Arsenal, Chelsea Liverpool and Spurs – Let’s predict the semi final results

Europa League and Champions League semi-final predictions by Martin

The semi-finalists of both European competitions are now known and so it is time to play a little game of let’s predict the outcome.

I will kick off with the Champions League first and foremost.

This is so bloody hard for me because Tottenham are in the competition and I am trying to be unbiased and as professional with my predictions as I can but the idea that they could actually go on and win the tournament makes me feel absolutely nauseous.

With that caveat in mind, this is how I see the semis going

Barcelona v Liverpool

I have to admit that I really can see Liverpool pulling this off. Barcelona is not the vintage Barca of old and they are far too over-reliant on Messi these days.

I see Liverpool losing in Barcelona but scoring an away goal with a scoreline of 2-1 in favour of the Catalans.

At Anfield, I predict that Barcelona will also score a valuable away goal but lose 3-1 overall and so it is Liverpool through to the final for me.

Tottenham v Ajax

Here we go, what can I say, I see Tottenham progressing FFS.

I know Ajax has done sensational against Juve and Real Madrid but both those clubs came across as arrogant and there is an argument that both are in decline right now, I know Juve have dominated Serie A but that league looks weak to me.

I see Tottenham winning 2-0 at their new stadium and getting a draw in Amsterdam.

So the final for me is Liverpool v Tottenham.

OK, now that I have dirtied myself significantly I will cleanse my soul with my Europa League predictions.

Eintracht Frankfurt v Chelsea

I have the Germans winning this one, to be honest, they were down to ten men against Benfica in the first leg and that is the only reason they lost and they still found the back of the net twice, goals that helped them win the tie on the away goal rule.

They are in great form right now, they did stumble in the league last time out but overall have been flying.

I have the Germans winning the first leg in Germany 2-0 and drawing the second leg at Stamford Bridge, in fact, I do not see this game being that close.

Arsenal v Valencia.

Now, I am obviously going to be biased and I do accept that Valencia will be tough opponents but I honestly do see us doing a number on them at the Emirates and am fairly confident we will win by either 2-0 or 3-0 in our own stadium.

As for the away league I simply cannot see us losing by two goals, I am not saying we will not lose but even if we do it will be not enough of a loss for Valencia to progress to the final.

So the final for me is Arsenal v Eintracht Frankfurt.

One final word, please forgive me for my Tottenham prediction but what can I say, I just think they will overcome Ajax but I will say this, there is far more chance of us winning a European trophy this season than them, I honestly do believe that.

Let me know what your predictions are.


  1. My predictions

    Arsenal vs Valencia = Arsenal
    Chelsea vs Frankfurt = Chelsea

    Spurs vs Ajax = Ajax
    Barcelona vs Liverpool = Liverpool

  2. Barcelona will win. I don’t know how but they are going to the finals. Barca’s midfield will be too much for Liverpool to handle. I mean did you guys see Arthur who Pogba kicked with ill-intent three times but he didn’t fall and still had the ball glued to his feet. That was just incredible to me. The way that team pass the ball around; I honestly don’t see anyone stopping them.

    …..Ajax win go in place of Tottenham. Guardiola’s arrogance cost him and it will continue to happen until he respects oppositions and stop thinking his B team can beat anyone.

    ….. Chelsea’s woeful second half performance will be their undoing if they don’t find a solution to it. Not only that, the inability of their goal keeper to stop shots outside the box will also come into play.

    …. Arsenal has everything to lose here. That’s my take on it.

  3. It is a truly weak CL year with Porto, Ajax, Tott, and now two of them are still there. It’s a really weak one. R Madrid were in their pomp but they finally broke down and dropped the standards, PSG for some reason never show their true potential, Mbappe should get out of there asap, he’s too good to not try and take Messi or Ronaldo’s mantle. Bayern aren’t the team they were, like us they need better wide players among other things. Juve have lost a bit of the dogged midfield resilience by having Ronaldo and Dybala often in same team, also are aging in some areas. So the standards overall are very low at the minute, certainly the lowest that I’ve ever seen it go, and it’s not an Arsenal fan saying that, purely a football perspective here. This is much weaker than when Monaco made some strides, that team had pace, power and expensive players, also it had giants contending in the competition, who all, had a ‘giant mentality I can’t believe that Tott actually might win this thing, or Liv, Tott will likely have too much for Ajax and Liv forwards will relish playing against that Barca defence. I really hope old Barca mentality shows up because that team would walk past Tott, whereas Liv and Tott is a tight game in a one off final.

    Now on to arguably the final with the bigger teams, Arsenal v Chelsea, unless we totally underestimate each others opponents and bottle it, this should be the final in most peoples heads. It will probably be a better or more worthy CL final than the actual CL one. Ourselves and Che can bring a maturity to games like this and you can tell one wrong move might be what tips the balance. This weekend game is big though, I didn’t realize that Emery had the best record of gaining points after a European match, and all the whining Mourinho done about it, the thu night games wreaking havoc on his league form and so forth.

