Arsenal cash reserves near £200m – Big transfers due?

To be perfectly honest, I will not be holding my breath for any big name Arsenal signings in the run up to and during the January transfer window. If Arsene Wenger could not find any players that he wanted to sign or that were available this summer, what chance is there of one dropping into his lap just a few months later.

However, there will be an increased amount of pressure on the Frenchman to splash the cash, after the latest Arsenal financial figures were released and published on the Arsenal website today. The numbers for the year 2014/15 show that both turnover (£329.3m) and profits (£24.7m) were up on the previous year and that has got to be good news.

Well it would be good news if the money was put back into the playing staff in order to give the team a better chance of competing to achieve the success of a Premier League or Champions League trophy. Instead is always seems that the Gunners just put it on top of our already massive pile of loot.

The figures show that the club’s cash reserves have now risen from £173.3 million to a massive £193.1 million and that does not include the reserves kept aside for debt payments in case of any problems. So the revelation from the Arsenal board member Lord Harris of Peckham that Wenger had around £200 million to spend if he wished appears to be pretty close to the truth.

This has to beg the question, once again, of why the Arsenal boss seems so reluctant to spend big money on transfers. Yes players may be overpriced but then you could say that Premier League clubs are overpaid and fans are overcharged, so just flippin’ deal with it and spend some bleedin’ cash will you Arsene?

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  1. To be perfectly honest, now I realized that Wenger will only buy the players he LIKES, not the players he NEEDS!! Not because he doesn’t know what he needs, because he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong not to buy the players that needed!!

    1. The loves creative midfielders. Left for him, the keeper would be a creative midfielder whom he converted, likewise the central backs.

      1. Buy so many creative softy mids in order to fool fans with typy-tappy football that i found it so boring barca wanna be.

        otherwise fans would not come to see match with the highest ticket price.

        and we are all victims to our own sexy cocks football, that’s to answer your coq question, that we must use polite words mate.

        1. Wenger’s last 8 acquisitions: Cech, Ospina, Chambers, Welbeck, Debuchy, Gabriel, Bielik and Alexis. Yeah, loads of “softy mids”. You guys really need to pay attention to the facts before offering up your dodgy theories.

          1. Cech, Ospina, Szczęsny, Martinez for one position. Cecil is an upgrade though.
            Chambers, Welbeck do we really need them?
            Bielik? Who? 16 or 17? For under 21?
            Well Debuchy was needed and Alexis is the only one that makes sense.

  2. David Dein’s departure from Arsenal was met with a strong reaction from key figures at the club.

    Arsene Wenger described David Dein’s departure “as a sad day for the club”. Following his departure,

    It is a huge disappointment because we worked very closely together, David has contributed highly to the success of the club in the last 10 years and even before that as well. Red and white are the colours of his heart.”[5]
    Arsene Wenger also stated “David Dein is needed in football because this guy has revolutionised this club (Arsenal) and also English football. He is top quality.”[6]

    Former Arsenal hero, Ian Wright described David Dein’s departure as follows:

    “I know the players aren’t happy. I know Thierry Henry’s not happy. We’re talking about a man [David Dein] who goes into the dressing room after every single game, shakes every player by the hand and who knows all the youth team players.”

    “I know this for a fact that the manager and the players are 100 per cent behind David Dein and I can see real repercussions coming off the back of this.” [7]

    Thierry Henry claimed that David Dein’s departure as vice-chairman had dismayed him and left him in no doubt that it was time to move on


    1. David Dein and his reckless spending are in the past.
      When Arsenal was being driven into the ground, the club was in need of a knight in shining armor. And that’s when they called yours truly. And look at us now! You’re welcome by the way.

      #DavidWho? #IvanKnowsBest #WarChest

  3. bring back david dein, common that’s sarcastic, d solution is relieve AW of his job nd watch everything come into place

  4. I do not even want wenger to spend this money coz he probably will waste it on another CAM or raw teenager.He should leave it intact for the next manager who won’t be as clueless as him.

    1. Greetings, anti-me (wagner-bean).

      Klopp would be the perfect fit for arsenal, but i think he already secretly made a path with bayern if pep actually leave them this season.

      Maybe if Ancelotti will leave his sabbatical, he can be considered as possible candidate for me too since his approach with players is well known to be a success method.

      But the question is, will KROENKE-coq will allow it?

      Please give your opinions.

      1. Urm, dunno but ur use of “Coq” is confusing, there’s one Coq, the one and only Cock, our very own Coquelin. Careful with the name.

      2. You should also mention that part of Ancelotti’s “approach” to success is to cherry-pick his teams (Juve, Milan, PSG, Chelsea and Real Madrid) and be the second highest spending club manager in history. Comes in second to some other bloke who pulls off the same trick – hedge his bets with team most likely to win the league and make doubly sure by spending mega – Mourinho.

