbeck would not be here,” he said. “I’ll explain that a bit later but the coincidence made that because I was on my way. If I had stayed at home, Welbeck would not be here today. That’s the truth.”

    1. Tyno says:

      Priceless… Wenger

    2. NIKK says:

      jgrim post yesterday on Welbeck….the truth is out!

      jgrim September 10, 2014 at 1:14 pm

      master stroke my arse! all the” in Arsene we trust”” he is a professor “and the cleverest man in the world supporters will be on here next!!!!

      lets be honest, he didn’t turn down others because he knew Welbeck was available, it was last knockings and last chance saloon and he got potentially very very lucky!!!

      i agree Welbeck could be a right result! lets not kid ourselves though if he works out to be great, it was luck and luck only that manu decided to sell last knockings otherwise Wenger wouldn’t have bought anyone!

      Out of tune?. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 18 Thumb down 47

      1. jonestown1 says:

        And your point? Note the “master stroke my arse! all the” in Arsene we trust”” he is a professor “and the cleverest man in the world supporters will be on here next!!!!” was jgrim’s construct not anyone elses. Everyone with a single brain cell or more knows it was lucky. You want to pan someone for being lucky? If people are desperate to find any angle to score points against Wenger then so be it. Try describing the sequence of events that in your mind should have happened for you to give credit to Wenger/AFC board. No-one could have planned to buy DB in the circumstances that unfolded. No doubt you would have said nothing derogatory about Wenger if the spuds signed him instead.

        1. Budd says:

          If you didnt read what Wenger said I suggest you to read below. It was a master stroke where patience paid off.

          1. jonestown1 says:

            Budd: I have read below. My point really was that all last day transfers are burdened with an element of luck. A game of poker as AW said. Wenger had his eye on DB for a while no doubt and I would have preferred it if at least some credit had gone to AW/board for swiftly sealing the deal in the last 6 hours of the window rather than desperately looking for an angle to have a pop-shot at AW/board.

          2. Budd says:

            But of course it involves some luck. Nevertheless, most of the time one makes his own luck. This kind of luck doesn’t just come and you are there for the grab. This was something very intricate and Wenger being an old fox knew how to play it. Most probably he could have bought Welbeck in the morning for 25 million but he knew that Utd will sign Falcao. That was the game changer for everyone involved, Welbeck included. Wenger stopped saying anything because Utd would grow desperate to sell. I think van Gaal was fooled let alone Utd directors. But in the end we all have to agree (even Utd fans) that this was for Welbeck own good. At Utd he would never been played under LvG. I mean Moyes didnt played him ffs and Moyes is a British coach.

          3. jonestown1 says:

            Budd- I don’t think we are arguing here – I agree with you. You have just been more confidant in praising Wenger for his patience – I’m am often a little reticent to commend Wenger for too much on here fully expecting the AOB flak to start flying. Very little, if anything, happens by chance where Wenger is concerned.

          4. Budd says:

            Everyone here knows I am never questioning Wenger when is about AFC, of course. And football in general. I would quit my job just to carry his bags and live from the tips he’d give me 🙂
            So AKB-er is not something I am really proud of it because I am actually blowing up his ar se every time I got the chance.

      2. Budd says:

        Yes, that jgrim had no clue and what Wenger said in the interview shows a master stroke. All you have to do is to read yourself the interview and not this phrase only taken out of context. Prof had it right all the time.

      3. Tyno says:

        NIKK, you can go and eat your words because: “If I had not been away on deadline day, Welbeck would not have signed. That’s the truth,” said Wenger.
        “The advantage of that day was I got up at 6am and was available the whole day.”
        “I will tell you the story one day.”
        “With an option to buy yes. In the end, when it was a permanent transfer or loan with an option to buy, I was happy to buy permanently,” he said.
        Asked to clarify if that meant he favoured a loan, Wenger added: “At start of day, he was only available on loan. At the end of the day, I agreed.”…because those are Wenger’s words.

