Arsenal claimed to have ‘forced’ Wilshere out of the club

Jack Wilshere sealed a Deadline Day loan move to Bournemouth from boyhood club Arsenal, and Tony Cascarino is claiming that it was against his wishes.

The England international will spent the current season on the south coast with former youth team-mate Benik Afobe, and his future will no doubt be a speculated as the season wears on.

I had personally believed that the temporary move made sense, in order for Jack to enjoy a run of guaranteed football, so he could get his fitness and career back into gear.before hopefully returning to Arsenal next season ready to kick on.

Tony Cascarino claims that is not the case however, and insists that the 24 year-old’s constant off the field antics, as well as his injuries, has forced the French boss to turn his back on his young prodigy.

Cascarino said: “The reality is that this move is no different, no less brutal, than Joe Hart being hassled out of Manchester City.

“This stinks of Wenger wanting him out of the club. He’s done exactly what Pep Guardiola has done to Hart at City.

“I think issues off the pitch have played a role and Wenger has decided that Jack isn’t part of his plans any more.

“I have no doubt that Jack would have sat down with the gaffer after the first few games of the season — as many of us do — and it’s clear that Wenger hasn’t given him the answers he wanted.

“We have to stop kidding ourselves — he’s been forced out of the club.”

Jack has struggled to live up to his potential this far, albeit hampered by a number of injuries, but could he really have lost his chance to play for Arsenal ever again? Jack is a Gunner through and through, surely a showing of maturity this year could save him…

Pat J

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  1. That may be but even if this is the case you can’t fault the club. Jack being loaned to Bournemouth can’t really help Arsenal once our midfield will be half injured. Besides, all Gooners know for a fact that Wenger never turns his back to his pupils. There are countless examples, still in place today. Unless this is his last season and that is that.
    I said it earlier, unfortunately (and that’s the sad thing) Jack has seen his option to feature in the first 11 pretty limited and he chose to move. This lack of fighting spirit is the most worrisome thing because it comes from Wilshere. If it was anyone else I could understand, but not for Jack. But then again, maybe he is really desperate to play and he seen B’mouth as a stepping stone. Time will tell.

    1. I disagree. I don’t think it’s a sign of weakness on either the clubs or jacks behalf.
      The poor guy has had horrible luck with injuries and he desperately needs to re-establish himself. He needs to be playing regularly in what could be yet another crucial season, (and he really doesn’t have many of those left….)

    2. Lol, now the pundits are clutching at straws, the story of having a weak spine, lack of spending bla bla bla looks to have been thrown out the window and interstingly, I think we have Mourinho, Pogba and everyone involved in paying that ridiculous amount of 90 million pounds to thank for the most decent window we’ve had in a while. Wenger will never want to outspend Mourinho especially amd still fall short but with the purchase of Pogba at that amount, there’s almost no way that he will bring more quality overall to his team than these four players will bring to us.

    3. If he managed to stay injury free he’ll be one of the biggest winner in the just concluded transfer window.. no one is talking about this but unlike jack, I see ramsey as the biggest loser because unless he and wenger are really secret lovers I just cant see him being of any significance for us this season.

  2. I’m surprised that Bournemouth is rich enough to pay Jack’s wage, even 50% of it.
    However, it was a win win solution for both sides. Arsenal need better and reliable starter, Jack needs first team playing.
    It sound harsh, but my opinion, JW10 is new Diaby in the making. We don’t need to rewrite this sad story. AW decision is right. It’s like a natural selection of sport, when someone better and stronger replace the weak one. It’s natural.
    By the way, good luck JW10. Wish you for the best.

  3. I just don’t believe the rants of pundits and journalists… Jack leaving Arsenal is hard to accept but the fact that he has played 11 games in the last two seasons proves that we can’t depend on him at Arsenal. Building a team around him would be like planning for failure. We currently have a packed midfield, it only makes sense playing a combination of player that will always be available for selection for chemistry sake. We love him and want him at Arsenal. He needs to show he can play more games. I feel all the loud mouth pundits should keep quiet and face their clubs.

