Arsenal (and Cech) to use revenge as motivation for West Ham?

There was not a lot of talk from the Arsenal camp this week about wanting to get revenge on Watford for the way they managed to take advantage of our struggles at the Emirates to knock Arsenal out of the FA cup before the international break. But I am pretty sure that the players would have spoke about it behind closed doors.

The things that some of the Watford players said after that FA cup clash will certainly have grated on the Gunners, especially the rubbish that came from the mouth of their keeper, the former Tottenham player Gomes. So it appeared to me that the desire to make him and his team mates eat their words inspired Arsenal yesterday. Maybe that was why Mesut Ozil started to torment them with stepovers, backheels and audacious flicks.

And if the desire for revenge helped Arsenal to perform against the Hornets, that is good news for our chances in the next game, which is away to Slaven Bilic and his high flying West Ham. They inflicted that shock opening day defeat on Arsenal and it was a bit of a nightmare Premier League debut for Petr Cech at his new club, with two rare and unexpected errors contributing to our loss.

It just so happens that big Pete is back from injury and in line to start against West Ham and he will surely be determined to make up for that opening day. So can Cech and Arsenal use revenge to inspire us to a vital win?

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  1. let wenger prepare the team well.
    We have managed to beat the best in europe so please win to keep the pace for second.
    I dont want those spuds to finish above us.

  2. Ospina is doing a pretty good job inbetween the sticks,
    I would be surprised if Wenger disrupts the winning team.
    West Ham struggled at home against Palace, they obviously got one eye on the Fa cup reply against Utd,
    in midweek, Lets hope that goes to extra time and penalties. ?

    Fair play to Leicester City, Just when everyone was expecting them to crack under pressure, they step up and improve some more and now they are keeping cleansheets aswell as winning.

    The best we can do is finish 2nd, even the most die hard deluded fan has to admit that now.

  3. If Arsenal end this season trophy less(which is likely to happen) then Wenger must be asked to step down. If he still thinks he is the man for the job, then his case is beyond delusion. If Wenger truly lives the club(not his 8m per year) then he should step down at the end of the season. Best Managers who even won the Champions League(Ancelloti, Mou) where asked to step down. Wenger is no different. We fans want trophies. The joy of lifting the EPL title is enormous. Higuain scored his 30th goal of the season for Napoli. Giroud is on 15. Wenger said no better strikers are out there. Successful teams do have goal scorers. The more goals you score, the better. We lost silly points against Norwich, West Brom, Swansea, Liverpool, and some other ones. No positives from the season. Wenger wants us to judge him at the end of the season. I plead with the fans to be united in their assessment of the season. A Failed season without a trophy

    1. And who is going to ask him to step down? Board? You weren’t here in the last 20 years otherwise you’d know that’s not going to happen. If anything they will offer him a new contract. Fans? Majority of supporters still fancy Wenger and besides, it is forbidden to protest at the Emirates. He will see his contract out unless something out of extraordinary happens. I tell you what Arsenal will do, they will bump quite a lot Ozil and Sanchez contracts, will pump Iwobi’s and buy someone fans will like and then there will be some quiet time.
      I really doubt Wenger learned from this year, I bet you any money he is pi$$ed that he screwed it (we had 3 games in hand and we blew them, history of our life).

      1. Wenger doesn’t believe he screwed it. That’s the problem
        He is happy with 2nd or 3rd place
        He didn’t buy any player except Cech last summer because he wanted to please his Daddy Kroneke. You can’t expect to win trophies without signing players
        He was happy with 4th place but is thrilled if he is 2nd above City, United and Chelsea
        He would like to win the PL Trophy (anybody would) but didnt do enough starting last summer.

        Wenger has no ambition higher than winning 4th place. If he somehow gets a trophy like FA Cup then that’s a bonus

        1. Silent Stan wants profit.
          Silent Stan has said himself that he is not in this for championships.
          Silent Stan has final say on if his teams money is being spent.
          Silent Stan has sold and bought players without Wengers consent, Wenger has openly said that Welbeck wouldn’t be here now if he had stayed at home but he was at the WC getting Alexis. Nasri has openly said how it was Silent Stan who sold him after Wenger assured him that he would stay, Nasri was favored by Wenger.

          Do you know who deals with transfers at Arsenal?

          Initially it was David Dein, the guy was also a share holder and had a lot of say with the board on who we could and could not get.

          After Dein sold his shares to Usmanov to try and get someone who would invest in the club because the board didn’t want to, the transfer was then done by Wenger alone.
          Wenger broke Arsenals own transfer record to sign Arshavin and paid over the odds to get Nasri, the kid had just signed a new contract to force Arsenal to pay more… or as he said, to get a fair price.

          Now it is Ivan Gazidis, that fool has been selling players to match what Wenger has had to spend for years and we been getting bargain basement versions of the types of players Wenger went for when Dein was here.

          Must be Wengers fault though…

        2. It depends. I don’t believe he’s responsible for injuries players are getting while playing. Not even in the training as he’s not coaching them how to run or how to shoot. He made a blunder (although I don’t believe he didn’t knew, it was conscious decision) at the beginning of the season and no one talks about it. I will reserve my judgement until it is mathematically impossible to win it (basically Leicester must win 3 games and they are champions) and say exactly where Wenger was screwed it. And for this one, be Wenger supporters or haters, it is only him at fault. No other factors. It was like bluffing when you see three aces on the table but you hold a 2 and a 3. He got called out by the schedule and injuries and that was negligence or even paranoia.

  4. If Revenge were a Motivation, then we could have Lost all the games in the 1st half of the season in hope that we can have our sweet revenge!

    But nah!…. we decided it was best to bottle up cheap games while backing Leicester to Lift the Trophy

    Arsenal’s quest for the Trophy just got harder at the mention of westham and citeh

    it will be interesting to see how this episode pans out at the end of the day….

  5. If Revenge were a Motivation, then we could have Lost all the games in the 1st half of the season in hope that we can have our sweet revenge in the return leg!

    But nah!…. we decided it was best to bottle up cheap games while backing Leicester to Lift the Trophy

    Arsenal’s quest for the Trophy just got harder at the mention of westham and citeh

    it will be interesting to see how this episode pans out at the end of the day….

  6. Jack Wheelchair is obviously fit and running after being kicked out of a night club for being drunk and disorderly!
    I wonder how much we would get for him?..
    No doubt his stock has dropped big time!

    Rumour has it that Ozil wants £200,000 aweek to extend his contract! ?…. If that’s true. … then it was nice knowing Mesut… Goodluck with that! ??

    1. Ozil sits already at 190k according with Daily Mail. Hard to believe he would want only a 10k bumper.

        1. Is Daily Mail, not sure they talk euro. But then again, it is media, not really the most reliable source of info or a honest oppinion from them.

  7. 1) Özil should only sign a new contract if he sees us put in an early bid for a WC striker. He deserves a top striker in front of him.
    2) Wenger deserves one more year. He has made arsenal what we are, a title challenging team that play good football (okay what we were). I genuinely think that Chelsea man City and man u could struggle to find WC players to improve their squad if they all miss out on champions league (at least 2 of them will). So if Wenger spends (???) we could have a great chance this year. If your a WC player who wants to come to the premier league AND play champions league football, you could end up with these 4 options:
    West ham
    3) Then, if we sign players, don’t let Özil Sanchez Bellerin and other key players leave, so we build on what we have, don’t just replace key players who leave, we can win the league.
    4) Then Wenger will leave, we can get a manager who can win the league WITH competition, and dominate the BPL again.

    5) then we wake up. But I think this would work seriously.

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