Arsenal Christmas Jumpers and sexy Santa Outfits (and some not so sexy lol)

I am just trying to provide a little light cheer for Xmas Day, and I found these pics of some Arsenal fans in Santa outfits to amuse you. The good thing about Santa outfits is that they automatically come in Arsenal colours!

But first let’s check out some pictures from Arsenal players wearing some of the silliest Christmas jumpers you could ever wish to see!

Poor old Santa Santi doesn’t look very embarrassed wearing this crazy one, and it is a real shame we will never see him wearing a normal Arsenal jersey on the football pitch every again.

Merry Xmas to Santi Cazorla and family..

Arsene Wenger doesn’t look full of Christmas Spirit lol (nor Koscielny!)

That’s more like it!

This lot of Arsenal fans don’t look very happy either!

Let’s look at some happier Santa outfits!…
Do the Mean Girls support Arsenal? Who cares!

And here is one for the Goonerettes!

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  1. Sukhjot says:

    Nyce (especially the ones the ladies arevwearing)

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