Arsenal chief hints at HUGE summer transfer spending!!

As well as being great news for Arsenal fans who are looking forward to Arsene Wenger being able to sign more top class players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil before the start of next season, the recent words from the Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis suggest that the club’s hierarchy are no longer happy to accept that we are doing well to stay in the Champions League.

As reported by The Mirror, Gazidis has declared himself to be a bit disappointed that the early season struggles have seemingly left the Gunners too much to do to catch the league leaders Chelsea. The American also hinted, however, that the club would be doing everything in its power to make sure that the manager has the tools to carry on from what he is doing with the team now.

The Arsenal executive said, “We are not happy but we are going to keep pushing to the end and see how far we can go.

“We are happy with the way the squad has developed and we are very focused how we can make a positive end to the season.

“After that it will be a question of how can we progress the team further so that we can have an even better season next year. We have a squad that’s clearly coming together. It’s a relatively young squad so it will continue to improve.”

You have to admit that Wenger has done brilliant things to get us where we are with a young and relatively inexpensive squad but now it is time for the owner Stan Kroenke and the Arsenal board to really step up and give the Frenchman the financial help he needs to take the Gunners on to the next level.

Is that really set to happen or is this just more positive sounding stuff that turns out to be nothing but words?

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    1. “………..a question of how can we progress the team further so that we can have an even better season next year.”

        1. Yeh it is right, the only real way of improving is consistency less injuries and looking for better than what you got in certain positions. We have players reaching the end of line whether due to age or not being good enough so there will be openings within squad. Depending on how many places open up.. i think Wenger will recruit squad players as we will be needing to replace squad players but also at least one or two players capable of making an impact on the first team… ready made or youthful future aces? That is the question, even fans are split on that one – Dybala Cavani etc

          My biggest wish would be to sort out our injury nightmare, would go a long way to finally reclaiming our title…. title being one of the very best in England of course as we have been a tier below suggerdaddys for far too long. I think we are back now and sorting injury nightmare would help us solidate.

      1. Progress the team and expand the team are two VERY different things! I will be surprised if there are players in that aren’t replacing players out. I’m only expecting a replacement for players out of contract or sold.

        1. Don’t know about hints and stuff but when Podolski is finally off the books then arsenal have wage funds and space for another marquee signing.

          Arsenal seem to be courting dybala. Don’t know how good he is or if he is any good but if arsenal stand still and don’t risk than we regress.

          1. True that, i was chatting to another Gooner other day when he mentioned how he he believes that we need no more players as we are good enough. I said but what if che win it and they still go and bring three to four new players in… will that not maybe pull them a little further ahead if the players are top ones, and what about the chasing pack right now… chance they could improve. Also what if some of these signings are a result of managers seeing something they would like to have changed during a match against us but didnt have the right men/man with necessary qualities. Southampton for instance, best season they could have imagined yet no doubt they will target one or two good strikers.

    2. Me too!!
      “After that it will be a question of how can we progress the team further so that we can have an even better season next year.”
      haha i had the same issue but that was the only hint i got and it was a massive stretch!!

        1. I’m working on that as we speak. I just need to have Wenger and Kroenke to approve the sale of Ozil, Koscielny, Sanchez, and Cazorla.

  1. I believe it will happen, Ozil has stepped up ans started to look like a £40+ million player and Alexis looks like a bargain for £35 million… If they had both disapointed for the whole season then I can guess that would off put them off ‘gambling’ again so soon but as they are both proving to be benefits to the team then I can guess they want more of that.

    They know we have some good players that are now able to offload as we have enough depth to cover there losses without feeling it, Podolski and Campbell to name the obvious 2. If we buy then it’ll more than likely mean we have an oppertunity to ‘cash in’ on that other area… (Sell Szcz if we buy a better GK to compete with Ospina)

    Debuchy hasn’t cemented his place in the 1st team and with Jenkinson coming back after playing the full season for WHU it will mean we have potentially a player to sell. Debuchy or Jenkinson, either one will get us around £10 million I guess.

