Arsenal chasing Jorginho and Seri – Which do you want?

Arsenal’s age-old search for a dominating defensive midfielder seems to picking up pace with the recent rumours suggesting that we are in the market to find one, and the first two names on the list would appear to be Napoli’s Jorginho and Nice’s Jean Micheal Seri who are both widely acknowledged as two of the best in that position in Europe at the moment.

It was revealed yesterday by Sky Sports transfer guru Kaveh Solhekol that Arsenal are one of the front runners to lure Seri from Nice, and today the agent of Jorginho has stated that the Gunners have contacted him about his client. Joao Santos is quoted as saying by the Metro: ‘I’m in Brazil, nobody called me from Naples, but English teams have called me, Liverpool, Manchester City, but also Arsenal and Chelsea,’

‘It depends on Napoli and sports director Giuntoli. Of course it is not difficult to find agreements with teams like these.

‘I don’t know if Maurizio Sarri’s possible exit would speed up Jorginho’s transfer, for Napoli it will be positive to capitalise on the offers then we will talk.”

No matter who comes in as Arsenal’s new manager, the fans will surely be very happy if we can get one of these two powerhouses to help protect our new defence set up.

Obviously we can’t get both of them, so which one would you prefer? Jorginho or Seri?



  1. Goonerboy says:

    Sell or release the average midfield players and get both….if impossible, then get Jorginhok

  2. Nayr says:

    If you have watched both..

    seri is like xhaka..not very much a defensive midfielder…good passing..building attacks from deep.
    more of a central midfielder.

    we have many of those.

    jorginho now is a proper defensive midfielder.
    number 6 like fernandinho.


    1. gotanidea says:

      If Jorginho’s tackle and interception stat is one of the highest in Serie A, he could be a good DM like Ndidi

      Sometimes a midfielder’s good physique doesn’t mean he is a good DM. We have seen the Flops of the Season such as Tiemoue Bakayoko, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Moussa Sissoko and Danny Drinkwater

      Xhaka also looked like a good DM on YouTube, before Arsenal got him. Arsenal must be thinking twice before buying any DM, since they made a mistake with Xhaka

      1. arie82 says:

        Xhaka was never dm in bundesliga, he is cm
        Its wenger who force him to play as dm or dlp
        Unlease xhaka as cm, y will see his true abilities.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Napoli is a team like us, allot of forward play. In these teams a defenders stats are usually gonna be decent (tackles won/duels won) to very good because they get allot of bites at the cherry, allot of do or die last ditch type stuff. You’d have to watch this guy in at least ten games, five to get a little acquainted on what to expect overall. That was the mistake with Xhaka, we went by the writers opinions and they probably went by the German medias opinion. They’ll (ones who haven’t watched him closely) do the same here, they’ll go by the Italian media and might watch a highlight reel. Even if you watched Napoli play a handful of times, you don’t really focus on one player certainly not a DM unless you were wanting to see if he’d fit our teams need. About Xhaka v Jorginho, Jorginho’s called a pass master, Xhaka was lauded for his passing but did he have the high percentage of accuracy, I can’t remember and it seems doubtful. Xhaka is a blunder on-top a blunder, he even passed it onto Mustafi Koscielny and Cech. doubtful the second attempt we make to fill a need will be a hindrance too.

      I have a question. If you have a wired mouse, which was real sensitive to the slightest touch, all of a sudden needs to be pressed down hard and numerous times for it to click on anything …does anyone knows why this could be happening. Thanks.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Good analysis bro

        Maybe the internal parts of your mouse contain grime. You need to open the mouse and clean the inside

      2. Midkemma says:

        I think people also need to look at players partners on field, for example, with Xhaka we failed to look at what his CM partner was doing which freed up Xhaka to do what he did. I do read a lot of comments where they isolate issues, like they do not affect each other… the team is a complex system and 1 piece can change the whole workings.

        Would Xhaka do better if we had a Kante next to him to win the ball back, to do the grunt work and be that player who is hard to get past?

        I honestly think the biggest flaw of that season wasn’t buying Xhaka, it was not buying Kante at the same time, we needed both IMO.

        Hope you sort your mouse out, I would guess that either some dirt has gotten into it and clogging one of the internal buttons or part of it is starting to break, not broken fully through but enough so that the pressure isn’t being transferred fully.

