Will today see Arsenal celebration of St. Totteringham’s Day cancelled?

It might still be mathematically possible for Arsenal to achieve our annual feat of finishing the season as the top placed Premier League club from north London, but Tottenham have certainly made it a lot less likely and they could pretty much complete the job of cancelling our St. Totteringham Day’s celebration today.

The spuds are at home to Watford in today’s early kick off and with the Hornets team ravaged by injury problems to 12 players as well as struggling for form, Mauricio Pochettino’s team are huge favourites to take all three points. That would put our north London rivals on 68 points with Arsenal back on 54.

Even with our two games in hand that would be a mountain too high for us to climb as even taking maximum points from the final nine games would leave the Gunners needing Spurs to drop eight from their final seven games.

Arsenal could really do with a favour from Watford and if they can get something from the game we could see another collapse from the spuds like at the end of last season. There is still another north London derby to consider as well so for now St. Totteringham’s Day is still a possibility. Will that still be true tomorrow?



  1. Break-on-through says:

    I think the ship has just about sailed, the Swa match would have been a kick in the teeth for them but I see them following closely after Chelsea and then it might be the game we play at their home that kills their title hopes off for good. That’s if they somehow manage a result v Che. If they collapse again like last season well then maybe but it’s doubtful as we’re having trouble with Liv and City so I can’t imagine Spu falling down into the same s**t that we’re all in.

    1. Me says:

      Why are you talking about a Spurs collapse?
      The only team who has collapsed is Arsenal in case you hadn’t noticed.
      Spurs look to be a side on the the rise to better things whereas we are clearly in decline.
      Why do Arsenal fans and websites even discuss such subjects as a collapse of our rivals – it is such a pointless debate and detracting from the obvious issues at our own club and besides it is clear Spurs, Chelsea and City are not our rivals – Everton and West Brom are.
      I genuinely fear for Arsenal because there isn’t a fighter at all at the club just a bunch of over paid lightweights who roll over at the merest sight of pressure. Worse still is the fact they are “managed” by someone who doesn’t ever see anything – poor performances, weaknesses in the squad or anything.
      Arsenal fans will see it soon when they offer him a new deal shortly to allow him to continue the decline…

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Are you for real?. Did you read the article, what about the headline did you not spot the headline. I know I might be a little bit crazy but when I’m asked a question, now this is out there, but I tend to try answer it. I know it’s mad isn’t it, maybe I’ll try asking dumb questions instead of answering people seeing as it gets the dumbs, aw I mean thumbs.

    2. alxmate says:

      I still have faith in 5pur2.. they can still make it…
      They still have to play Leicester,us,WHU,MU and teams that are fighting to relegation..
      Never have a doubt mate…even Hull that might already be relegated in the last day, even with 10 players,they can slot a fiver just to go to Championship with their heads up!!!

  2. Red Dawn says:

    I think Arsenal fans are in a state of denial.
    Denial by believing we are contenders for the premiership, for the champions league.
    Arsenal are a club in crisis.
    Fans don’t protest if things are going well do they?

  3. JPS_AFCNo1 says:

    You see this is the problem with our fanbase . I want this league so bad and all most off our fans care about is finishing above Tottenham and top 4. I dont give a s#%t about St Totteringhams day or top 4 . We fans need to raise our expectations of this once great club. If we win the league celebrate St Totteringhams day but if they we are second and they are 4th whi gives a shit

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I don’t get fans in here. If you go back to a flat with two girls, no threesome, both of them like you and you like the both of them. One of them is a peach and you really really want her, but she had one too many and then she fell out for the count. Would you bitch on and on and on about that girl, and how you’re so upset that you couldn’t have her, or would you try to make do with the other girl you thought you’d give a go seeing as you don’t want to quit. Reading some thoughts in here, sounds like none of you have ever gotten a second place medal in your life, because you decided to give up when you seen winning it was not possible

      Nobody is saying why so glum, sure we’re doing great. Nothing of the sort. What they are saying is, I want to finish ahead of everyone, absolutely everyone, but now that that ain’t happening, I want to at-least beat as many as humanly possible. That’s all, simple, there’s more controversy in what you’s do say than from people like us.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Arsenal are well known for celebrating various balderdashes like
    *4th place
    * UCL participation & R16 elimination
    * St totteringham day
    * Transfer deadline day
    What Joy they derive from it all, I know not!
    (especially when we have a deep Lying problem waiting to be fixed…..but No!…..instead we are celebrating)

    1. Guneal says:

      The only celebration I look forward to is, ” St. ArsenEXIT”.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Instead of fixing our problems and forging ahead……
    No! …Let’s sit back and pray….and hope spurs keep Loosing while wenger takes us down a depreciation slope…
    That’s Low we have fallen!