      4. Incarnate says:

        Have u ever considered that the English team was training at Arsenal’s facilities because it’s state of the art? Thanks to the vision of the same man you keep slating. You know, he also met TH14 by chance on a flight? If you think someone got lucky, go try get lucky and see how it easy it is to actually get lucky

    3. Budd says:

      Post also what he meant by that. From Le Prof :

      “The advantage of that day was I got up at 6am and was available the whole day.”

      Welbeck was available only for loan but once Utd decided to sign Falcao, Le Prof said :

      “I thought when they bought Falcao they had to let somebody go. I was not aware of the start that he would be available, it was quick, but I had no hesitation to do it.”

      So he didn’t wanted to get Welbeck if only on loan because Utd didn’t wanted to give option to buy :
      “At start of day, he was only available on loan. At the end of the day, I agreed.”
      “With an option to buy yes. In the end, when it was a permanent transfer or loan with an option to buy, I was happy to buy permanently.”

      So, stop taking things out of context. Utd had no intention to sell Welbeck but signing Falcao forced them to sell. And because the window closed and Welbeck didn’t wanted to go to Spuds they swallowed a 16 million deal. Patience paid off. Typical Wenger.

  3. Young Gun_AFC says:

    Arteta is important, especially in games against weaker opposition. He controls the game and conducts play. Against man city chelsea and liverpool i would drop him for flamini.

    1. jibber says:

      if you’re talking about the old flamini before he left us, maybe.

      but flamini now only has the legs for 60-65 mins max and you’ll c an obvious drop in physicality.

      he also does just as many “reckless tackles” as wilshere does, and also results in getting yellows often.

      I just don’t understand why people will hail flamini for his bravery and tackling, but not for Wilshere doing the same.

      I would agree that Arteta is also dropping in form due to his age, and he definitely doesn’t have the legs to chase down a quick counter.

      But you have to give him credit for what he does. He is the guy who sits back recycling the ball.
      while i do believe he can do more long range passes, i’ve realized the reason is because there’s no one up front to pass to without walcott bursting forward.

      we haven’t seen much of sanchez and Arteta playing together yet, so I can’t judge.
      And Ox doesn’t burst forward as nearly as much as walcott when WITHOUT the ball.

      So is Arteta really that bad as many think? Or is that our attackers aren’t doing enough to stretch the play upfront, so that there can be passes going forward?

  4. davidnz says:

    Wish Saturday 12.45 pm GMT
    would just hurry up.

    1. Gorgo Italiano says:

      Me too 🙂

  5. goonerwineverything says:

    the most important thing this year apart from wining the league or c/l is qualifying for c/l next year with having to stress over game at the end of august again its better for fans and better for planning next summers window earlier am hoping we will do both of the above and win most if not all the big 4games along the way (time to wind my neck down behind the parapet again lol.)

    On a different note quickly i got this funny feeling that if reus keeps getting injured more this season nobody will touch him with a bargepole next summer no matter the low buyout clause bvb could be stuck with a duffer, what does anyone think to that ?

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Exactly. The same goes for Khedira…

  6. Budd says:

    Yes, because we should believe Mirror. C’mon.

  7. Bolly says:

    Interesting comment from Wenger, his first on the subject of Welbeck for 8 days, since we signed him. Theories are that Wenger had nothing to do with the signing and that it was Ivan who got him. Apparently he wanted him but not on the terms he was signed and Ivan overruled him. If Welbeck plays centre forward Saturday then all is well. If he plays wide or is on bench the conspiracy theory could be right!

    1. Budd says:

      How the fu ck Ivan can over rule the boss? Are you listening to yourself? Is Ivan making the team ? Because we should go fast on and email them that the jobs do not match for Ivan and Wenger.
      If he starts on the left? On the bench? What the fu ck are you talking? Welbeck had absolutely NO PRE SEASON TRAINING with the Arsenal team. It is only normal to have the BEST team in and not our BEST BUYS.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      If thats the case, then why didn’t Ivan get a DM also???

  8. Big Gun says:

    Either way Wenger had to give the go ahead to get him. I’m sure not every club has things just fall into place every transfer window. It is like watching the stock market, you notice a change and based on what transpires, the ‘players’ make a move, which has a ripple effect on the whole thing and the process continues.

