Arsenal chief visits Arsene Wenger about returning to the club

The Mail Online claims Arsenal chief, Vinai Venkatesham visited Arsene Wenger recently in a bid to persuade him to return to the club.

Apparently, it is not on a managerial basis but more about encouraging him to make a return to the club in some capacity.

The Frenchman was at the helm at Arsenal for 22 years before he was left the club in 2018.

On the outside, it appears that his departure was an amicable one, but the Frenchman has said that he will never return to the club and he hasn’t visited since he left the Emirates.

The club, however, wants to repair their relationship with him and Venkatesham was sent to go and remind him that he is always welcome at the club.

The report says that Wenger has no plans to ever be seen at the club as long as its current owners remain at the helm.

One source told the Mail that: “Contrary to what people may think, it didn’t end well. And he didn’t feel it ended well.

“He felt he deserved better. And he did deserve better.

“When Peter Hill-Wood died, he should have been made chairman. They had to keep him. You don’t lose someone who has his ability, expertise, intelligence and honesty.”

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  1. Chairman? I dont think so, a member of the board maybe and yes I agree it should have been handled better

    1. l If you accept him as a board member then he must bethe stand our candidate as Chairman, surely. I can understnd , though not agree with , not wanting him back at all. That is a viable vie to take given that he stayed frto long when manager but i manof his commitment wisdom andhonour is a huge loss to lightly let go, even though he was not right in those final years as manager. AW has an aura throughout the football world and when he speaks, wiser football folk listen.

      I was prominent in wanting him out when manager but this is a totally different matter now. Asa mature fan I judge each life matter on its pros and cons and never hold grudges, which are for little minded people.

      Sort the matter out if you have a disagreement and having then done so, then move on, is my philosophy. I fully accepor that in th eprocess of sorting it out, tempers can and often do get heated. That is to be expected but still no reason to hold a grudge afterwards.

        1. Not a grudge. A blind fury at his endemic laziness I do not hold grudges. Fury and holding a grudge are not the same, except possibly to you who obviously don’t have the same language skills that I do.

          1. Haha ,yes ofc the all mighty Jon with his self professed knowledge and expertise in all things known to man .
            Good one Jon 😂😂keep it up buddy .

  2. After reaching the peak of a mountain you either go downhill or find a bigger mountain. Wenger found a bigger stage and Arsenal went downhill. What worries me about Wenger’s departure is the lesson he learnt about the parasitic nature of some people and the gullibility of others.

    1. You take a mid table team to the top by economic prudence, cutting edge training and structured resource investment.
    2. You build a stadium on a death-free frame in line with the quality of your game.
    3. You build a top 3 academy to feed the top team.
    4. Even in a time of recession you are one of 6 big clubs afloat due to your prudence.
    5. You gave football the Invincibles

    Yet all it took for you to be fired was a group of U35 year-olds and a team of video-making sharks to get you fired. And this happened after your peak; and there is no succession plan; and you had asked the club for a one-off batch of monies to reload the team and were denied; now you see novices getting the same amount of monies you asked for.

    If you treated me with this level of disrespect and deceit, I would not come back. Never drop your old broom unless you are guaranteed the new one can sweep good.

    A bet was made by my ‘Wenger in’ friends that Arsenal would suffer for 10 years for their sins/stupidity. I said 5 years top find a replacement (I was in the group Wenger out if the replacement is better).

    Prepare for pain! Everybody tells themselves they can do a job better – but only 1 of 400 persons are gifted. Yet it is the aggressive who gets top jobs – not the smartest. This is why so many countries cannot even deal with COVID. Managers like Wenger are rare. Managers like Sir Alex I need more time to win are just as rare. The difference between them is the principle of morals. But both are the most gifted I have seen. One left as a champion, the other like a used condom.

    Arsenal does not deserve better. Good Ebing and MA fit the mid table club we were and have returned to be. This is enough for the owners to get their summer monies. This is hard and I know it hurts but it is our reality. We have begun to lose our fans – only those deserving of the punishment and we die-hards shall remain.

    1. Wow! this struck me deep.

      Thanks. Wenger did a lot. Its funny how now we see It was Wenger who kept us going all those years after moving to the new stadium.

  3. After the disgraceful way Arsene was treated by a section of the fans, before AND after he resigned, I fully understand his reluctance to bring his world wide respected knowledge of football back to such FANS.

    The beef he had with the club owner is appreciated by most Arsenal fans and he has moved on, is loving his role with FIFA and continues to be in demand for his INSIGHT – he is a happy and relaxed man… unlike our club!!!

    Meanwhile, The Arsenal are currently struggling to match his worst season and are desperate to, one day, get a top four position that our “fans” derided for so many years.