  6. Goonut says:

    It’s a shame that all we have left to celebrate is the hope of finishing above them. Sad ans sickening really!!

    1. Big g says:

      There is nothing to celebrate full stop.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Not yet there’s not.

        If we get spu in the final I will be one happy man, once we win it. If none of you’s can get your juices flowing from that well then sit back down and stop telling people you’re a Gooner.

  7. G Roberts says:

    It’s really satisfying to see your club in such a state.

  8. stanley says:

    My only problem is with our English fans who allow themselves get fooled by the rubbish talks from the specialist in failure and the money loving board. The protest must continue because I know for sure that same thing will happen next season and the season after and will continue to happen if that failure remains. I mean spurs are becoming better than us and what our naive English fans could do is to sing Wenger praises. This team is becoming a joke

    1. Big g says:

      Your only problem is with English fans. – How can you even say such a thing, are there no foreign supporters at Arsenal football club or any other English club for that matter who are treated the same by the clubs they support.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Are there no foreign supporters who are treated the same by the club they support, I’m not sure of your meaning, that went straight over my head I must admit.

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          ??Lol he obviously meant the fans that live in England, who actually go to watch the games ?

  9. Richard Rawlins says:

    I have to say that this is all hilarious from a Spurs point of view. I was feeling a bit glum this morning, so just popped onto a few Woolwich sites, and Wham…..I’m laughing my effing scallops off. Keep it up chaps, and let’s hope W#nker get a lovely big contract for another 5 + years! All the best x

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Hahaha ?? you know things are really bad when a Spud gets thumbed up on here lol ? ? keep laughing Spudy, Cos you’ll be crying in your beer come May ??

      1. Break-on-through says:

        You know Arsenal fans suck when nobody lifts a finger to remind him of the great many s**t things spu have always done, like ask the dude how many wars have spu seen since the last title win. Or how one of their own and about five others are closet Gooner’s, yet not one AFC player would spit on that team if dying of thirst. Or how the last one of their own now says (We) when talking about Arsenal, when you’re captain joins your Derby rival you know that your club is a joke. Or remind them how they’re like spoiled children looking over at us all these years and now saying mammy we want a big stadium like Arsenal and we want a coach who can bring youngsters through like Arsenal’s did, and mammy they said Janssen is deadly can we get him instead. Or mammy, Wenger likes Sissoko and Wanyama we have to get them now, but they are AFC fans, but aren’t they all mammy if they have to choose. Yes brats, I’m afraid they are.

  10. Rob says:

    This whole conversation is just embarrassing for Arsenal fans and I’m guessing hilarious for any Spurs fan who sees it. Even if they did collapse, they would still be better than us next season. We need to grow up and appreciate that we are in big trouble. Our club is in decline.

    1. whooplo says:

      Spurs chase down the team in front, we satisfy ourselves with staying just ahead of those behind, that’s why this type of celebration needs to stop. Aimed for winning the CL and we won the PL unbeaten, ok, but instead of doing the same again, we decided PL was enough and failed to do that, but we were top 4 right? Each time the fans were satisfied with the end of year the board decided they needed to achieve less and less and it shows. Take this comment:
      “Even if they did collapse, they would still be better than us next season. ”

      Apply it to last season; Spurs were the team chasing the forerunners, they collapsed, we finished above them, we were happy. Are they better off despite it? Well, they are team chasing the forerunners, they haven’t collapsed yet, but even if they do, we’re well behind them, project that to next season, it gets worse. We have spent more than the last few years finishing above them because of their actions not ours, we wait for teams ahead to collapse, they carve their way through the pack. Can we learn from that? Yes, but sadly i think now the problem has become so endemic it is going to be on the wrong side of a nasty season or two, we need a manager who can tear everything up and start again from nothing, Spurs are used to that, but our systems and organisation have not seen significant change in 20 years, it takes a lot more rebuilding

  11. Marty53 says:

    This whole thing about finishing above Spurs is really pathetic, who gives a toss about St Totteringhams day. If Spurs happen to finish 15th and we finish 14th I bet that would make some of our fans happy just cos we finish above them. We have to forget about finishing above Spurs and just concentrate finishing as high as we can and if that’s above them then good if it’s not so be it.

  12. Gooner Craig says:

    Some muggy spurs fan took the time to go on to an Arsenal website and create a profile just to leave a comment?! Lol how sad! Been over 20 years that’s why it has a name, if spuds finish above us do you know what it will be called? A premier league record loool and its when AFC are at their worst for over 20 years! Well done, let’s hope you don’t collapse #SmallClub #LondonIsRed #COYG

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