Arsenal Champions League dream at risk from sickness bug?

I know that Arsenal are already facing a tall order in our hopes of beating the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund to the top spot in our Champions League qualifying group after our woeful performance at the Westfalenstadion was punished with a 2-0 loss.

But things have started to look up as JUrgen Klopp and his players continue to toil in their domestic games. It might be too much for us to hope that their poor form and low confidence in the Bundesliga transfers over to Europe for them to fail to beat Anderlecht or Galatasaray, but with our own injury crisis easing and our performances on the up, it is not too much to hope that we could beat them at the Emirates and pip them to top spot.

And that is so important, as we have seen in recent years when the Gunners went out at the first knockout stage after drawing one of the very best clubs in Europe. First things first, though, we need to beat Anderlecht, so a report in The Mirror that there could be a sickness bug at the club is a bit worrying.

So far it is only Jack Wilshere that is set to miss the game against the Belgian champions, but Aaron Ramsey apparently had the same sickness last week and we have seen before how these things can spread through a squad. It is not as if we have too many options at the minute as it is, so let’s hope that nobody else joins Wilshere in the sick room.

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  1. January might be a good time for us to snap up Hummels and/or Reus with Dortmund in 17th place and fighting relegation in the Bundesliga table. And I thought WE had our problems!

    1. Sign Reus in Jan and Draxler in the Summer….


      Draxler Reus Sanchez midfield

      if possible go for Isco toooo

      1. @Hafiz, I will take WALCOTT all day over Drexler, I say get reus and a DM who can play CB that’s all.



        1. Getting seperate DM and CB will be better, for the numbers otherwise if the guy got injured then, we will not have backup to either CB or DM.

  2. based on fans….we will never beat Dortmund…coz every players in their team is world class…

    Reus and Hummels alone is 10x better than any midfielder or defender respectively…..

      1. Also if it is so as you said, then I wonder how we won against them. I guess they might be having the sickness bug that night?

  3. “The Welshman, appearing at the Apple store in Regent Street, London, on Thursday night engaged in a Q&A session before announcing the team he likes to play with on the game.
    His controversial selection even received light-hearted boos from some sections of the crowd.”

    Formation- 3-5-2

    ———Messi——Thierry Henry
    –Cashley Cole–Thiago Silva–Kompany

    He said Gerrard and Lahm in holding role.
    And light-hearted boos followed when he mentioned Cesc Fabregas.

    1. Mine would be-

      Formation- 4-1-3-2

      Manager- Arsene Wenger.
      Assistant Manager- Sumo.
      Assistant’s Assistant Manager- Steve Bould.

  4. Looking at Dortmund current situation, you really have to take your hats off for Wenger. Take a look at Dortmund stats:

    Bundesliga: Winners (2011, 2012), Runners up (2013, 2014)
    German Cup: Winners (2012), Runners up (2014)
    Supercup: Winners (2013, 2014) Runners up (2011,2012)
    Champions League: Runners up (2013)

    Dortmund had a pretty impressive record in comparison to Arsenal in the past 9 years, yet they are still struggling to keep their players together. Wenger has done some magical shit to find replacements for the players we have lost and maintain that consistent level of perfomance for over 9 years.

    So **** to the haters.

  5. Let the Gunners try everything possible to beat Anderlecht with many goals as they can today. The goal aggregate of Dortmound is at the moment superior to that of Arsenal. But having said this, football is not maths. Galatasaray could become a spoiler for Dortmound by hopeful causing an upset at Westfalenstadion. Then, our hopes of topping our group will enhance well by beating Dortmound when they come to Emirates Stadium. Let us first pray for a massive victory over Anderlecht today as a starting point to achieve our aims and objectives.

  6. My wife and I had this last week and it really wasn’t good 🙁 unfortunately we passed it on to several people with little contact.
    Let’s hope Ramsey and Wilshire have been sent home away from the rest of the team!

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