Arsenal Chairman insists Wenger can still ‘take us forward’

Arsenal Football Club held their AGM today to announce a few facts and figures for the year, but perhaps there is one comment that stood out from the rest. As well as being able to talk through the thoughts of those in high positions at Arsenal, the floor is also opened to journalist questions. Arsenal Chairman Sir Chips Keswick has today revealed that the Arsenal board have spoken regarding Wenger’s contract with the club and that they do plan on holding talks with Arsene Wenger about his future with Arsenal.

The news will receive mixed reviews from the fans because although the Gunners are on a good run of form, it won’t stop some fans from being firm WengerOut supporters. Arsene Wenger has of course hinted on various occasions already this season, that this year may be his last in charge of Arsenal. However that may all change before the end of the season, largely depending on what has happened over the course of the campaign.

To revel what Sir Keswick said in full, the chairman announced: “We all recognise the fantastic contribution Arsene has made to club in the last 20 years. We are confident about his ability to take us forward. We will sit down and discuss the future at the appropriate time but our focus is on maintaining the current run and competing for trophies.”

Now although they could mean that the Board just intends on sitting down with Wenger to discuss what he plans on doing next, I think it’s far more likely that if things do go well for the Gunners in this campaign, then the club will be more than content with laying another contract offer on the table. Wenger himself may want to go at the end of the season for all we know, however he has previously stated that he will only leave his helm at the club when he feels he is no longer wanted or capable of doing the job expected of him.

Personally I think that no matter the outcome of the season, it’s still likely that Wenger will be offered a new deal. Albeit it may not be as long as previous contract offers, but I fully expect an offer to be on the table for Le Prof purely because of the recognition and support he gets from the Board. Whether or not that’s an opinion the majority of fans will agree with, remains to be seen.



  1. butters says:

    The chances of Wenger signing again is very high, but he will need to win the league or FA cup or CL. If he finishes top 4, he will probably be renewed if no replacement is found. if he missed out on anything above, he will probably resigned not sacked. But if he finishes far from top 4, he will probably be sacked especially without any tropies. so all in all, its a must win for Wenger, but also Arsenal. Because without Wenger, I dont see Wenger being a stable club again. Just look at Man utd.

    1. jeff says:

      Wenger will NEVER be sacked, if you like it or not. The highest could be that they don’t renew his contract. But to be honest I think Arsene is the one who will decide when he leaves.

  2. Ramterta says:

    in making the club rich maybe

  3. Budd says:

    It depends a lot on how this season goes. His contract expires anyway later next year so no one has to resign and no one has to be fired. It simply not renewed. Also, think about the rumors (no matter who’s spreading them) about Ozil and Sanchez wanting guarantees that Wenger will stay after they sign.
    Now, I don’t really care if Wenger stays and I don’t care if he goes as long as we have a decent replacement. I had this epiphany the other day that Wenger, Mourinho can’t be changed no matter what happens around them. Wenger will never forfeit the beauty for the result. Mourinho, the other way around. This is their weakness. Game already knows how to deal with them. It took a while to demolish Mourinho but in Wenger’s case that was easier.
    Alright, let’s get back to Ozil and Sanchez. People say they want trophies. Of course they want. Who doesn’t? But there is one thing a football player wants more than trophies (except the money for the agent): stability and the fact that they are the center of the universe at the club. Which they are, at least in football terms. Wenger let’s them play as they want.
    Imagine a new manager, say Simeone, coming and start to value discipline, hard work and demands results on the pitch. Sanchez, no you can’t dribble, give the ball. Ozil, put some effort and track your man. Just imagine that.
    To me, these rumors seem true. I may be wrong, of course. But until then, let’s beat Reading.

  4. rkw says:

    So Krish n’ chips really are part of the delusional wenger brigade … It was time for a change 5 years ago … If we win EPL or cl will change my mind … Last season was his big chance and he blew it because of his arrogance and failure to address long standing weaknesses … Partly corrected this year but the opposition has upped their game … Time will tell but top quality up front …and at left back …likely to prove his downfall

    1. Krish says:

      did you call me?

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