Arsenal chances of silverware this season rated

Arsenal is in four competitions this season, Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Europa League and while the priority is that they qualify for next seasons Champions League there is no real reason why they cannot pick up silverware at the same time.

Premier League 1/10

In reality, should be 0/10 but you can never ever do that after what Leicester City did back in 2016, they proved that almost anybody can win the title but realistically the title is going to be between Liverpool and Man City and I give Arsenal a 1/10 based on that.

FA Cup 7/10

I feel that Arsenal have as good a chance as any of the top-six and everything will depend on the draw. None of the top-six, or any team for that matter, will relish a visit to the Emirates and if Arsenal is to face the likes of Liverpool and City and beat them then they will most likely require a home draw. The draw is everything.

Carabao Cup 5/10

I just do not see Unai Emery taking this competition seriously in the early rounds, he will almost certainly play a combination of youngsters and fringe players and that makes Arsenal vulnerable. If they get as far as the quarter-finals then they will stand as good a chance as anyone but I am not convinced they will get that far.

Europa League 8/10

For me, this is the competition that Arsenal is most likely to win. Emery has a fantastic record in the Europa League, the last two seasons have seen a semi-final and Final and I have a strong feeling that this is the season that Arsenal will go one better. A lot will depend on which teams drop out of the Champions League but as things stand today I really do fancy Arsenal to go all the way.


  1. Pretty much spot on, although I would say 9/10 for the Europa League. We got to the final last season, with a crippling injury list, and a weaker squad. So there’s every chance we could win it this time.

      1. Trolling again! Haha!

        Yes you’re right Dan, losing your best players to injuries will obviously have zero effect on the team. So if Auba, and Laca were to miss the rest of the season, we should be fine. Hahahah!

        1. What a player who spent 10 years with us 5 of those on the treatment table and the other 5 thinking he was Henry.
          Like I said top I’ve seen some comments on here but that one buddy will take some beating .well done ??

          1. Yet more proof that you never read anything I actually say.

            I have consistently criticised Ramsey, and have wanted him gone for many years. He’s only ever had 2, maybe 3 quality seasons for us. Despite that, he was one of our best players last season, and became an integral part of Emery’s tactical approach. We suffered when he was missing, and our form nose dived at the end of season, during his absence.

            Hey Dan! Try some facts, or maybe just stop the lies? Or just grow up mate!

          2. Mate you said we missed out on top 4 because Ramsey got injured .would you like me to find that post for you to show that I’m not lying and it was a fact you said it ,because I’m pretty sure 2 or 3 posters laughed at you for saying it .

          3. “Ramsey’s injury right at the end of the season is the real reason we have no CL football. Our form nosedived during his absence.”
            That is what you posted
            So where does that show I’m lying .
            Maybe stop with the trolling comments every time I post ,and the only reason you do it is because you know I’m right .

  2. Give us the Europa League and Fa Cup and Emery will be loved forever. Everything is possible with hardwork and believe.

    1. AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      That would be awesome
      We would increase our FA Cup record overb United by one more (2- Currently we have 13 and United by 12)

      And more important winning the Europa League means 2 things
      1. Win a trophy weve never won before
      2. Guaranteed Champions League

      Obviously I hope we finish in the Top 4 as well

      But winning both (actually just EL) will guarantee Emery another season with us

    2. Nope S.J. Hardworking Willock and Torrera make way for Xhaka. Chambers did not bend under pressure from physical teams in the first two matches, was benched against the more skillful teams. Hardworking Nacho was transferred, Kolasinac was retained. Mkhi was loaned, the slow Ozil was retained.Beilik was not given a chance, now a regular with the Polish team and that Socrates was retained. We really need a good unbiased coach who has a vision and can lead AFC forward.

      1. Beilik being a regular with the Polish team makes him good enough for arsenal? Don’t you think Socrates will walk into that Polish team if he were polish? Nacho was transferred and that aggrieves you? What is the chance he will get better than he is ATM? Is it that you do not realise that he is past his peak and the only way for him is down whereas Kolasinac still has a chance to improve? All you guys do is just rant and rant. Nothing pleases you guys. No patience, no thorough understanding of the game, no reasoning, no intent to understand decisions and why they were made. All everybody wants to do is rant and rant. Plastic fans all over the place

        1. All that matters is 3 points after every game my friend and silverware at the end of the season.We have a team that can achieve it but not a suitable coach.This year we could nit win the Emirates cup!

    3. Again how am I trolling you ?
      You talked about injuries and I bought up your stupid Ramsey post about his injury and you called me a liar which then I proved that you did indeed say that .
      So if I’m missing something please indulge me !
      Your last post makes no sense to what we were actually arguing about but you start making stuff up like facts ,trolling ,childish remarks .
      Nowhere have I said injuries don’t affect the team (again you don’t read my posts and make crap up ) all I’ve been posting is about the Ramsey injury which was a fact which you wrote (as proved )and he was not the reason we didn’t make top 4 ,like is said above that was all on our fantastic coach .
      Next time read my posts properly

      1. @Dan kit

        You said that Ramsey’s injury was not an excuse, thus all injuries to key players would then not make a difference by your own logic.

        You say it was Emery’s fault that we missed out on CL football. We missed out on 3rd by only 2pts, and 4th by only a point, and that was with an injury ravaged squad. So you honestly believe that even if Bellerin, Holding, Welbeck, Kos, Ramsey, etc hadn’t missed huge chunks of season, we still wouldn’t have made up a point or two for CL football?

        I am not saying that Emery doesn’t have his flaws, but the two main problems were a lack of quality, and an insane injury list.

  3. I’d be happy with the Europa or FA cup.. yes, in an ideal world, i’d love for us to win everything… but i can wait a season or 2 for that!
    Arsenal & the carabao cup do not go together!!!

  4. With Emery around, nothing is guaranteed except Xhaka starting a game! Only hope he doesn’t play an injured Xhaka this week. If nothing is available (hope Emery proves me wrong), I’d gladly take the Carabao Cup and see the back of Emery. Why not win it when we have never won it? Give another manager this team and we will win the FA, Europa and make it top 3. Even Eddie Howe can do the job for Arsenal unlike Emery.

  5. Last time out we played Chelsea in the final of the EC, this time, if we don’t meet them in the KO phases, it could well be ManU. You still want to stick with those odds?

  6. You do understand that “as good of a chance as any top 6 club” does not mean 70% chance of winning, right? 70% mean heavy favorite. I’d give us a 3-4/10 MAX. As for Europe’s league,5-6/10 seems more realistic. We don’t even know who will drop out of the CL to become a potential obstacle. Way off Admin!

  7. When I saw the headline, I thought this would be a rating based on some well studied criteria and in depth analysis. Disappointed to realise after reading through that it was just the feeling of one fan! I kept reading I feel, I feel, I feel. How you rate a team based on what you feel is ridiculous.

  8. Premier League: 1 – 2 % chance

    FA Cup: 10 – 15 % chance

    Carabao: roughly 10 % chance

    Europa League: 20 – 25 % chance (which–if realistic–is good if you consider that reaching the final still only gives 50 % if it’s a decent opponent).

  9. Spuds getting relegated would be better than any of them trophies in my humble opinion……………1976/77 was the year I first realised what a true orgasm was ! 😆

  10. Just leave it Dan,if you are right. How much chance is there of JW retracting his statements?
    Focus on the Watford game
    What is your prediction?
    I’m going for Watford 0 Arsenal 2.

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