    The club (and those fans who disrespected you) do not deserve you Arsene, but I hope one day we will see you in a role as an Ambassador for the Arsenal, or at least, for the unveiling of your “legend statue”
    Merci Arsene.

    1. Sorry Ken- if, as you have said on countless occasions, Wenger left the Club on his terms and in an amicable way, why does he still hold a grudge against Kronke?
      The reason of course is Wenger was rightly sacked,and only two seasons to late in my book and many more seasons too late in quite a few others

      1. Phil, the grudge he has, is that he kept Arsenal in the top four, CL and Cup wins, while being given no financial backing compared to the money gazidis found for himself to buy players when he took over contracts and the buying /selling of players in January 2018.

        The club has spent over £215,000,000 in just under two years and in doing so, smashed the club’s transfer record.

        Meanwhile, kronkie told AW and the fans, that our best players would have to be sold in order to finance the Emirates – despite this, AW maintained top four, numerous cup wins and, of course, the new MA trophy. the Community Shield.

        It is now evident to most realistic Gooners, just what an incredible job he did, especially as, since he left, we have found ourselves in two relegation issues – something never discussed at any time under Arsene Wenger of course.

        He was betrayed by kronkie and gazidis, after keeping our club in the top four and recognised as such.

        It is unfortunate that such a dedicated fan as yourself, cannot see further than the PL title when judging the time and achievements of our greatest ever manager… each to their own my friend.

        1. So why the grudge then Ken? He was given the contract extension he wanted, and failed. Everyone recognises what he achieved previously but eventually he just could not get himself out of the ever increasing hole he was digging for himself.

          1. Phil, I and others in reply to this article have explained it quite clearly – the reply by Durand should do it for you – let me ask you this question Phil – why would the club go out of it’s way to try and entice a person they, allegedly, sacked back to the club?
            Left, according to some in the worst position for a decade or more – which of course brings me to the relegation issues I mentioned, which you neatly by passed.
            So Phil, as the successful businessman I know you are, would you want to bring back a person with that history?

  4. Wenger was not honest for some years. He knew the ‘magic’ had gone and should have left earlier. Nevertheless he made this club BIG and Arteta is making us small again. What rubbish football we play. Yes it would be good to see him in a guardian role….just to stop the rubbish football.

    1. Wenger said himself that he should have left earlier and admitted he stayed too long. His love for this club clouded his judgement as to wether he was still upto the job. I think deep down he knows the reins should have been handed over when the club was in a better position than when he went.

      1. If you read his book, he asks himself that himself… the fact that he feels he stayed too long.

        The question is, why do the club want him to come back, if he left it in the state some say he did?

        1. Ken none of us were or are privvy to any conversation between VV and AW that may have taken place but we all know that for the first 10 or 11 years wenger was involved in many things that this club achieved. Regardless of what went on after, he is still a massive part of this clubs great history. Why shouldn’t he be asked back as an executive or figurehead, it would only be right.

  5. Sean, you will learn one day, if you have not yet learnt, how it feels when a recipe you cooked is captured and studied in minute details by all. Wenger got found out. He said this. He was not dishonest with himself. The gap closed rapidly on Wenger. Football is a science. If you type in Wenger-ball in google it has a definition and recognition. Every top 10 team on Earth plays at least aspects of it. When I was 18 YO people drove Toyotas in Jamaica and my friend had a Mercedes. He was Wenger. By the time I left university second-hand Mercedes were imported and by the time I came to England to do postgraduate studies and returned home for my first trip Mercedes had a business in Jamaica.

    This is Wenger’s story. So I thought that if we got another Mercedes we could rest the old one. But we got 2 corollas. So I feel disrespected. Even an inferior new Mercedes would have been better.

    Wenger saw it coming. I checked. He asked on several occasions to have the funds to start a new chapter. From 2012 they gave him enough to buy one quality player. He used this to keep us in the top 4. He said he needed 4 top quality players. I felt assured that he would have won with what he deservedly demanded.

    But we, naturally got unrealistic. I was part of it. I wanted more. I was tired of being mocked by my staff that supported Tots. We were arrogant and spoilt. They never gave him the money. He even had to sacrifice one decent player to get a better one. This is not what a manager wants to do.

    Wenger has left us with many messages about what was going on. He was not being dishonest with himself or us. The problem was that he was so bright that the regular fans and the Board often never realized that they were being roughed up. I remember one day he was criticized about the team not having a spine. He responded by asking how much players like Patrick Viera would cost today; and then added “Most kids at the Academy now want to be a forward.” Not even my staff understood what he was saying. So I shall paraphrase. A. Yes, I know that we desperately need a gifted defensive player. B. They are rare and we are in a period of hyperinflation; which means it would cost a lot of money. C. My Board/owners are not the type to invest. D. And our academy is not producing those type of players. So we have Xhaka and other mediocre players – because that is what the Board will buy – not me.