    For all we know it could be a bluff by Wenger just to irritate the Spuds even more. 😀

  9. goonerwineverything says:

    as long as welbeck gets his head down and scores goals i dont care if warren buffet the Omaha sage helped get him through a prophecy that he was going to outscore the whole man u front line lol. COYG

  10. goonerwineverything says:

    I am surprised how man u get so much revenue and have so little profit(82% drop could spell trouble for them) to show for it if we had that kind of revenue coming in every season we would be unstoppable football force, and our debts would have been shot out of the cannon quicker also we would be walloping everybody in our sights in the transfer market, while being MASSIVELY self sustaining those days will come soon win a few big trophies first and we will go through the £400 million mark. Come on kronke get the walton family on the phone and tie us u a fair market value deal with walmart £150million @ 5 yrs seems far enough to me they are filthy rich and could do with asda advertising in the football world lol even usmanov could get us metalavest(i think thats what his companies called) deals £150millon @ 5 years thats extra £300 million over 5 years we would be untouchable

    success + more commercial deals and more revenue =cheaper tickets hopefully one day.

  11. curiousb says:

    The one thing Arsenal have been accused of, especially since we lost Patrick Vieira, is a lack of character. In some ways you would have to agree with this (then again its not easy when you have to sell your best players to pay for stadium debt). But what I find really encouraging about us now is a resilience, more than that a doggedness which we have really missed. It’s good to see that we don’t give up when the going gets touch (FA Cup against Hull and recent match against Everton). How many points will this be worth to us this season. Free flowing attacking football is wonderful to watch but I really happy to see some steel return to us. I won’t start the CM/DM debate here but for a makeshift DM Arteta does deserve some credit. In an ideal world you’d want a player like Blaise Matuidi or Morgan Schneiderlin to partner Ramsey there (its good to dream) but Arteta does a decent job there most of the time. You just fear what happens when we meet Man City or Chelsea.

    1. sollygunner says:

      we”ll find out in 2 days

  12. Tyno says:

    I got a conspiracy theory here: wenger met Fergie at the airport to Rome, and learnt Welbeck was available. He didn’t hesitate to make the call then…

  13. Bolly says:

    Hey Budd, calm down a little eh!
    Wenger is usually all over a new signing like a rash but these are his first comments since he was signed. And your comment about pre season training is laughable. Ozil signed on the Thursday and played on the Saturday same as Sanchez. Anyway, he was training with them and England at London Colney (I live there and have contacts at the training ground) and you don’t need to train with someone to play with them. Welbeck came into the England team at short notice and played a blinder. About his playing position, I was saying he should play through the middle like Geroud. Sorry NY Gunner I have4 no idea about a DM.

    1. Budd says:

      Ozil and Sanchez did not played against Man City in their first game. But that is not the point. What tipped me off balance is the fact that you said if Welbeck starts on the bench then it is not Wenger who actually signed him on. This is really $hit because nothing in the team happens without the boss to agree IN THE FIRST PLACE. Pray do tell how Welbeck came on a short notice for England? I thought Woy made the list available two weeks before the camp.
      That’s one thing. Secondly I believe you haven’t seen the interviews with Wenger and what he said about Welbeck. As a comparison, he used less words about Sanchez when we signed him. Thirdly, what message would he send to Giroud if Wenger would be all over it like he have bought Ronaldo? Wenger is a MANAGER, also a people manager and he knows exactly when to open his mouth.
      PS: I think you missed the sarcasm and the logic from NY_Gunner post. If Gazidis was the one signing players how come we don’t have now Carvalho? He was not expensive and very young. Just shows you have to think before you open your mouth. Take some lesson from Wenger.

  14. Bolly says:

    Your cage really has been rattled today Buddy and you really did miss the point of my post which was just my opinion. So before you get all Mr Angry with everyone remember you don’t have to agree but at least disagree with a bit if self control and some manners!

    1. Budd says:

      Opinions are like arse holes. Everyone got one. Hard to change that. As the boss said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if it proves to be $hit then at least have the guts and come back saying you were talking nonsense.

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