        Hope you find the issue and get it sorted ^.^

    3. Enagic says:

      Get both and sell Ramsey and Wilshere and sell Ozil and buy Fekir that’s the only way we can turn things around instead of clinging to average players for over 5 seasons now

  3. gotanidea says:

    Jorginho’s style looked like Xhaka’s when he faced Man City. Good technical abilities, but not too mobile and could not make creative turns like Xavi

    Jean Seri looked more mobile and was braver in making turns in tight spaces when he faced Lyon. He almost joined Barcelona and he could be a perfect replacement for Cazorla/Xhaka, as the new deep-lying playmaker

    If Arsenal need a good DM like Gilberto Silva, Busquets, Fernandinho and Mascherano, I think Ndidi would be a good choice. He managed to bring Leicester up and his tackle stat is the highest in Premier League, despite he is not a CB

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      ?Agree Seri or Emil Forsberg as replacement for Cazola, Ndidi for DM (if available from Leicester) and Max Meyer or Wilfred Saha as the wide player/winger Arsenal require. Bernd Leno Bayer 04 Leverkusen looks promising as a goal keeper, as Butland will be over priced.
      Also 1 or 2 experienced CB’s are hopefully being targeted by Sven Mislattat.
      These additions combined with Arsenal’s existing players should make the team competetive.

  4. Roachie says:

    Thought we only had £50m to spend?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Roachie, one can only hope the £50 million is “paper talk”.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Well if the rumours are true then it doesn’t matter because we might only have Seri option, Manc under Pep spending Madrid money, we’ve no chance. Even Manu and Liv are better options than a frugal AFC with new management, players will want to have a better idea of our capabilities and hunger before committing to us depending on how many offers they have and how much money we offer compared. Lets face it, right now we have to pay over the odds because money is all we got to offer right now, but some teams we will not compete with for players which also means prizes in end, usually. I did like the Jorginho speech about him not wanting to join the obvious path because he likes to win things the hard way, thought it was adorable and he used Napoli as an example which am sure they were best pleased with. He knows how to say the right thing, almost, he sounds like he definitely wants the move and he’s trying to lure as many offers as possible which in turn tells us something about his character. No harm in wanting lots of admirers, but I prefer when people shoot straight, direct, so you know where you are with them.

  6. barryglik says:

    Outside the Emirates
    is a sign which reads
    “We don’t buy stars we make them”
    It is about time this club walked the talk.
    GK Martinez GK Macey CB Bielik LB T. Bola
    DM Niles RW Nelson Str Nketiah
    All free.

    1. Phil says:

      Citeh will no doubt strengthen and competition for Fernandinho is one area.Bur why would anyone seriously look to sign for a Citeh team that is likely to remain unchanged.Rotation and rest comes into certain phases of the season with cups and CL games.But take Jon Stones.Nowhete near the First Team.If they signed Miyrez in January how many games would he realistically have played with Sane Sterling as obvious starters.
      If we go BIG for any player we CAN get them.

    2. No way we will win the premier league trophy with that squad… you do remember that trophy, right? The huge silver cup with a golden crown at the top? We used to compete for it about 10 years ago!

  7. Marcus Omokhafe says:

    We need a complete DM and not a deep lying playmaker. We all the creativity we need so the only trusted, tried and tested DM is Ndidi. Please Fellow gooners, support this cause. Ndidi! Ndidi! Ndidi!!!

  8. Barren says:

    1.seri is a box-box mid
    2.jorginho agent is just trying to up his price by quoting all the other teams! his going to man city
    3.arteta is crazy to think 50mil is enough
    4.we have to give Ramsey a new contract
    5.kroenke’s are a curse to football in general
    6.Leicester plz sign Evans
    7.Henry to become apart of the coaching staff to fool the season ticket holders
    8.everton to spend more money than us
    9.Same old arsenal utd 2 win the fa cup coz conte has been sabotaging chelsea to this season to give the board 1 up the buttox lol

  9. Ozziegunner says:

    Kroenke is a curse where ever he buys in: NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and now EPL with Arsenal FC!

  10. Me says:

    Both would be good additions.
    But lets get a manager first and let him make those decisions.
    What I want to hear going forward is “Man United face a very difficult home game against a strong Arsenal side” or “Chelsea are the clear under dogs as they travel to Arsenal” – I don’t want to hear about shambolic defensive players or lack of fighting spirit and I certainly don’t care who comes in and achieves that as long as we achieve it…
    Its about achieving our goals and not who we have in place to achieve them…

  11. Midkemma says:

    Somehow I am put into the mindset of Xhaka or Kante…

    Instead of one or the other, I am thinking that they would do best alongside each other.

    Kinda like how Xhaka needs a Kante next to him.

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