    I concluded that he was cussing that Arsenal had become whatever the Academy produces as he had little support from the Club. After this lamentation I watched him become slowly heart-broken. Each time he begged more money he looked sadder. So I wanted him to go. It had even begun to affect his family life.

    But the Corolla life now makes me wish I was broken down on the motorway in my old Mercedes. I would be upset – but I would gladly go buy the parts after the Wrecker comes – until I can replace the old car with a proper one. I would even keep the Wenger Mercedes at my yard just so everyone knows I was driving this when all others had corollas.

    1. The first thing I’m doing in the morning is selling my Mercedes. That or blow my brains out after reading that

        1. Ken- I’m still trying to swirl out the difference between trading in my clapped out old Mercedes and getting a Corolla. Bear with me mate- it’s tough working this out at my age

  6. Wenger set a remarkable standard at the club, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Kronke has all the power and control, so a seat on the board means little, and Wenger is intelligent enough to know this.
    Kronke enriched himself off Wenger’s name, and gave him precious little to work with in return.

    Wenger saw first hand how DD was “rewarded” for bringing Kronke in, and how Wenger himself was “rewarded” by a new stadium and the “ability to compete with the best clubs in the world” as Gazidis put it.

    Why return as a market tool to further enrich the Kronke’s? A figurehead to smile and charm while Rome burns?

    1. Exactly Durand exactly… while on the subject, why indulge those fans who wanted him gone and are now reaping the rewards?

      1. Soory – are now reaping the rewards with the club in the position we find it in today – why does the club want him to return so much, if he left it in such a disastrous situation and they, supposedly, sacked him???

      2. @Ken1945, it’s funny that some of those fans are still turning blind eyes to all the fact that Wenger was the one that kept the Club going during those period.

        He might even qualify for Champions League in the final year if he got full support from those blind and ungrateful fans that caused alot of problems for the players in the club, booing, calling a lot of them names and even threaten some of the on social media.

        Sir Alex said no Coach or Manager will survive what Wenger survived and that one day the fans will know this truth and regret it.

  7. Tunyzone, it is funny, but also puzzling.

    After seeing the way the club has gone about it’s business since he left, you would have thought the realisation of what he achieved under such trying circumstances might have sunk in wouldn’t you?

      1. @tunyzone- if you had witnessed what I did those last two seasons I don’t think you would have quite the same view if I’m honest with you PAL

        1. Another cup final, another MA charity shield trophy and 5th /6th in the league – apart from that Phil, we agree then that it was time for both parties to go their own ways.

        2. I wont argue or try to give some explanation ..

          lets see Wenger’s worst seasons and what we had since :

          Was he supported as the others who came after him? Financial , Board & Fans?

          Did Arsenal won what everyone was criticizing Wenger for?

          Do you like the Football Arsenal play ever since? or it is better now?

          Does Arsenal has a special known identity Like what we were?

          Were Teams respecting Arsenal now or then?

          Are Arsenal Losing or Gaining Fans World Wide ?

        3. @Sir Phil, the last two season of Wenger’s time was difficult for all of us no doubt and one of the reason is because we know he could have done better than that if the problem in the team was directly addressed. But sir, Wenger refused to talk about some things that were even more of the problem he had as the coach and manager just because of him wanting to remain professional.

          If it were to be Jose Mourinho, trust me he will tell the whole world that enough support wasn’t coming from the board. And this is where some of the angry fan felt like Wenger wasn’t right keeping the whole thing to himself, some said he lied to the fan a whole lot of time, that’s their opinion which is allowed.
          But to be honest sir, those last two season is far better than now.

  8. Tres regrettable que Arsenal en soit a trois places de la relégation.Ses fans,ses propriétaires ne doivent en vouloir qu’à eux même.Les gros clubs du top 4 ne sont pas arrivés là gratuitement. Il a fallu des sacrifices, des efforts du respect. Ce que AW a fait d’Arsenal peu en dehors de Sir Alex l’auront réussi.
    L’ingratitude de paye a prix fort. Les nouvelles recrues si brillantes dans leurs clubs d’origine s’éteignent lamentablement. Ce n’est pas un souhait de Zrsene ou de qui que ce soit, mais c’est la loi de la nature.
    La reconnaissance et le respect sont des valeurs précieuses qui ne se bradent pas.
    Les enfants de.Wenger, Henry, Pires et Viera seraient revenus rien n’y changerait.
    Serrons la ceinture pour quelques saisons en priant de ne pas.toucher le fond.

  9. Chairman and individual player trainer.
    Give him something he loves and something he hasn’t done in 20 years and is great at.
    Huge win win!

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