  4. mine first leg Barça 3 -2 l’pool
    Totten 1 – 2 ajax
    Entra 3 – 1chelsea
    Arsen 3 – 1 Valencia

    Sec leg. L’pool 2 – 1 barca
    Ajax. 1 – 1 Tottenham
    Chelsea 2 – 1 entranct
    Valencia1 – 1 arsenal
    My opinion though

  5. I dread the thought of Spuds winning UCL.
    I hope we don’t get complacent against Valencia and pull it off. I believe we will win if we get to the final.

    Well, I think again that Spuds might not be up for the big occasion. They always slip, they might do it again.

  6. Lads let’s not underestimate Messi’s barcelena. These Catalans played good football to the extend of reducing man utd players price tags especial the silly goals conceded by De gea, lets imagine much he should be costing at. moment

  7. I think Liverpool will beat Barca and spurs will beat Ajax unfortunately.
    But, I think Liverpool will be Champions.
    OT, but now Zaha has put himself in the shop window and Palace have more or less accepted he will leave, let’s hope he doesn’t turn it on against us tomorrow.

  8. liverfool will do the double win the league and the champ league

    we will finish 4th and win the europa

  9. in pre-season didn’t we play chelski at the Birds Nest Stadium China ? Well there’s good reason to believe they’ll be contesting the europa league final with that trophy on it’s way to London for sure and we will want to be at our very best if we’re to completely ruin their year.

    In the Champions league Klopp will take on pochetino in a game that will be decided in extra time. Again this one can go any way – we have to focus on us, while its not inconceivable our sworn foes could also succeed in making 2019 history be that as finalist runners-up OR even winners outright.

    …altho for my part i’d rather Arsenal and Ajax prove the overall winners of these prestigious tests.

  10. We certainly need revenge on Valencia. They’re a bit of a bok team, would I be correct in saying they beat us a few years ago in the Champions League with a headed goal from the tall striker, forget his name but most disappointingly beating us on penalties in the Cup Winners Cup Final at Heysel stadium, in ’79, a game I was at along with a massive contingent of 30,000 Arsenal fans. Slaughtered them on the night but due to missed penalties from Graham Rix and, of all people Liam (Chippy) Brady, lost the penalty shoot out.

    1. I’m desperate for an Ajax win with our connections such as Giovanni van Bronckhorst, the great Marc Overmars and the best Arsenal player in my 60 years of following the club, the sublime Dennis Bergkamp

      1. Kenny that night in Brussels just about summed Arsenal up at the time.Lost to West Ham in FA Cup final.Losing to Valencia on pens.Then in about out 70th game of the season after those defeats we lost away at boro 5-0 and missed out on Europe the next season.
        We lost Chippy to Juventus too at the end of that season.
        I remember standing behind the goal at the Heysul Stadium thinking what an absolute S**thole of a ground it was.The terraces were crumbling below our feet and the barriers were loose to the point of coming out.
        Fast forward a few years…………..
        I drove up to boot with Brian Talbot’s uncle who followed him everywhere.I believe I’m right in saying Brian played EVERY MINUTE of EVERY GAME that season.
        And now they complain of being too tired.
        Like the saying goes “They don’t make them like that anymore”
        OT I know but a shout out to the Police and Stewards (many from the club itself) who protected the away fans coming out the ground in Naples 90 MINUTES AFTER THE GAME FINISHED.
        What a bunch of tossers those fans are.You would have thought they would want to attack their own players not away fans.

        1. Especially after beating Juventus on their own ground in the semi final Phil, certainly a rare occurrence. I might be wrong but I think the first ever team to beat Juve in Turin in European football.

  11. Once again we find ourselves in a position to consolidate 3rd place by beating a lower placed team. COYG Let’s complete the task efficiently and correct.

  12. Martin , it is revealing of how your mind works that you feel the need to apologise for predicting Spurs make their final. The point of predictions, or any comment for that matter, is that they should be made without fear, favour or worrying what others think. That is provided they are not filthy or abusive, which yours was not. I also think Spurs will make their final and indeed hope so , after two tough games with hopefully more key injuries, thus tiring them and making OUR hope to make top three/ four more likely. Frankly, unlike many on here, I care little what Spurs do or don’t achieve and only hope that whatever happens to them -or ANY of our rivals – helps us. I care ONLY about us and it if means one of our rivals having success too, then so be it. I prefer that they do not, obviously, BUT most of all I care that we do well. That is because I love Arsenal far, far, more than I worry about whether our rivals also win. That seems to me the only rational way for any fan to think. Fan rivalry is a key part of being a football supporter but by far the most important thing is that we wish our OWN club to do the best possible and anything that helps that happening – ANYTHING at all – is what I wish! Love of our club beats “hate” of our rivals every time!

  13. Didn’t you see Messi’s first goal against ManU?….the guy scores anytime he wants….if he’s available Barcelona will easily win the CL

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