Arsenal chief backs Wenger to win BPL title and much more

The clear divide between the Arsenal fans on the subject of Arsene Wenger, also known as the AKBs versus the AOBs debate, is not being talked about nearly as much these days, mainly because the Gunners have ended our long wait for a trophy and are looking a lot more likely to challenge for the Premier League title.

But even if the Frenchman does steer us to the big trophy in the coming months, there are many Gooners who will hope that this will precipitate an Alex Ferguson style decision to call it a day, as he did to most people’s surprise (but not Wenger’s) after Man United won the league in 2013.

Those Arsenal fans will be disappointed, however, if the Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis is right. In a Daily Mail report the American has been talking about the manager and was full of praise for the brilliant work he has done in getting the Gunners through our difficult years, while admitting that we still cannot compete financially with the really big hitters.

And after seeing Arsenal make such an impressive start to our pre-season preparations, Gazidis is full of confidence that Wenger can carry this on through the season and finish on top of the table next May. But he also thinks that this would not mean that the boss calls it a day, as he still has the drive and the good health to carry on.

Gazidis said, “We always have to do things better than our competitors, that is our challenge, but there is a real belief we can win the Premier League and compete to win major trophies in the next few years.

“It is difficult to imagine anybody else could have done it as well as Arsene. I think Arsene has had tremendous support from the board and in return Arsene has really put the club first and made sure we progressed through that period and come out of it strongly.

“I joke that we are developing our training ground and one of the things we are doing is putting a cryo-chamber in there and if we put Arsene in there we can preserve him for a little longer.

“But he is in great shape – fit, enthusiastic, as hungry as ever and ambitious as ever, and he can see what is happening with this squad and he is very excited about the direction of travel so we aren’t thinking at all about changes.

“Of course long-term you have to have the right infrastructures in place and a lot of work is going into that with Arsene’s support and involvement as he knows at some point – and I hope that will be far down the road – he will step aside and someone will step into his large shoes.”

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  1. latest infos…
    arsenal to complete £31.2 Benzema deal
    arsenal goalkeeper agrees deal with Roma( Szczesny )
    Wenger to get Barca B A20yrs Samper.
    Oliver.G contract extended by 3yrs(£130,000k-per.week)

    Real Madrid manager keen on Arsenal scout who brought in fab.

  2. Say all u want…..but i can onLy assure u one thing…. If we fail to strengthen this window, If we finish 4th or below next season, if we fail to improve past 3rd next season, if we faiL to Lift the BPL title next season ….. The AKB vs The AOB Returns…..

  3. Is there any chance of an Arsenal target being bought by the Arsenal. I’m getting p****d off with hearing about other clubs buying our targets or clubs refusing our approach because we won’t pull up the money. We know players are over priced but so is a season ticket at the Emerates. Vibes improvement are not good.Hope I’m wrong.

  4. O.T. this site becomes annoying on the phone. Always going to commercial sites without me clicking on anything.

    1. You have malware on your phone. Do a search on the site that it sends you to, and do a virus scan on your phone….

  5. Usual corporate bs …. Just say …. Being the 7th wealthiest club on the planet is not a matter of winning stuff for the fans but about maintains brand recognition and generating a reliable rent that keeps the board in a life style we are accustomed to so if Arsene delivers on the bottom line for the board that is how we judge his managerial competence because we are a business first and a football club second, as long as he achieves 4 th place and cl spot he has a guaranteed job ….

  6. not that i dislike wenger, no i dont..but i will feel great relief when he eventually retires or leaves arsenal

  7. apparently LVG is trolling the media, he just said the ‘suprise transfer’is not a striker lol.

  8. We msut not think of any managerial changes soon as the team has just now started to beliefe that they can win PL. I would be crazy to change the feel good factor around emirates. We must support of team through and through as well as the manger who developed them.
    Why is this topic coming now I don’t understand, when every one is fearing Arsenal
    Injury free season will no doubt will bring us to compete for the PL title
    Stop getting disappointed about not signing players and prey that we have an injury free season

    1. I don’t think any of the top 4 are afraid of Arsenal currently. Chelsea finished comfortably ahead of us with injury issues though not as bad as our own, they’ve added a replacement for Cech, depth to replace Drogba and are looking to purchase Rahman to replace outgoing Felipe Luis and Stones for the future. They have a balanced and settled squad.

      United have made shrew additions in picking up excellent additions and early in the summer. They’re squad is going through their pre season and at face valuethey have a very strong squad.

      City had a poor season comparatively last season but they still finished 2nd and haven’t finished below 2nd in 4 years. They’ve also added Sterling and will likely add more as they still haven’t met the English quota.

      We’ve added Cech and have our contingent rested, fit and rearing to go. While our limits are not known due to our many injuries we would be blinded to think our squad is better than Chelsea’s or has more depth than they or United.

      Capable of challenging? Maybe but scared of us? I doubt it

      1. “…..looking to purchase Rahman to replace outgoing Felipe Luis….”

        Is Hafiz moving to the dark side?

      2. Why people have thumbed you down i do not know, what are the chances of everyone staying fit all season…..SLIM! We always get injuries. We have been too much of a push over in the past for the others to be scared of us. Plus they no we loose are bottle like towards the end of last season when we could of finished second but lost our bottle in the last few games and finished fourth.
        Jose knows wenger has never beaten them so thats a confidence booster right there. I feel we need a benzema and either another top CB to work with kos or another top DM

  9. People saying Wenger only has eyes for Benzema but to me there has been too much noise around this player.
    I expect someone else to be signed.
    After all Sanchez and ozil were pretty much suprises, Wenger smokescreen?
    He’ll end up signing a 12 year old unknown striker from France! 🙂

  10. You must be deluded to think there won’t be injuries as d season wears on… A wise person carefully prepares for the rainy days whole in d summer.
    Wonder how wise we are at Arsenal considering our Transfer dealings so far. Tough season ahead and U want to buy Benzema while other top teams have…
    -Costa/ Falcao & Remmy
    – Aguero, Bonny,??
    -Ronney, Cavani Or Ibrahimovic????
    Arsenal has Giroud and Benzema?? That’s a joke!!!!!

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