    We will free up some wages if Flamini and Arteta don’t sign new contracts as well as Diaby, this means we can offer decent wages as well…

    Wenger is proving he can spend well when buying big, Ozil was a big question mark but he has came back from injury like a different man and can’t question him bassed on his form since returning. If Wenger says “Get me X player” then they have seen for themselves while being in charge themselves that he is to be trusted that the player is worth the money.

      1. I think to push for The title Debuchy would be my First choice right back next season Bellerin has done brilliantly but still room for improvement which will come in time but he can learn a lot from Debuchy. A bit of rotation won’t hurt. Jenks has had a good season I’d like to see him be kept and go out on loan again.

        I’d keep Arteta not sure about Diaby but I agree with everything else you say.

        1. Keeping Arteta won’t be a strategic move. I don’t think he can accommodate our recent football style. He tents to delay our attacking flow, not to mention his defensive ability. He’s not good enough anymore. I can see Arsene eyeing Ilkay Gundogan as Santi successor to duet with Coquelin. It’s also means, that we need another CDM who has le Coq characteristic. Remember that we still have Jack, who really need to fix his injury problem or he’ll be down to pecking order.
          If we going to improve and strengthen Arsenal we must brave to clean up it’s weakness. However, I believe that 2 or 3 addition (also some axes) to this team will be just enough to make it totally ready for the hunt of title next season.

  2. I don’t think we need to spend that much to take the team to the next level. We really aren’t far off with Gabrial joining in January & Le Coq coming of age the team looks almost there. With the sale of the likes of Podolski & Campbell that should generate some decent funds. But if we don’t have any long term injuries to key players going into next season then I feel we only need 2 players this summer. Although there are question marks over a couple of players who would need to be replaced also like Szczęsny. The players we bring in also in my opinion don’t have to be players with huge price tags if Wenger finds a Cazorla type gem then money spent doesn’t have to be huge. But I think at least one new quality addition is needed for the sole purpose of giving the squad a boost for next season.

    1. Ilkay Gundogan has exactly Cazorla type. Check on his youtube show. When Cazorla taking on his “new role” with Coquelin, Gundogan has been doing it regularly with Sven Bender.

      1. To rotate and vary the tactics. If our summers “big signing” is named Pogba or Lacazette, we are going places.

        1. Yea we’d be going in circles……what would adding Pogba do aside from clutter the Cm/B2B role? DM is needed not Pogba. Lacazette not needed IMO, we’d be better served with a proper winger/false striker like Reus. Welbz is ideal backup to Giroud, but OX isn’t first 11 material over a whole season with doubts about Theo

      2. Giroud was injured this year. That is why he has stayed fresh into the second half of the season. When he was injured, it was ok because Sanchez scored a lot of goals.

        Realistically, saying another striker would only warm the bench is being optimistic.

  3. LOL
    Sounds good to me.
    I will not complain If we spend big this summer
    The more top class players and depth the better.
    I would start with another top DM, another top striker and backup LB.

    but we don’t know who exactly will be leaving. I’m confident about Cazorla staying and Flamini leaving. I think if Diaby is fit for rest of season he will stay. I think Arteta will stay. Walcott, Jenkison and Szczesny are still up in the air at the moment. I expect Campbell and Sanogo to stay but possible they could leave.

    Point is are transfers will also depend on who leaves not just what we require at the moment

    1. I really like him I think it was against Hull in the FA cup where he played really well but that was the only time I can remember him starting for us this season. Just think he’ll always fall behind the likes of theo & the ox in the pecking order or to get Rambo, cazorla and ozil on the pitch he’ll play one of those on the wing over him. I don’t really see him as a striker. If Rosicky decides to move on this summer he’d be a good replacement. But will he be happy with being a squad player? Or will he be happy with being loaned out yet again? I feel they are the options so I feel he’ll be sold unfortunately.

