Arsenal Champions League hopes could be determined next month

Arsenal still has hopes that they could be returning to the Champions League next season. This is because it is still mathematically possible for the Gunners to finish this season inside the Premier League’s top five.

The odds will be great on Arsenal qualifying for Europe’s elite competition and a visit to bet365 will offer up awesome prices on such an outcome.

One of the reasons why a top-five finish can help Arsenal get into the Champions League next season is that Manchester City has been banned from the competition for the next two seasons.

The Citizens plan to appeal the ban and in a move that Arsenal would be paying close attention to, the Court of Arbitration for Sports has set aside a date to hear Manchester City’s defence.

CAS has set aside three days next month to hear what the English Champions have to say for themselves.

Mirror Sports reports that CAS has chosen June 8th through 10th as the date to hear City’s appeal.

Arsenal and other top-five hopefuls would be paying close attention to the hearings when it gets underway as they hope that City’s ban would be upheld so that a fifth-place finish can get them into the Champions League.

Arsenal is still currently a bit away from the top five, however, when the Premier League restarts, the Gunners will hope that they can get back in top shape and win as many games as possible that could help them get into a champions league spot.

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  1. Reggie says:

    There will be no champions league next season in my view.

  2. Geoff says:

    A place in the Europa League again is more likely. Especially if the City ban is upheld ! If there will be European competitions that is.

  3. Loose Cannon says:

    Well not at all excited about our involvement in the UCL with the current crop of players unless they change their attitude and be focused on winning matches only. If we got insulted by Oly. at home, what can you expect from the Bayerns and Barcas?Another humiliation?No thank you, had enough under Wenger, happy to be out of Europe to avoid further pain and frustration with these players. And will be happy without football for a season if that can save lives and improve the medical infrastructure.

    1. SueP says:

      I am only saying, if football isn’t played next season then it’s bye bye time. I shall have to support Harboro Town FC instead which would be quite a different prospect

  4. Mogunna says:

    We do not have a team to compete locally, Europe doesn’t concerns us.

    Arsenal should not have to hope for City ban but fight for titles.

    Shows how low we have fallen! A midtable club hoping for a ban and teams bad results in order to make it to EL.

    Like Wolves for years who now passed us, aiming at CL still in Europa they can actually win. They like us last year but with a best overall team.

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