  4. Who is the journalist throwing his speculations at us as though it’s fact??
    We have a bright shiny new DLP pinging passes all around the field, Santi, Coquelin, Elneny and Ramsey competing as well. Wilshere’s had a rough few seasons… There’s no way Wenger could have guaranteed him first-team opportunities after so little first-team action to judge him upon as well as his injury record.
    90% of journalists have a fondness for making Arsene and Arsenal the villain. Is it not more plausible that this move guarantees a potentially great player the biggest opportunity to cement himself back in the prem and the England side? Why would we hold him back if he has a long way to go to work himself back into the first-team this season?
    But oh no, lets twist the story as he’s ‘forced out of the club.’

    1. It’s all comeback to Jack, isn’t it? Besides, it’s only a season loan. If he reliable and strong enough to finish one single season (when exactly that was?), then why not? But TBH, from my deepest thought, it’s like Jack against the nature. But hey, I can’t see future anyway, I might be wrong.

  5. It’s a tough one, on the one hand he has a lot of potential and seems to bleed Arsenal..

    On the other, he has hardly played the last few seasons, is on an enormous wage, then you have his smoking, partying, fighting etc etc

    On another topic, I don’t quite understand, Wilshire has had how many ankle injuries?? Between Wenger, the coaches at Arsenal and pure common sense you would think one of them would tell him he holds onto the ball far too long, it’s the same every time.. Gets the ball, zips around, holds onto it too long, gets clobbered, ends up with a bung ankle. His ankle injuries are his playing style.

      1. Fair enough, according to Physio Room Wilshire has had 23 injuries since Oct 2009 and 14 have been ankle injuries.. What would you say is causing them if not his playing style out of curiosity?

        1. Well he is a creative player so naturally he will want to hold on to the ball! Ask him to change his style of play and remove that from his game and you end up with another sideways passer like Arteta or Elneny who is too scared to drive towards the final third or do anything useful with the ball.

    1. Yea thats why i favoured he moves to la liga there he would hve known hoe a midfielder is all about creativenes and a pass rather than holding the ball.
      He will cme gud also as long as he somehow plays most games of the season

  6. This is tabloid stuff. Who cares about who forced whom? Jack is on loan and he will either stay healthy and prosper or not. And it sounds as if many clubs wanted him. It is not like he was thrown out to the only club stupid enough to go for him.

    If he does well, he can return to Arsenal in triumph. Arsenal will then have a great player to use or he will fetch big money in transfer if he wants to leave.

    If he cannot stay fit and struggles, Arsenal will have a greater confidence that Jack (or his body) just cannot make it and Arsenal will not have to go thru the full-diaby process.

    The only thing I don’t know is whether or not the contract allows Wenger to recall him. Either way, this is probably the best thing for Arsenal. I hope it also works out well for Jack.

    Remember, Coq went out on loan several times and is now a solid player for Arsenal.

  7. Well if this is Wenger’s doing, I commend him because it is for the best. We simply do not have time for injury prone players anymore. As much as I admire Jack’s passion for the club, he has shown a lack of professionalism off the pitch only adding fuel to the flames.

  8. For the first time in a long while goal have talked positively about Arsenals dealings this summer. They even mentioned something that i felt we didn’t notice, arsenal seem have change its transfer policy by purchasing stronger players with leadership qualities. Mustaphi, Perez, xhaka, and holding are leaders!!! That’s really good for club on the pitch.

  9. the same cascarino who was saying on sky that his contacts in france told him that we were going to sign lacazette the following week for sure,the truth no one can complain even wilshere how many clubs would have stuck by him the way we did ??it,s all &well to say that he loves the club while injured it,s now time to walk the walk by geting back to his best and coming back to us fit and ready!!

  10. It makes sense to loan him out. He gets to be a big fish in a smaller pond, he experiences another club and team, and AFC (and us) get to watch him from a distance to see how his knees and ankles stand up (and his social life..). Plus, he hopefully plays more which will help him and us.

    It’s a win win. And lets be honest, how many jobs would let someone who was off sick most of the year for many years stay as an employee, however good they are??

    I’ll watch with interest.

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