  4. Off Topic..Has any noticed Wellington Silva???
    His dribbling is something to watch out..He could tear EPL defenders.. I feel he deserves a shot at The club..

  5. Big clubs don’t stand pat in the summer. Arsenal has progressed this season but we need to strength our weakness so that next season we aren’t only if wegner would of bought x and y. Going into the season cb and dm was a concern. I’d still say we could use another player in dm role because if Coquelin goes down we are in trouble.

    The cb position was a scarce resource last summer but players appear to be available this summer so it doesn’t hurt to find Per’s replacement. Chambers could use a loan to develop, kid is 19 and should be playing as much as possible.

    Is van piss left us we haven’t had a striker that creates something out of nothing. No disrespect to Giroud or Welbeck but they don’t provide that. I’m all in if Reus is available.



    1. everybody ignoring the fact Hummels has been very, very inconsistent since WC…. its no coincidence Dortmund are doing horrible this season. Don’t see why we need him now anyways since we have Gabriel and Chambers, giving us 4 CB’s currently.

    2. Hummels would make it 5CBs + Hayden – that doesn’t make any sense to me – Wenger just blown £27M on 2CBs – can’t see him in for a big name CB this summer.

      1. Hummels is slow too like Mertesacker. I think fast defenders like Gabriel is what we need. This allows us to play a more higher line.

  6. Wenger himself has said 95% of the squad will stick together this summer, and we all know Wenger is the Arsenal cheif, not Gazidis. We’ll get rid of some players who are getting up there in age or want to move on (Flamini, Diaby, maybe Arteta, hopefully not Rosicky/Walcott), and buy a CDM, maybe another attacking player, but thats about it probably. All our players are relatively young, in mid 20’s so there’s no need to freshen up the squad greatly. I really hope Wenger isnt going to rely on Coquelin the whole season though. Coquelin i truly believe will be top class the way he keeps on playing, but I dont see Arteta as a sufficient backup if Coq were to get injured. Maybe not Schnederlin if he costs too much, but somebody who can still provide stability would be nice.

    1. Targets in order of importance:

      1. CDM – Schneiderlin/Kondogbia
      2. Striker – Lacazette
      3. GK- Cech
      4. CD – Schar (Mertesacker replacement)
      5. LB – Mings (keep our homegrown numbers up)

  7. Someone has told the board to sign Pele Maradona Best Zidane Garincha and Di Stefano,well what do they know?
    I think I

  8. If 95% stays like Wenger says. I know he doesn’t mean that literally but lets say he does. That’s 2 players who will leave.

    If only two players will leave this summer, which 2 players of the following are most likely to go?

    1. Podolski
    2. Campbell
    3. Flamini
    4. Jenkison
    5. Arteta
    6. Szczesny
    7. Sanogo
    8. Diaby

    1. I read it as 95% of the group we have HERE so that excludes the players out on loan. So 2 players possibly to leave out of the squad I’d say Flamini definitely Diaby? Who knows then a possibility of Rosicky or Arteta leaving. I hope they both stay but they might decide its best to move on Szczęsny also a possibility at the moment.

      I think podolski and Campbell will be sold. Jenks, Sanogo back out on loan possible loans for Chuba, Gnabry and other youngsters.

    2. I think Poldi, Flamini and Campbell must be the most likely. Anyone’s guess who else after that. My guess is everyone else will stay or be loaned. You forgot Miyaichi – can’t see him hanging around much longer.

  9. Podolski is an obvious one going out this summer. I think Rosicky will also leave as he’s not happy with his lack of play time and he sees himself to be fit to play more often. I’m very dissapointed at Campbell, i thought he would go to villareal and perform at the highest level so that he may return to Arsenal but he hasn’t done that. I would like to see him sold. Jenko should be loaned again while we keep bellerin/debuchy in that role. Diaby and flamini seem like the other ones to be out the door this summer unless diaby can prove to LeProf that he’s worth a ‘pay as you play’ plan.

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