  5. This stadium that we built and the debt it brought on, could have been handled differently and we could have still bought good players. By building this stadium we have actually shot ourselves in the leg by self-imposing spending caps on transfers.

    In 2007 Arsenal was the 3rd valuable club in the world with a value of $915Million right below us was Bayern Munich with a value of 838Million. Right above us was Real Madrid valued at 1.036Billion.
    Fast forward 8 years we are now at number 7 on the list worth $1.310 Billion that is a 40% growth in 7 years, very steady, but not very spectacular.
    Now Madrid that was only 100Million or so ahead of us in 2007 (about 10%) is now worth..
    wait for it…..
    3.260 Million nearly 2 Billion $ more than us. that’s over 250% more than our worth.
    Bayern that was about 80M LESS than us is now worth $2.350 Billion. Yes they are now worth A Billion more than us.
    When it comes to revenues the situation is similar in 207 our revenue was about $20M less than Bayern’s today it’s $200M less than Bayern’s

    So if there is anyone who think that the Stadium built was handled well, that we are a well run club and that we did wonders with nothing, think again.

    It is not just the influx of Russian and Arab money into the game that has turned us into also rans but it is the stupidly conservative way that the club is run, that has brought on this era of mediocracy.

    We are not a well run club, we are not an ambitious club, we are not even a great club to own shares of compared to the others. No we have become a beacon of bad management from top to bottom

  6. Arsenal has no football people at all. The whole board is group of money people who have no connection to football at all. I bet that our Murican main shareholder cant even name 5 Arsenal legends let alone name the current starting line up at Arsenal. As for Wenger, he might love football, but more then that he loves the money game. He is closer in being a salesman then a football manager.

    A football manager uses all the resurses open to him to make his team compete. Wenger the money man, is a person who wants max profit with the lowest investment as possible.

    There you go. Its not hard to understand Wenger.


      You totally nailed it mate.

      That’s what’s make us fans so frustated for the miserable years of this bullcrap.

      Well at least if ever there will be any boards and manager change one day, the new manager will be already at the luxury of adequate money to buy world class players that we crave so long.

      But when the change gonna happen? to wait another 5 years?

      oh my goodness.

  7. Increase bonus for the board?
    I note a texas NFL club is the riches sports club (franchise)in the world and they haven’t won a trophy for 19 years. Sounds a bit like the Arsenal, apart from. Fa cup successo of late.

    1. Let’s pray that wenger will got a new brain operation, and turned to be wagner-bean in January transfer window.

      Who knows, maybe he will actually buy world class striker and a strong DM.

      What do you think?

  8. Arsenal cash reserves near £200m – Big transfers due?
    Wasn’t that the same amount of money we were all told we had in this summers transfe window?
    Our current squad can win the league according to Wenger….. ?

  9. Fans who react like this after EVERY single loss deserve to be dished 6-0….honestly…how the hell is any team in the world suppose to win the league with fans behaving like this…

    1. I understand getting mad after a Monaco type of performance …what we are doing now is becoming friction…and I think the media (which is full of biased pundits ) are to blame, only God knows what they would say about wenger if he found himself 18th in the league…

  10. We thank God that Arsenal are not financially broke, but have a good balance in their bank accounts to comfortable lean their backs on and stand firmly on their feet in times of financial storm. And this our financial security comfort is made possible by our one and the only financial PrudentWenger. Otherwise, who knows if we would have gone into administration by now, had a RecklessWenger, spent all the club’s money on new player recruitments every window and later resort to borrowing from the banks to pay their wages, and consequently got a sack by the board for financial recklessness. Is that what some quarters are after? God forbid! I think by this time next year, Arsenal should be revealing a cash reserve of at least over £230m in their bank accounts. It’s by so doing that Arsenal will have some money to draw from it to upgrade their London Colney training grounds by building into it, 2 mini stadia as the home grounds for the Arsenal Ladies and our Under 21 team. We may even be opportuned to be watching the Gunners training sessions there a times. And Arsenal can expand their Emirates Stadium seating capacity to move very close to Old Trafford seating capacity or even equaled it. These projects will cost money, we all know that, don’t we like it? I want all complaining Gooners to be patient and remain patient. The Boss took a gamble last season and bought 5 players that cost the club huge sum of money. And they retained both the FA Cup & Shield. They are taking stock on their last season players investments before the club will embark on another necessary recruitment of new Gunners if possible. By the way, is the season closed? We will be match day no.6 at the Bridge today. And Arsenal are still strongly in all competitions. Arsenal are not dead, but why are the wolves crying?

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